part 15 ecstasy

He slowly stood up his eyes were blood red but there weren't any tears. Siya : I... I have to go Me : Siya what's going on Him : My parents got an accident Me : Oh my God no I'm coming with you Him : No stay Noah might wake up you know his afraid of being left alone I held my head Me : Okay just call me please Him : I will He took his keys and rushed out I didn't even know what to do I was so worried and I recalled in my head hearing something about they didn't make it but I convinced myself that I didn't hear correctly. I made myself a strong cup of coffee then sat in the couch and kept making small prayers I waited for like 2 hours and Siya hadn't called yet I also didn't want to frustrate him more so I just waited. The door unlocked I quickly stood up and met him half way I still remember the look he had in his eyes it just cut so deep Him : they didn't make it I didn't even ask what happened I just grabbed him and held him tight Me : I'm so sorry Siya He held on me tight we just stuck in each other's arms for a whole without saying anything I took his hand and led him to bed I couldn't imagine what he was going through. Him : I need a shower Me : Okay baby He took off his clothes then wrapped a towel around and walked out I knew man bottled up pain and that's what broke my heart fact that I knew hour was never going to cry and let all the heartache out or sob telling me how he felt. He just tried so hard to be strong his eyes just darkened in a way that scared me it's like on those few seconds his life was turned upside down. I laid there waiting for him to come back he took so much time but I understood maybe he needed to digest everything finally when I was falling asleep I heard him come in then he wore his boxer shorts and came to bed. He faced the other way but I turned and held him from behind I could tell by how cold his body was that he took a cold shower. Me : I know right now it doesn't seem like it but it's going to be okay Him : it won't I just lost both my parents how can it ever be okay? Me : it will Siya even the deepest wounds heal with time Him : a truck hit them they died on the spot I just saw them yesterday and my mother was so happy they both looked happy

I just saw them yesterday and my mother was so happy they both looked happy they were proud of the man I have become my mother held my face and kissed my forehead then told me she loved me. That was the last time if only I knew I would've thanked her for everything both of them tell them how much I love them I don't understand why this had to happen now like this how can I ever face life again? Tears ran down my face Him : I have a younger sister Awonke how am I going to tell her? That both our parents died how am I going to do that? How am I going to... He kept quiet Me : I don't know how you feel but I know you're hurt and it's deep I'm sorry no one deserves to go through something like this I wish I could help you carry the pain but I'm here and i'll help you through it it might never be the same again but you're strong you'll figure things out we will together He took both my hands and held them against his chest.. Him : I love you Me : I love you more Him : go to sleep Me : No I.. Him : Shhh it's okay sleep. I placed my forehead on his back for a whole o was thinking but I finally fell asleep The following morning I woke up when Noah kissed my cheek Me : hey big boy I checked the time Him : hey mom Me : flip I overslept let me go make you your lunch Him : aren't you going to work? Me : No I don't feel okay Him : sorry Me : it's okay Him : uncle Siya already made my lunch and I ate breakfast Me : oh okay where is he? Him : I don't know Me : Okay take your things and go what for your transport before you get late Him : okay bye Me : Bye baby I love you Him : I love you too He walked out I woke up and wore my robe then called in sick at work. I went to make breakfast then I bathed and watched TV around 12 o'clock Siya came in Him : hey Me : hey He came and sat next to me I could smell alcohol all over him Me : where were you? Him : I went to sort some things out also had to call my sister and tell her plus some relatives Me : you're drunk Him : I wish but I can't with all the stress I had a bottle of scotch alone but I'm still in my sense Me : don't try and escape pain face it Him : you don't know the pain I feel if you did you would understand I looked at him Me : do you need anything? Him : no I'm okay Me : i'll make you something to eat Him : I said I'm fine!!

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