part 7 ecstasy

After my shift was over I said goodbye to everyone then boss called me. Him : here you go He handed me an envelope then I opened it Me : this is double my usual salary Him : I know you deserve it although you and Busi get on my nerves which is understandable because you are the youngest but you still both are very hard workers Me : Thank you sir I really appreciate all of this Him: Good luck with everything and I don't want to see you here again unless you are here to eat or install an awesome application for us. Me : for sure He shook my hand then I went to take my bag Busi: see you later Me : Okay chomy I got in the car and drove to pick up Noah then we got home and I started cooking Noah walked in the kitchen Him : Mommy can I have a chocolate? Me : after you eat Big boy I'm going to give you yogurt neh He nodded I gave him then he went back to the lounge to watch cartoons my phone ran I quickly wiped my hands and answered it. Me : Mama Her : Hello mntanam unjani? Me : Ndiyaphila wena? Her : hay nam ndiryt I'm just checking up on you inqabile Me : Been busy nawe you don't call anymore Her : I know i've been busy with some things my self Me : oh? Her : listen can you come back this weekend there are things I think it's time you know about them Me : Mama you know I can't I have to prepare to start working for Monday can't you tell me over the phone? Her : No it will have to wait until you get time to come Me : is everything alright? Her : no no don't worry everything is fine just a few things catching up with me but... we'll talk Me : uhm okay then Her : Kiss my Grandson for me bye Me : Okay Bye She dropped the phone. I wondered what was going on because I could here the nervousness in her voice and honestly I was worried but I really couldn't go home that weekend because I would have to stay longer than just a weekend so part of me thought maybe it was a financial matter so I transferred money for her. Me and my boy ate then we both watched Disney movies he soon fell asleep and I didn't want to wake so I didn't bath him I just put him straight to bed and went to wash the dishes. The was nothing new over the weekend I spent it with Busi busi's Nephew and Noah they got along really well. Soon it was monday I woke up and bathed then dressed into an all black pencil sleeveless dress I went to wake Noah and bathed him then prepared his launch and snacks as he ate his breakfast after I went to finish up dressing. I wore heels then tied my twist in a bun and put on make up I took my back and went out the room. Me : are you done? Him : yes mommy Me : Okay let's go I gave him his school bag then took the keys and my bag and we left I got to his school and dropped him Me : wish mommy good luck Him : good luck I kissed him then he ran off I was a bit neverous about my first day because I didn't know what to expect but I only hoped for the best hospitality. I arrived and parked my car then went inside

I went to the receptionist then she showed me where I was supposed to go. Other people started coming in then the manager finally arrived and briefed us all on what was to happen then we went to start working I walked in the office I was instructed to go to and the was a lady sitting on the other table. Me : Hey Her : Hello I sat down Her : I'm Sanga Me : Awonke Her : nice to meet you it looks like we'll be sharing the office Me : uhm yeah its kinda cool though Her : yeah We got to know each other she was also an intern. Before the day even started we were given a huge assignment to work On so it was a busy day but I got to meet a lot of nice people my age it was a fun environment. Days passed and soon I was used to everything and everyone I worked with I didn't have spare time as much but I didn't mind because I tried as hard to make time for my Son. Finally another Friday came and Busi came over so we were drinking wine watching a movie Noah was asleep. Busi : you know that guy has been asking about you almost everyday Me : why didn't you tell him I don't work there anymore ? Her : I did I don't think he believed me Coz he kept asking anyways Me : what did you do? Her : what do you mean? Me : you have that look in your face that you always put on when you've done something Her : nothing Me : speak or i'll strangle you Her : Fine I gave him your numbers Me : what? Why would you do that? Her : he begged me for them I think he really likes you Me : you can't give a stranger my number Busi what if his a serial killer ? She laughed Her : a serial killer who looks like that? Oh please stop Me : Okay maybe not but still you should've asked me first Her : you are hardly available lately if you've noticed Me : I know it's hectic my friend so what else did he ask? Her : oh so now you are interested ? Me : No I'm just curious Her : if you don't want him i'll take him Me : hold that thought We both laughed Her : I really do think you should start going out you are young and beautiful there's so much life out there other than being locked up all the time Me : I chose to have a son at 16years Her : so what? Noah didn't stop life for you his a blessing and if he was wiser he would also tell you to start tangling again Me : tangling? Where did you hear that? Her : in a movie I was watching I laughed Me : you are hilarious okay what if it doesn't work or maybe I get hurt or I fall in love with him then he doesn't like my son Her : whoa! Firstly Noah is the cutest thing no one wouldn't like him and even so you'll have to make sure you mention him early so that you know if the guy accepts him if he doesn't his loss and if it doesn't work then he wasn't the one you won't need to feel bad about it if he hurts you oh I pray he doesn't because I would break all his bones I laughed Me : Okay I will start living like I'm a 20 year old woman not a 40 Her : that's a great start and? Me : I'm going to go out more? Her : yes and? Me : and meet a great guy that's going to make me fall in love with him Her : and treat you right Me : and love me Her : and do you right Me : don't start She laughed Her : that's important my friend it's actually the first thing on my list Me : you filthy thing We both laughed we were a bit tipsy ... My phone rang Me : Hello Caller : Hey is this Awonke? Me : yes Caller : hey its me...the guy who always bothers you with questions I looked at Busi and popped out my eyes she eventually knew who it was Me : oh my friend told she gave you my number I wasn't happy Busi was looking at me with a big smile Him : I'm sorry I know I should've asked it from you but I just never got the right time then next thing I was told you stopped working there Me : it's okay so how may I help you? Him : uhm..i was wondering if you could go on a date with me?

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