part 11 ecstasy season two

After standing there for a while I decided to go after her but when I walked out she was already driving away I went back inside to rethink the whole thing that happened a call from JR disturbed my thoughts he was just checking if everything was okay after that I went to take a power nap because I was super frustrated and I was driving myself crazy... Hours later Asanda woke me up. Me : Hey you when did you arrive? Her : about an hour ago but I didn't want to wake you are you okay? Me : yes I'm fine it's so nice to see you. I got up and we hugged. Her : me too I missed you guys so much Me : we also missed you you haven't been home in a while Her : I know I just needed to face the world alone you know? And I'm actually better now I'm fine actually. Me : that's makes me happy why didn't you tell me you were coming back so I could go fetch you? Her : PE is not far. Me : you should take the car when you're going back you have your license now. Her : yes I will Me : tell me everything how's varsity how's everything? Her : well... She sat down and started telling me all these stories about school she seemed really happy I think she just took all the pain she faced and turned it into something great. She understood fate can't be changed and she tried living by God's will and understanding that there are just things you have to accept and live with. I gave the nanny time off since Asanda was back for a few days so she went home. We went to cook while talking about stuff then spent the whole evening bonding with the kids... Whenever Asanda was ha round Alu would not leave her Sight they even slept together she really felt close to her and Asanda also loved her niece to Death. After putting the kids to bed we went to watch TV... Her : is that you? Me : who? Her : the painting She was looking at the wall Me : oh yes Her : wow its really nice i'd love for someone to paint me who did it? Me : my colleague Her : male? Me : Yeah. Her : were you only wearing a sheet? Me : yes. Her : mhh Me : what? She laughed Her : nothing I just think it's a good thing that you're back in the game it's been a while and Siya wouldn't want you to die alone Me : No no no I'm not seeing anyone we are not dating we're juts friends Her : are you sure? Me : uhm..yeah positive Her : okay then. Me : so you'd be cool if i'd date someone else? Her : of course wonke I know you lived my brother more than anything but his gone and I can't expect you to be alone forever find happiness if you should because he would want that for you I know you're scared to live and be happy without him but he won't be at peace until you do. Me : when did you get so wise? Her : I'm an adult now Me : you impress me every time and I'm very proud of you for being the person that you are and working hard towards your dreams through all of this. Her : thanks sis I just want to make my family proud where ever they are Me : I bet they are looking down right now and so happy Her : probably thank you for taking care of me if it wasn't for you i'd have no one. Me : you do have family though. Her : the only thing they care about is money not me thank you for taking care of me if it wasn't for you i'd have no one. Me : you do have family though. Her : the only thing they care about is money not me I bet if you weren't here I wouldn't even be in varsity this house? The family would be living here and making me a maid trust me. Me : family is like that hey but luckily God sent me She gave me a hug and kidded my cheek. Her : I'm going to bed it's been a long day night I love you. Me : sleep tight I love you too Her : Does Alu still wake up in the middle of the night and cry for her bottle? Me : yep. She laughed Her : okay i'll make sure I have it in the room Me : Okay babe She walked away. After Asanda arrived my mind shifted a bit from everything. Two days passed and I hadn't heard anything firm Busi nor have I tried contacting her I just needed to figure things out but I saw I wasn't winning so one day I decided to leave work early and go to see her at her work. I knocked Busi : come in She looked up and saw me I walked towards her desk Me : may I? Her : yes I sat down Me : I'm here for one thing and one thing only Her : and what may that be Wonke? Me : clarity! Her : listen I value our friendship and I feel like there's just stuff that needs not to be said just to save it coz I honestly care about you you're like a sister to me let's just leave all of this nonsense. Me : I want to know what you meant when you said I always get what I want and even Siya ended up with me. Her : you won't let this go will you? Me : No and I figured that it's not even really about JR anymore. Her : it is actually look Awonke I feel like you should've told me from the beginning how he felt about you so that I don't make a fool out of myself. Me : I didn't know how he feels about me I still don't because he never told me shit we are just friends and I'm not going to sit here and explain the same thing I just want to know the Siya part then I leave you to work in peace. Her : I was sleeping with Siya before you guys got engaged. I felt like my heart was coming out of my mouth and tears immediately formed in my eyes. Me : you slept once or you were sleeping? Her : it didn't happen once look at first it was a mistake then it happened again he told me he was going to leave you for me. I heard myself laughing while tears were running down my face. She paused.. Me : No continue I'm listening. Her : that's it. Me : when did this start? Her : after you got a promotion you were away from home a lot you worked until late and it was after the Sane scandal Siya was helping me with the contract just when i was working on opening the business and it just happened we never meant to hurt anyone. Me : wow so all this time i've been a fool Her : I wanted to tell you thats how we needed up fighting and I stabbed him. Every word just kept shocking me and I was trying so hard to hold myself together and not break down. Me : so he used to beat you? Her : not really well maybe 3 times he did and only because I kept threatening to tell you since he promised to leave you and never did. I nodded... Me : what about the guy in the hospital you showed us? Her : that's just a guy I don't know look I fooled everyone okay? Even Sanga just to make sure my story would be believable Me : why if you wanted me to know? Her : because I realised even if I did tell you Siya would leave me anyways so I protected everyone. Me : you lied to my face and Swore Busisiwe . Her : I know and I'm sorry. Me : No you notnot even a bit and I can't believe i've been a fool all this time telling you everything even about the underwear I found under Siya's bed and you consoled me whilst you knew it was yours and you left it on purpose. Her : what do you want me to say Wonke? Me : don't fucken call me that! You are so evil I don't even know you anymore how could you do this to me? Her : there's a guy that would die for you and you neglect him Sanelisiwe loves you why can't you just be with him and... Me : and leave the others to you right? Pitty Siya is dead and JR doesn't want you you might have broke me and our friendship well I'm not even sure if it ever existed but look trying to take things away from me won't make you happy. Her : i've already won though. Me : so this is a game to you? You really need help you're a sick fuck!! She smiled... Her : get out of my office and thanks for everything but love I don't need you now I have everything I need and i'll probably have JR too You know when reality suddenly feels like a dream? You're present in the moment but no you're not there it's just so unbelievable. I wiped my tears and looked into her eyes. Me : I hope everything goes well for you good day. I pushed the chair and walked out leaving her chilled as fuck like nothing happened at all.

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