part 2 ecstasy

That was my daily routine I would spend weekends with my boy or my friend Busi I never had time to go out and socialize let alone have fun with other girls my age all my priorities were with Noah and I was okay with that. I did have a void inside of how much I never got to know what it was like to be young and free I started being an adult when I gave birth to Noah and my mother made sure that I take as much responsibility as I had to she never helped with anything regarding to Noah Sane had to be there when I needed something because my mother would tell me straight up that there's nothing she could do and she doesn't have money. Give me a long speech of how much i've seen her struggle but I still fell in the same trap Sane was my first and knowing he was studying medicine made me think he knew what he was doing so I wouldn't fall pregnant but I did and he begged me to keep the baby I did because we were so in love and happy never will I regret the choice I made. It's a Saturday afternoon I just finished doing laundry I'm laying in the couch with Noah I was falling asleep when I heard him jump up and run to the door when I got up it was Sane. Sane : Hey Big boy He picked him up I walked towards him Me : hey Him : hey He kissed my cheek Me : come sit down Sane : how's my boy doing Noah : good I drew something for you daddy Sane : really? Can I see it? He stepped down from his father's lap then ran to his room Sane : I missed him you know how are you? Me : I'm okay Him : you look great Me: so do you how's work? Him: busy and what's happening with you? Got an internship yet? Me : No but there are a couples of companies I'm hoping will call me back Him : I told you to let me help you Me : No I can do this myself Him : don't you need money ? Me: I don't need your money Sanelisiwe I'm fine i work Him : you hardly make enough money from that Me : It helps me Him : okay then but I'm not going to stop sending money for Noah Me : that's okay Noah came back with his drawing book and gave it to Sane Sane: wow these are great what do you want to be when you grow up? Noah : A doctor just like you Sane : well you are going to be the best doctor in the whole world Noah : really? Sane: of course next year you are going to grade 1 right? Noah looked at me Him : Wawonke said i'll start when I'm 6 Sane : no you are starting next year big boy Me : Noah? Go play with your toys big boy daddy and I have to talk Noah : okay He ran to his room Me : next year Sane? Sane: yes he will be 5 isn't it? Me : yes but his still young Him : I started school when I was 5years old Me: he still wears his diaper when he sleeps sometimes he cries for his bottle

he can hardly pronounce words Him : come on wonke his going to grow when his with the other kids that boy is smart I sighed.. Me : Okay it's fine what did you want to talk to me about ? Him : uhm.. listen I'm seeing someone Me : oh okay good for you Him : you don't have a problem with that? Me : why would I? We are no longer together now and it's been a 2years since we broke up Him : I know but you are the mother of my child I have to respect you Me : I appreciate that but you are also a grown man you can do whatever you want how long has it been? Him : a few months but I wanted to see if it was serious before I mention it to you Me : Okay if she makes you happy then I'm happy Him : the real reason I'm telling you is because I want her to be part of Noah's life Me : sorry what? Him : I might marry this girl so she's going to be a second mother to my son Me : whoa! Firstly your relationships has nothing to do with my son ain't no woman that's gonna be a mother to him I'm his mother Sane: you being unfair Me : No I'm not I'm not going to let a woman I don't know be a second mother to him Sane : this is why we broke up you're stubborn and unreasonable you refuse to see a bigger picture Me : we broke up because we are different people there's no bigger picture with my son Him : I know you love him and you are very protective but wonke please my girlfriend is a great person I just want her to meet the most important part of my life Me : you just want her to meet him? Him : uhm yes.. I do Me : then she can meet him but I will be there Him : really? Me : yes Sane Him : Fine how's your mother? Me : she's fine Him : she still hates me? Me : she never hated you she just thinks you took advantage of me Him : I didn't I loved you I still do Me : I know and now you are planning to marry another woman Him : are you jealous? Me : oh please I wouldn't be even if I wanted Him : well you have the biggest part of me Noah I smiled Me : I suppose so Him : another thing I want Noah to start school in durban next year Me : why? Him : to give you a break so that you can figure out your life and concentrate on yourself more focus more besides I want him in the best school you live in an apartment and I have a big house that's gonna be more comfortable for him. Me : you won't be able to live with Noah alone you know if you could I would let him spend holidays there without me being there all the time Him : he'll be older wonke and my girlfriend will be there to help Me : really Sane? Why don't you and this chick just make your own baby huh?

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mandisa 2018-11-03 19:01:37

Its interesting, very interesting

mvuso sokhekla 2018-10-07 20:56:13

I like your story but im lost and its hard to follow since all the parts are not in sequence