part 12 ecstasy season two

I walked to my car and drove straight home when I arrived I went to my room I think Asanda heard me coming in because soon after that she knocked in my room but I ignored her. I was lying face down on the bed the door slowly opened... Asa : Wonke are you okay? Me : Yeah I'm fine. She came and sat next to me. Her : what's wrong? I didn't say anything I just broke down and cried she pulled me up and hugged me without saying anything. I cried until I couldn't anymore she stood up and brought me water I drank as she was sitting next to me looking all worried... Her : wanna talk about it? Me : No its okay it's just one of those days don't worry. Her : whatever it is it must really hurt because I haven't seen you like this since my brothers funeral. Me: I don't even know if this cuts more deeper or its just the same pain but Siya took a part of me with him literally and now I'm left here to deal with stuff I can't even handle because of him. Her : what do you mean? Me : what I mean is that Siya destroyed me that's all I can tell you. Her : I know his passing hasn't been easy on you well to all of us but you have to be strong and you've been strong this whole time. I looked at her because little did she know what her brother put me through even when he was gone he still hurt me I couldn't understand why Siya did such a thing to me and he wasn't even alive for me for me to ask him myself why and that was just the most painful part. Alu started crying... Asa : she's awake I have to go get her. Me : please bring her here Her : okay. She went out and came back with Alutha. Me : can you leave me just for a few Her : of course i'll go prepare something to eat. She walked out... I took off all my clothes and got into my pj's then laid next to Alu on the bed I looked at her as she was playing and baby talking she looked so much like Siya that I was starting to recent it. Her eyes... Her eyes brought so much light I thought to myself that this is My Struggle(Alutha ) I held her little hand... Me : Alutha... She raised her eyes and looked at me. Me : I love you baby with all that I am and you don't understand right now but some day you will. Her : Mama ! I smiled and kissed her one tear escaped my eye and I shut my eyes I felt her trying to open them . I wiped the tear and put Alu on top of me then started playing with her... After a while Asanda came to fetch her then I rested. Days passed and boy they were not easy Sanga was there for me as much as she could be and apparently she went to try confront Busi about everything but Busi called security on her and chased her out. Honestly I don't know which part hurt the most the part that my best friend betrayed me or my dead boyfriend betrayed me but everything was just too much JR did notice that something was wrong but I couldn't tell him anything he still tried to make me feel better anyhow. Asanda went back to school and the nanny came back I missed having her around because she took my mind off thingsone afternoon I was at home to fetch some of my files I forgot for work when I was about to leave Sane arrived we talked for a while and I ended up telling him everything because he wouldn't let me go to my surprise he laughed yes Sanelisiwe laughed when I told him about what Busi did. Him : finally!! Me : what's so funny? Him : no I'm sorry your pain isn't funny it's the situation that's funny

to my surprise he laughed yes Sanelisiwe laughed when I told him about what Busi did. Him : finally!! Me : what's so funny? Him : no I'm sorry your pain isn't funny it's the situation that's funny so all these years you've been friends with her you never noticed she was like that? Me : uhm... what? Him : Wonke Busi has always been after everything you have starting back when you two were in varsity. Me : I'm not following what makes you say that? Him : Coz she tried to flirt with me too once she fakes you everything that you have eventually she tries to get it pitty she hasn't found a guy to make her pregnant Me : wait she made a move on you and you never told me? Him : because you two are best friends and I didn't want to come between that I just warned her and she never tired it again. Me : what about all the other stuff? Him : I didn't think it was important I mean yes it's crazy but you didn't even notice half of what she was or is I never told you because I wanted you to see for yourself and you never really did coz you are very fond of her. Me : I have to go back to work. Him : so Siya fell for her shit? His weak or was whatever He smiled. Me : i'll see you later Sane Him : okay I just came to drop these and I'm sorry you're through this but whatever the outcome trust me it's for the best. He put Noah's things on the couch then we both walked out. I went straight to my car and drove back to work I was thinking of everything that Sane said and I just kept doubting I can't even explain what was going through my head I was just very very frustrated. Time flew and soon I knocked off work I met JR at the hall way and we walked to our cars together. He had his arm around my shoulder he was busy trying to make me laugh... Me : i'll see you tomorrow Him : you sure you don't want me to stick around with you and maybe we can just talk? Me : No I need to rest Him : okay just call if you need me doesn't matter when Me : I will Him : you'll be okay whatever it is that you're going through you're bigger than it okay? Me : Yeah He kissed my cheek Him : Goodnight Me : night I got in the car and drove home it was past 5 when I got home I saw that the nanny left a note that she took the kids to the park. I called her and she said they were on their way back I went to my room and changed into shorts and a vest... Someone behind me startled me Him : two guys in one day. I screamed and ran towards the wall because it was a man's voice but when I turned to look I saw the shock of my life Siyamthemba was standing there looking at me.

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