Chapter 3

“Call me when you’re done I’ll come and pick you up okay?” 

“Okay papa.” She unbuckles the belt enthusiasm filling her up. 

“Hey wait I’m not done.” She stops at the sound of his reprimanding tone her father is strict so strict that he wants to know where she is and what she’s doing at that time. “No boys princess.” His words have her wanting to shy away she is not about to discuss boys with her father. Not him... Never. 

“Eww papa” The girl sings. 

Her father would believe the sour face taking over her facial features but he is too woke not to know what girls her age get up to. 

Liyana grew up so fast turning nineteen in a few months. If Randall could turn back time so she can be that innocent little girl who followed him everywhere he would.  

“Okay be careful princess. Love you.” 

“Love you too papa.” A kiss on his cheek and she flies out of the car the wind blows her away before he could remind her again to be careful. Being a father is not easy maybe when Liyana was a little girl. But now she is growing she wants to be everywhere at the same time. She follows the latest trends wants the latest gadgets. And who knows? His little girl might be having a crush on some boy with hormones that of a dog. 

If only Randall knew where his daughter is headed he would drag her back to the car lock her in her room and throw away the damn key.  

Liyana Okolie has grown up to be a strong-willed young woman her parents Randall and Amara are beyond overprotective of her and that alone aggravates Liyana to the core. It stops her from living her best life experiencing new things and living on the edge.  

Lying to her parents has become a norm sometimes it bothers her that they might find her out. She wishes that she could be free and gallivant around town showing off her love. Yes her love. The man in bed next to her captured her heart after months of trying. 

Her father thought Liyana was meeting up with friends at a mall but the girl had a date with her boyfriend. Zwelethu Mkhize a man who spent months courting the girl. This is the fellow Liyana is with most of the time when her parents assume she is with her friends. He is the reason behind her lying tongue. 

She is at his house on his bed ready to have sex with him. 

He’s a twenty nine year old experienced man and Linaya is so sure that she’s ready to give herself to him. It’s the only way she can prove her love. Giving him her innocence. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” His voice is exotic and sensual she is new to this. The feelings rushing through her veins the hot flashes and today her heart thumps in an extra ordinary way. 

“I love you.” she replies to his question with these three simply words that pull a smile to his face. 

“I love you too.” His response makes her smile but it doesn’t reach her ears. It’s a nervous one she is about to let a man inside her. Two years they dated without anyone knowing secretly meeting. Liyana loves everything about Zwelethu his mature nature the way he holds her in his arms. The spark in his eyes when he looks at her.  


His touch is gentle soft and promising. It’s filled with love his hands burn with desire. His kisses wet with dew drops of love a type of worship that leaves her awed. 

Zwelethu takes his time to undress her his gaze kept on her to make sure she is okay. He’s been waiting for this moment for this woman to give herself to him completely. 

“I love you” he says slowly tattooing her face with placid kisses. Her body is trembling under his touch that she has to clench her teeth to stop the quavering. Her top goes first revealing her breasts. He’s already hard from having her close to him and can’t imagine how it will be like to finally taste her. His erection throbs with excitement he’s experienced and if it were with any other woman he would be on the joy ride. 

But this one is delicate this is her first time and he has to be gentle. 

Liyana is nervous the drips of sweat forming on her forehead are evidence. Her body is trembling she's not sure if it's from fear or the cold breeze smashing agaisnt her naked skin. 

She gulps nervously he hears it and almost chuckles. 

He leans in to place a kiss that'll help her calm down it’s slow… gentle… barely there but passionate in all ways. In such a way that it brings about tears in her eyes. 

Zwelethu grazes her collarbone with wet kisses her body whimpers under him. He's pushing agaisnt her until she's lying flat on her back she’s afraid to touch him she doesn’t know what to do; this is a first. How does she even do it? What if she does it wrong? What if she freezes?


“Relax sthandwa sami I’ve got you.” He whispers against her mouth and she releases a long breath a whimpering mess she has become. His mouth hands and skin worship her this way the kisses will distract her and she won’t be as terrified. 

Now that she’s naked he moves back kneeling on the bed as if kneeling before a queen. His red-rimmed eyes adoring every inch of her uncovered body Liyana has never exposed herself to a man before.

 Naturally her arms rush to cover her nudes and shies away from his perverted gaze. 

“Don’t” a gentle whisper leaves his mouth while he removes her hands from her breast and vag!na. “I want to see you I want to cherish this moment. So I will relive it when I miss you and one day when we’re old.” The thought of growing old with Zwelethu puts a smile on her face. “You’re beautiful.” The man is a master at uttering sweet nothings he is Zulu after all and rumour has it they have a way with words. 

Leaning in Zwelethu kisses Liyana like it’s the first time. After he's satisfied with his kisses he jumps off the bed and casts his clothes away leaving him as the way he came into the world the day he was born he wants her to see him as well. 

There's a condom where his phone is the man prepared for this day. He wears it while looking at the young woman on the bed she smiles at the sight. He returns it but his is too short and barely visible to be considered a smile.  

Zwelethu climbs back on the bed she smiles at the sight. He returns it but his is too short and barely visible to be considered a smile.  

Zwelethu climbs back on the bed hovers over Liyana and gradually lowers his naked body on top of hers making sure he doesn't squash the poor human with his big built. A few more kisses to calm her down arouse her and get her to a comfortable position. Liyana winces when he slowly pushes his erection inside her nether regions she pulls back and that puts Zwelethu back to square one. 

“Hold on to me Liya I will never let you go and relax your body it will hurt if you're tense.” He says kissing the corner of her mouth before linking his eyes with hers. 

Liyana believes him he’s never lied to her before. Another try and slowly he pushes in it hurts like hell. She winces and clenches her arms around him.

This sex thing is strange her friend told her it wasn’t bad. If Liyana remembers correctly; her friend said sex is like a rollercoaster ride. It’s scary for the first few seconds until you’re up high that’s when everything fades away and all you can think about is reaching your happy ending. For her eighteenth birthday the same friend bought her a dildo just for practice. She went as far as to demonstrate it for her Liyana wouldn’t try it. The box is hidden away in her room somewhere where her mother would never find it. 

"Is it supposed to be as painful as this?" She can't take the pain anymore he doesn't answer. Typical horny man has lost focus he wants to get in. He has to penetrate her or he will lose his mind. Her nails dig into his shoulders as he continues to push in. Zwelethu almost jumps from the pain but that might scare her.   

“Are you okay?” He's back it must be the scratch that snapped him out of his lustful ride. His own question puts him on the hot seat she has to be okay. 

“Yes.” She replies.  

Her eyes suddenly widen her body freezes and hands fall to her sides. 

“Shit shit.” Zwelethu rumbles smashing a fisted hand on the mattress. He knows what’s happening to her the incident occurred before. About a month ago they were making out on his couch when suddenly she froze. He didn’t know what to do so he sat there praying to God and his ancestors to help Liyana. It took almost a lifetime for her to snap back to reality but this time it could be different. It’s surprising that her ancestors let it go this far question is will she ever get up? 

A thought suddenly comes to mind as he pulls his member out and slowly covers her naked body. 

“Zitha.” The name escapes his mind and pools out of his mouth.

Zitha is Liyana’s closest friend more like a sister and she is the only one who knows about their love affair. Zwelethu finds his phone on the bedside table he scrolls a few names down till the name pops up on the screen. 

“If you’re Tshepo drop the call now before your mother curses the day you were born after I have insulted you. If not then you have the wrong person no I am not on Tinder and no that’s not me on that picture I don’t do nudes. If you’re a billionaire then darling you’re not lost.” Zitha speaks without greeting. 

He rolls his eyes at the lady blabbering on the receiving end. 

“Should I accept the fact that you will never save my number?” Zwelethu asks preparing to deliver the bad news. He hears an exasperated sigh from her.

“Oh it’s you you’re not dead… yet?” Zitha spits back her tone carries nothing but boredom. One can tell she is not a fan of the man she’s talking to. 

“Can we put our differences aside? Liyana needs help.” Yep! He said Liyana the one Zitha tends to be overly protective of.  

“What have you done to my friend this time? Need I remind you I know how to get away with murder.”

“I didn’t do anything we were making out and she suddenly froze.” Zwelethu feels embarrassed having to explain his private life to his girlfriend’s best friend. 

“Oh great I should have known. Tell me Zwelizwe or whatever your father named you. How high is your sex drive? Because from where I’m standing you’re a porn star who can’t get enough of…”  

“Insulting me will not help Liyana.” 

“Oh relax it’s not like you care about her anyway. You wouldn’t have risked her life if you did. When are you going to stop trying to smash my friend? Do you know who she is?” Zitha knows that the Okolie ancestors are possessive of their daughter no man will ever touch that girl if they have anything to do with it and if Liyana continues to deny them she will never have her happy ending. 

“Listen” Zwelethu snaps annoyance in his tone. There is no time to entertain Zitha’s insults. “I’m looking at a frozen Liyana as we speak.” He’s panicking although he’s been faced with this situation before. Zitha finds humour in his words the young lady can’t help but laugh at the circumstances. 

“Oh my poor friend now I will have to teach her how to masturbate or she will never know what an orgasm feels like not that you were going to give her one. Do you think her ancestors will freeze her hand if she starts touching herself?” Zitha asks and quickly gives an answer before Zwelethu could say anything. “I don’t think so too although I’m starting to think they have a problem with sex” 

“Zitha please this is an emergency.” Zwelethu is clearly exasperated. 

She giggles she is having fun at her friend’s expense. 

“You don’t play with the underground gang Zwelisha then again you’re an Mkhize. You lot think you know better.” She gets the name wrong again.

“Are you going to help me or not?” Aggravated Zwelethu barks at her. Zitha hates it but she doesn’t voice it out. Liyana needs help she will deal with the angry Zulu man later.  

“Do this take her outside and make her stand on soil barefooted. Take a handful of it from where she was standing make sure her shadow is there when you scoop the soil. Place it in a bowl add water and let it boil for about two minutes then help her steam her body she should be okay after that.” Zitha knows this well there is nothing about Liyana that she doesn’t know. Zwelethu though has been told to solve for X why does life have to be so difficult? When will he catch a break?

“I don’t know how you’re going to do all that just don’t bend my friend she is not a blow up doll.” Zitha finishes just to piss Zwelethu off. He knows Liyana’s situation yet he still provokes her ancestors.  

“Thank you?” He sends his gratitude he doesn’t give Zitha a chance to reply. 

He tosses the phone on the bed throws his clothes on. He'll dispose of the condom later it's not important right now. He has to help Liyana into her clothes he finds a morning gown in the wardrobe and drapes her with it. The task won’t be easy and he’s not sure if it will work but keeps his fingers crossed. 



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Ndu 2021-05-27 05:52:54

In beauty tames the beast, Randall and Amara's character was overshadowed by Styles character hence i didn't see how the beast was tamed. Now, it seems Liyana's character will be the one overshadowing the couple😏*sigh* Was really looking foward to reading more about Randall and Amara this time than any other character...