part 17 ecstasy

After Siya Lost his parents a lot of things changed he changed I wasn't sure if it was just the grief stage or he was never going to be the same again. We grew apart even though I truly tired to hold things together and always assure him that I was there for him but it's like it wasn't enough it almost felt like we were also broken and there wasn't anything left in our relationship. We didn't talk like we used to he would leave for work before I wake up and come back when I'm already asleep smelling like a brewery even on weekends it was the same thing. Siya wasn't really into going out and all that because almost all his friends were lawyers so they always did chilled stuff not clubs so it was a bit of usual for me but it mostly hurt me and I tried so many times talking to him but it would need up being a fight. Siya totally lost himself and got caught up in all the pain it was almost like he didn't want to accept things as they were he escaped reality with drinking. Everything was just empty I was also getting used to our new routine waking up without siya foxing things for Noah then going to work come back cook then iron everyone's things for the next day take Noah to bed then work until I fall asleep hear siya get in bed smelling alcohol and cold sometimes I couldn't tell if it was perfume or alcohol but I wouldn't say anything o would just go back to sleep then wake up to the next thing it was ridiculous but I tolerated it because Siya was going through a hard time or that's just what I said to comfort myself. My friends knew about the whole thing not that I told them but they saw it it was a Friday afternoon Noah was at a sleep over so I was just with Busi in the house listening to music and having wine. Busi : how long are you going to put up with this? Me : with what? Busi : don't act dump with me Me : I really don't know what you are talking about Her : where's Siyamthemba? Me : out Her : out where? Me : I don't know he didn't come back form work Her : he always does that and you're okay with not knowing your man's where abouts? Me : No but he needs space so I'm giving it to him Her : so getting drunk everyday is your idea of space? Going to clubs and probably hooking up with girls Me : you don't know that Her : that's what drunk men do at clubs especially the ones that leave their girls back at home Me : Busi please Her : No my friend enough is enough now

yes his going through a really hard time but that doesn't give him audacity to do you like this no I refuse Awonke Me : what do you want me to do Busi? What? Walk out leave him like this? Her : No talk to him make him see that his destroying you and what you have tell me when last did you look him in the face and had a proper conversation Me : it's been a while Her : exactly then you need to put your foot down! You are there for him why does he act all single his ungrateful I tell you and if you are scared that you'll be harsh on him then uzogqibela unendoda sisi kanti ushiyeke nendlu I took a deep breath Me : I just don't want to be insensitive Her : or you are scared to find out your worst fear Me : what fear? Her : that maybe his cheating Me : how can you even think that Busi? Yes he drink but I don't think he would do that Her : Yewethu sisi Men overcome pain in the weirdest ways that you probably don't want to know so if you don't qoqosha what's yours you'll remember this night Me : he once cane to bed smelling like perfume but maybe I just imagined it I'm sure it was booze or something She laughed in disbelief Her : you just said perfume and no one knows perfume like a woman so if you smell perfume oh its perfume my love not something else that you try to substitute it with smell the coffee my love and stop giving Siya credit that's probably what drives him to where ever he spends his days Me : it's a mess neh? Her : big time stop sugar coating it no matter how broken he is but this is wrong Me : i'll talk to him but what if things get out of hand ? Her : you mean if he doesn't listen? Me : Yeah Her : then you take your things and go back to your apartment Me : God this is harder than I thought Her : I know and you don't deserve this not after what you've been to Siya Me : Ngapha Ngu Sane and going all AWOL on me for months now Siya is acting like a jerk I'm not lucky with men neh? Her : join the club at least wena you manage to be with a man more than a month mna? We both laughed Me : hay kaloku wena ayithethwa eyakho Her : mxm shut up hey how's your mom? Me : she's okay I guess been acting a little weird lately Her : you should check up on her Me : when things are sorted this side i'll go home Her : everything is just all in once place but my friend you can fix it I know you can Me : I will give it my best shot We stayed up until around midnight just laughing and talking about everything Siya walked in drink as usual he greeted then threw the keys on the table and walked to the room Busi : I think I should go Me : ha.a you promised to sleep over Her : maybe some other time babe when the devil isn't so devilish I laughed Me : hay Busi don't say that Her : ndiyahamba my friend please borrow me your car i'll bring it back tomorrow Me : Okay cool you owe me though Her : I will make it up to you I gave her the keys then walked her out. Me : bye Her : Bye I love you Me : love you too I locked switched off all the lights then went to the room Siya was taking off his clothes Me : this has to stop Him : what? Me : don't act stupid you know what I'm talking about Him : even if I did I'm a man Awonke you don't tell me what to do Me : oh really? Well your actions ain't manly He came to me then pushing me to the wall and stood against me Him : what did you say? Me : Ngoku uzokwenzani? You gonna hit me? Go ahead Siya I'm sure that would give you so much pleasure Him : I don't lay a hand on a woman unless I'm making love to her He annoyingly smiled then kissed me on the lips and went to get in bed

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