part 3 ecstasy

Sane : I don't want to fight with you Wonke just understand please Me : listen I'm not against that you want to introduce our child to your potential wife but for him to stay with her no no ways Him : i'll be there Me : No you won't you work until late Sane besides Noah is still young he can make a decision for himself when his older Him : so you are trying to keep me away from my son ? Me : now that's just crazy you know I would never do that that boy loves and thinks the world of you and you know you can spend as much time with him whenever you want Him : wonke I see him 4 times a month I want to watch him grow teach him how to be a man Me : and you will his still 4years for God's sake look let's let him decide who he wants to live with when his 6 at least because you know he needs me now He took a deep breath Him : okay fine but I want him to go to the best school Me : there are plenty of great schools here you know that Him : Ohkay you better buy a house soon then Me : now that's not fair Sane I'm still looking for an internship and I'm only graduating next year what am I going to buy a house with? Tips? Him : I'm sorry it's just that I also want to be with him as often as possible let's make a deal Me : yes? Him : meet my girlfriend get to know her so that Noah can be able to visit alone Me : so you don't want me in your house anymore? Him : I live with my girlfriend imagine having both of you under one roof? No ways Me : oh I didn't know she already moved in that's okay Him : Thank you can I go with him home? My parents miss him Me : Yeah i'll pack his things I got up and went to Noah's room Me: you are going with daddy big boy neh? Him : okay You might be wondering why we only speak English but we are xhosa's well Sane was adopted by a white family at age 3 after his parents were tragically killed so he can only speak English. I packed a few things for Noah when I came back there were plastics bags of clothes and toys on the table plus all sorts of goodies. Sane : Bought a few things for him Me : oh okay thanks Him : you don't need to thank me his my son Me : Yeah yeah go already I landed him Noah's bag Him : i'll bring him Sunday evening Me : Okay

come give mommy a kiss boy He came and gave me a hug and a kiss then they left right after they left Busi came in Her : My friend Me : hey chomy Her : this Is the most boring Saturday of my time I saw the boys leaving Sane gets more handsome every time I see him Me : why are you always hipper? She laughed Her : I can't help it let's go out Me : what? Her: yes you never go out and now you have no excuse Noah is with his dad Me : I don't feel like going anywhere Her : please Awo Me : Fine just 20min though Her : club neh? Me : don't push it Her : okay fine I told her about the argument we had with Sane. Busi : I think it's best you meet her for real you could be giving away your child to a psycho Me : this whole is hard for me Her : speaking of which don't you think it's time to move on ? Me : No I have a lot going on I don't have time for relationships Her : we both know that's just an excuse you're scared of meeting someone who's going to be completely different from Sane Me : maybe I'm 20 and I have a child who's going to want to go out with me ? Her : a lot of guys have asked you out Awo you know you are beautiful and attractive just that you fear letting someone else in your life Me : I don't know friend but I'm not ready Her : I can set you up with someone Me : No no please don't it will happen at its own time I don't have to look that just sounds desperate and I'm not. Her : okay fine go change so that we can go then before you turn me into a nun like you "I laughed" Me : nun's have kids kanti? Her : hahaha no but they don't date or get married Me: you are crazy shame mna I'm gonna get married Her : to Sane Me : No Sane is not the only good looking man alive Her : you better start hunting then siyabagqiba thina We laughed as I stood up and went to change

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