part 13 ecstasy

My phone rang I slowly reached for it while my eyes where still closed Me : Hello Siya : i'll be there in 30minutes get ready The he hang up I got out of bed and went to wake up Sanga and Busi then I went to bath. I wore a robe and went to wake Noah I bathed him then dressed him up I started packing everything Busi walked in.. Her : so you are not leaving Noah? Me : No Her : have you talked to Sane Me : Nope I will when we leave Her : what if he doesn't want you to? Me : I'm going with my son Busi okay!? Her : Ohkay Me : I'm sorry I'm just a bit over the edge Her : I know I might have been drunk last night but I know what you asked me and honestly I think you don't you are just afraid to completely let go. Me : well I don't know anymore Her : Siya loves you Awonke you don't want to ruin that Me : yes I don't Busi but.. Sanga walked in Her : Siya is outside Me : Okay can you guys please take the bags meanwhile I'm gonna try to wake Sane up Sanga : okay I went to knock on their room Zinhle opened the door Me : can you please wake Sane up for me? Her : Good morning to you too Awonke and no I can't Me : there's nothing good about it why? Her : he slept about an hour ago his still passed out so he won't wake up Me : Okay then please tell him I went with Noah I turned around when I was starting to walk away Her : wait why? Weren't you going to leave him? That's the whole point you people were here right? Me : you people? Anyways yes but he doesn't wanna stay so.i won't force him because he doesn't have to stay Her : but Sane.. Me : Look Zinhle I don't answer to you I'm not the one you are getting married to thanks for letting us stay here thank Sane for me I continued walking I took my bag and went to the car everyone was already settled in I also got in Me : Hey Siya : Hi He started the car Me : did you guys take everything? Sanga : yep We drove away... Busi started telling everything that happened the previous night and Siya was silent all the way. Sanga : yho chomy I hope you were there when they made a speech it was just all over the place and Sane was soo drunk it was really something else Busi : everyone there was drunk and who buys alcohol that's that expensive? Somethings I drank I never saw before Sanga : me too you know I don't think Sane and Zinhle love each other they are just the same person so that makes everything easy for them they hardly even spoke of how much they admired each other or why they love each other all those things you know Busi : maybe because they were drunk but I agree I don't see much love there Me : who cares?? guys please can we just... just listen to music in peace I'm up here with hearing about Sane and his queen it's really starting to annoy me!! Everyone kept quiet then I played music i fell asleep along the way and woke up when the car stopped at a garage Noah wanted to go to the bathroom Busi: it's okay i'll take him Sanga : does anyone want something Siya : please buy me an energy drink and buy Noah something to eat Then he took out money Sanga : no its okay i'll use my credit card chomy awufuni nto you haven't really ate since morning yesterday Me : just Coffee chomy Her : okay We all got out the car I went to sit on a bench then smoked Siya came to sit next to me then he pulled out the ciggie off then threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Me : what did you do that for? Him : we need to talk Me ; we do? Him : yes Me : Okay Him : you know Awo I'm at a point in my life where I just want to settle down with someone I really love someone who I can count on someone I can trust and I really thought you were that person but I'm not sure any more I don't know where I stand.. Me : what do you mean you don't know where you stand ? Him : let me finish from the very first moment I laid my eyes on you I knew I wanted to know you better you just lightened my life in a moment. Then I got to know you and I fell in love with you and Noah I wanted to be part of your lives and it seemed like you wanted the same thing then but now I'm confused you don't have to answer all this just answer one thing are you still in love with him? Me : No I'm in love with you but I love him Him : so how do you want me to take on that? Me : I want to be with you Siya I love you Him : you also love him Awo Me : not like that yes I love him because we share something really previous but I love you I'm in love with you Siya and I'm sorry that I made you doubt that it shouldn't even have got to that point I'm also not about games I know that I want you just you baby. He looked down Me : hey Him : hey Me : am I forgiven? Siya : yes I'm also sorry for just leaving like that Me : it's okay I would never hurt you not ever Him : that's my line I really love you I love us and how you make me feel Me : I love us also He pulled me close then kissed me for the longest time Me : let's go home Him : I have one last thing to ask you Me : what's that? Him : please move in with me Me : uhm.. Him : come on its been long enough I want us to start thinking about our future together Me : well I guess we can try that out but that's if it's okay with Noah Him : are you for real? Me : this is a huge step and I don't know what I'm doing here but I love you and there's nothing better than waking up next to you every morning Him : I'm with you on this thank you and I promise i'll go slow Me : it's okay but let's let the man in my life decide first Him : cool He stood up and reached for my hand then we walked back to the car and lefty. We arrived really late Siya dropped me and Noah Because my boy was really tired then he left to drop my friends I got in I put Noah into bed then charged my phone as soon as it was on a lot of massages from Sane came in and as I was reading them he called Me : Hello Sane : what the fuck is wrong with you Awonke? Are you crazy? Me : I'm good thank you how are you? Him : don't fucken piss me off okay? Why did you leave with my son huh? Do you want war Awonke is that what you want? Me : he didn't want to stay Him : of course he wouldn't say he wants to stay while his mother is leaving Me : so what's the problem? Him : you know I can have custody of him right? Me : do you really want to do that to your son? Him : I want the best for him and you're not i'll see you in court Me : you've lost your mind Sanelisiwe and if you possibly think you gonna win think again you are just going to lose your son for good this is not even necessary it's not like I'm keeping you from seeing him Sane : you want to give my child to that bastard? What's up with you and dating men much older than you? Is it the money? Me : wow that's so low you know that bastard will be much of a father than you've ever been you need to grow up and be a man and what goes on in my life is non of your business you dated me though I was 7 years younger than you didn't you? Did I ever ask for your money? He laughed Him : he will break your heart and you will come running back to me Me : then let's wait for that day just don't say things you will regret it's a warning Him : whatever just bring my son back or we go to court you choose Me : go to hell and you don't have an option I dropped the phone

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