part 10 ecstasy

Everyone went to bath then Zinhle called us downstairs for breakfast we gathered around the table and started dishing up for ourselves I was sitting next to Siya Noah on the middle on my other side Busi Sane his Girlfriend and sanga were opposite us. Zinhle : can we say grace ? We held hands she prayed then we started eating. Everyone properly introduced themselves right after Siya spoke Zinhle : xhosa men are really something hey Busi whispered but a really loud whisper Busi: is she trying to flirt with Siya in front of her man? Me : eat your food ! I tried really hard not to laugh Sane was busy trying to show off to Siya about how much money he had and how many cars he drove I think what got to him was that Siya drove a car that looked like his and Sane liked to stand out all the time and be the center of attention but Siya was just chilled he didn't give him a chance. Zinhle : Babe your son really looks like you his so cute I can't wait to spend time with him Sane : I know my Love Sanga : this is a nice house Sane : Thank you when you get paid proper money it has to show Me : not everything is about money you know Him : yes it is would you date a broke niggar? Is he broke? Me : I don't think it matters that's just my opinion Zinhle : I think it does Busi : maybe you're a gold digger Zinhle : of course you would know it better what did you say you do again? Sane : she's a waitress Me : I'm sure she was talking to Busi Zinhle : I thought as much so you wouldn't know anything about money When Busi was about to stand up I held her arm really tight Me : come down its not even worth it Siya : so you normally have these type of conversation with your son around? That's what you want him to grow up believing? That money is everything Sane : tell me.. when are you having your own son? So that you can raise him in poverty Siya : it's not even about that there are more important things that come before money Sane : well I don't care as long as you think that way you'll never be where I am Siya : Actually I'm more beyond that but it's not a completion mate and I'm more matured not to brag about it Sane : I.. Sanga : can we just eat in peace!!! It's Noah's birthday and we would like to celebrate that not your status fine you have a lot of money who cares? No one but your tramp we all have our money here it doesn't matter if it's a lot or not God!! Zinhle : baby did she just call me a tramp? I smiled Me : the beacon is really nice Busi : I like the cheese We both busted in laughter Zinhle was so annoyed. By the time we finished eating the conversation was just going between the 4 of us. Me : want me to help you with the dishes Zinhle? Her : no its fine the maid will wash them I looked at Sane Me : you have a maid? Him : Yes Zinhle is always at work Me : mhh okay We started singing for my baby he was so happy he even sang along Me : come let mommy bath you so we can go shopping neh Noah : okay mama Zinhle : we already bought him presents Me : so? Busi and Sanga laughed Busi : let's go get dressed girls Sane : siya you coming with me right? We gonna meet friend's of mine then go buy meat and liquor Siya : Cool We all left the table when I was climbing the stairs... Siya : Baby come here I went back to him he cupped my waist then kissed me Me : mmh what was that for? Him : nothing I just miss you don't you want us to book a hotel I don't think I can survive one more night here Me : if you are not comfortable we can baby Him : it's not that but you know I don't like being disrespected Me : looks like Sane is warming up to you

look after Noah's party if you still don't wanna be here we'll leave okay? Him : cool see you in a few Me : Okay bye I went upstairs to bath Noah then dressed him into his New denim shorts and his cartoon T-shirt and sneakers then he went to watch TV in his room. The girls and I changed in the same room we decided to wear shorts then change when we come back. After we finished we went downstairs Me : are you coming with us? Zinhle : yes let me wear my heels Busi was just fed up Busi : why did you even invite her? Me : hay chomy don't fight evil with evil Busi : I'm fighting evil with fire here I playfully pushed her after 5minutes of wearing heels she finally came down. We were leaving with Siya's car we got in then I drove to the mall on the way we listened to how much her ring cost and how romantic Sane proposed basically she was talking alone I even regretted asking her to come with us Busi was never scared to be rude she just randomly played music really loud then folded her arms. I parked the car then we went inside for the first time I let my son choose things for himself we bought clothes and toys then me and the girls did our own shopping. Me : is there anything that we can buy for the house? Her : no thank you around 1 we went back Sane and Siya weren't back yet and I was panicking because Sane knew we had to start with Noah's birthday. Zinhle poured wine then she played music and then we all chilled outside apart from acting like a snob there was a nice part of her shame or I was getting used to her because for that short while we kinda all got along or maybe it was because her man wasn't around. I was starting to panic because it was now 4 o'clock Busi : Siya is a grown man Me : I know but his with Sane and you know how he is besides it's about Noah Zinhle : his changed you know Me : Sane will never change he will forever behave like a teenager Her : different people bring different sides of you Me : so what are you trying to say? That I was the influence? Her : no I'm just saying you can see now his more sophisticated and focused Me : keep telling yourself that Noah came and sat on top of me Him : Mommy I'm hungry Me : Okay let's go to the kitchen big boy Zinhle : don't you want to come with aunty? I'll make you something nice Noah shook his head Busi : kids can smell evil Then she gave her the biggest smile I went to make Noah something to eat when we went back to the lounge Siya and Sane came in followed by a lot of guys some Sane's friends some I didn't know. Busi's mouth was opened Her : I can't choose they are all so steamy They came to sit down then greeted and introduced themselves Sane : so I thought since we are celebrating my son's birth day we might as well combine it with our engagement party so I'm gonna ask you guys to please stay I looked at Sane in disbelief Me : Sane can I talk to you? Him : sure They both stood up with Zinhle Busi : alone! She sat back down I started to see that she was really scared of Busi Sane and I walked to the kitchen Me : really? You go ahead and do this? Him : what did I do? Me : Sanelisiwe it's 5 o'clock Noah hasn't cut his cake you were supposed to bring his friends at 3 so he can open his presents and play with the other kids instead you come back with your friends and booze and talk about an engagement party what about your son's birthday? It's your last priority now Him : of course not look I'm sorry I know I should've brought his friends over but there's still tomorrow Me : tomorrow it's not his birthday Him : it's not a big deal wonke his only turning 4 Me : wow i don't even know why I bothered and talked to you about this Him : Awonke we will give Noah his presents and he will cut his cake his friends don't have to be here we are here Me : then after an hour you are going to be focusing on your engagement and neglect him? You could've done the party any day but you chose this one once again you want to be the center of attention over Noah you don't care what happens to your son he might be young but he feels being neglected. I was really hurt and angry that Sane couldn't put his selfishness aside just for a few hours and try to make his son enjoy his day if he wanted his engagement to happen that same day he could've at least spent the day with Noah then later on do his thing but no the mighty Sane always has to have things his way I left him standing there and stormed upstairs .

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