Chapter 2

Randall is taken back to the day after he came home from a business trip. He wasn’t himself Amara could sense it as well. For the first in his life he became sensitive to a whole lot of things Amara especially. He spent more time in the shower an hour was too little a time. Baths were no longer an option till today which was a surprise to Amara considering the man loved taking baths with her. He avoided looking at her naked body passionate kisses and would jolt up when she would start seducing him. Randall would run to take a shower and spend hours in there. 

It was sleepless nights after another he would groan cry and mumble words that didn’t make sense in his sleep… This took a toll on their marriage the only thing Amara could think of was that her husband did not love her anymore that he was disgusted by her.  

The couple would argue for hours until they wore themselves out as much as they hurt each other nobody wanted out of the marriage. 

 “I love you.” Randall says standing a bit far from his wife now. He doesn’t want to hurt her and he might if they continue arguing like this.

“That means nothing to me right now Randall.” Amara snaps she’s exhausted. 

“So you’re going to give up on us just like that? Like we never meant anything?” Randall shouts he cannot understand how this is possible. 

“You gave up on us when you cheated Randall you tossed our love away when you lain in bed with another woman.” Her voice is louder than his. 

“I told you I didn’t do anything.” Surely there has to be a way to make her understand this yelling must be giving them a headache.  

“Then how do you explain these pictures Randall?” Might as well stand on the rooftop so everyone can hear that the Okolies are waging war against each other. 

Amara snatches the phone from the bed and throws it at her husband he sees it coming and ducks but still manages to catch the mobile. Randall is a trembling mess his sensitive side is emerging. He doesn’t want that he doesn’t want to break down in front of his wife. What will he say to her? How will he explain his tears? 

“Maybe Kenneth would have loved me better…” Okaaay! That came out too fast and too loud. 

Randall’s eyes spasm with something unsettling it sends cold shivers down her spine. He frantically grabs her arm and pins her against him a gasp jumps out of her mouth as her chest collides with his upper torso. Eyes widened and heart racing Amara glares up at her husband. Randall does not act like this he’s never acted like this. Yes he can be possessive but to hurt her is new.  

“Don’t fucking say that to me” he seethes between gritted teeth an inscrutable expression painted on his face. “Don’t you talk to me like that Amara I am still your husband.” 

“Oh really?” She yells. 

He lets her when she slips out of his tight grip and steps back her face creases while she rubs away the pain on her arm. 

“Did you remember that while you were on top of another woman?” The wife is going to great lengths to have him hurt as much as she is hurting. 

“Amara!” He shouts stepping closer with a threatening glare. 

“I am done Randall” Amara yells back. 

What Amara does next has Randall’s eyes widening in shock his blood runs cold. Never in his life did he think he would see his wife remove her wedding ring. He is still shockingly scrutinizing her left hand when she grabs the suitcase and starts lugging it towards the door. 

Arms wrap around her waist from behind as she touches the door knob stopping her on her tracks. His warm breath tickles her neck shivers ripple through her and like a fool she trembles at the warmth of his body pressed against hers.

“Let me go Randall.” 

“Don’t leave please.” His voice is a desperate whisper an undertone that stabs her cold heart a little. “I’ll go this is your house. It’s R.J and Liyana’s home I will stay in the guest room for tonight. Just… don’t let my son leave his father’s house please Amara.”  

Amara hesitates a bit before shifting from his arms and turns to face him. To assure him that she is not leaving she gives him a nod.  

Sighing in relief Randall slides past her to get to the door. His feet falter as if he doesn’t want to leave the room. Her heart jumps to her throat when he turns to her studying her with unforgiving judgement.  

“One more thing Amara” his voice relapsing into a grating rasp. “Don’t you ever mention Kenneth Mkhize to me again. You know I can be ruthless… me hemma (my queen) and I don’t want to tread that path.” 

Randall slowly turns and walks out leaving Amara in shock. Bringing up Kenneth a man who once pursued her while she belonged to Randall was a bad idea although she knew what she was doing. The plan was to hurt him not make him angry enough to go on a killing spree. 


“I understand your concerns Zitha however keeping your mother here will only be a loss on our side. There is nothing we can do for her anymore you need to take her home.” 

“No please Melikhaya you’re my only hope right now. My mother can’t be crowded in that house you of all people should know how small it is and my aunt will…” 

“Zitha please do not make this my problem. I already did my part the only reason I was able to extend her stay here is because of our friendship. I risked my job for you you can’t possibly ask me to further your mother’s stay at this hospital.” 

“I’m desperate please. Don’t you think you owe us this much? Remember what my mother did for your parents a long time ago? If it we’re not for her your father wouldn’t be this big shot he is today.” Melikhaya’s face tightens in disbelief maybe I should not have said this. 

Okay I know I sound like a selfish prick then again who wouldn’t when their mother is involved? She’s all I have taking her out of the hospital means death for her. If my mother had a voice she would complain about going in and out of the hospital. This place is basically her second home

she would complain about going in and out of the hospital. This place is basically her second home sounds terrible I know. I don’t mean to nag Melikhaya she has been of great help over the past months and I can never thank her enough. 

“I’m sorry Khaya you know I have a big mouth and I can’t control it.”  

I can be annoying when given a chance and here I am annoying the poor woman she huffs as she plunges her hands in the pockets of her doctor’s white coat and judges me with a single glare. 

“I’m done Zitha you’re on your own now.” I watch her walk away I would call her back and demand that she helps me. It seems she has forgotten that seventeen years ago my mother helped her father get a job at a big company and that’s why they were able to pay for her studies. I’m not as mean as I sound I’m desperate and out of options. 

“Sorry sisi” someone taps my shoulder from behind I turn to a nurse wearing the most arrogant face I’ve seen so far. She holds me a paper and pen.  

“Please sign and take your mother home we have a patient who needs the bed.” I should record her arrogant voice and send the complaint to her bosses but I’m a nobody. Reluctantly I sign the damn thing she snatches it back and catwalks down the hallway. 

“Just wait there someone will bring your old lady to you.” She arrogantly tells me while walking away. 

May she trip and break a tooth or two. I should have pulled that ugly wig off her head and ran with it nonsense… 

“Hey hey careful.” I shout at the male nurse pushing my mother’s wheelchair towards me why the clumsiness though? He gives me a funny look if he wasn’t cute I would return it ten times. Beautiful men intimidate me I dribble on my words if not on my legs to fall underneath them. 

“This is not a trolley from Shoprite she’s human man.” I tell him. 

Thank God I got those out usually I bite my tongue and ask for their numbers. The nurse does not seem to care about my dramatics he lets go of the wheelchair and stands with hands folded across his chest. God come see this thing you created it wants to seduce me without actually doing anything. 

“Don’t take the wheelchair home with you we don’t run a charity here.” Eww!!! Major turn off how dare he think I will steal a bloody wheelchair. 

“I know because this is your uncle’s hospital right?” The bastard frowns at my remark I’m turned off by his arrogance so my mouth is on fire right now. 

“You’re too forward for a pretty lady.” Come on now… did Mr. Nurse just call me pretty? Wait don’t get too excited Zitha he said pretty not beautiful. Pretty is ‘you have a big nose but your eyes are to die for.’ Pretty is ‘you have long legs but they look like chicken drumsticks.’ Basically pretty sounds like an insult. I should write a letter to whoever composed the English vocabulary to rid of that word. 

My mind takes me back to my mother who is sleeping on the wheelchair. How am I going to get this woman home? It’s late at night and the only option I have is to request an Uber. 

“Listen…” I move close to the cute nurse a frown is his response. I don’t care I need this wheelchair more than he does. He’ll probably be riding it down the hall through the entire nightshift. 

“Say… I borrow the wheelchair and…” his eyes chase my hand that’s drawing circles on his chest. 

Oh Shembe! A hairy chest? Send help now… I choose to look into his eyes than the bit of hair peeking through his shirt they are rather dreamy. The man does not look pleased is he gay or what? Here’s a whole woman trying so hard to seduce this boy can’t he at least pretend to be turned on. I’m bloody trying here. 

“No!” he says and gently pushes me before I lay down my offer we might as well close the country. Men are not seduce(able) anymore.  

“Hey you didn’t even hear what I had to say.” I’m extremely offended. 

“I don’t care sisi please leave the wheelchair outside.” 

“Argh!” I draw back and fold my arms across my chest. “Is this your father’s wheelchair?” 

He laughs mockingly. For that stupid cute laugh. I will steal this wheelchair they will never see me again. 

“Whatever go to hell.” I snarl at him.

I’m annoyed and stranded. Although my mother lost a lot of weight over the years she’s still heavy. To top it off she is tall. How will I carry her into the house? That’s if I have enough money to pay for an Uber. 

I curl my hands on the wheelchair turn my back to the nurse and make sure my flat ass pops out enough for him to see what he’s missing. Not that I would’ve given him any. Dammit I should’ve worn tight jeans. Who said loose pants are always cute? The idiot chuckles as I shake my hips from left to right while pushing the government wheelchair. I’m taking it home he can’t tell me nothing. 

I would say the evening breeze is bliss but not today. Today it reminds me how broke and miserable I am. Just as I thought my wallet is empty. I’m standing outside in the cold the jersey my mother has on barely keeps her warm. Melikhaya should have prepared me for this I would have brought warm clothes for her.

There’s a car coming it’s an Uno. The driver stops right in front of us he jumps out before I could check who he really is.  

“Are you Zitha?” Oh Lord! Who is this creepy looking man? I cling on to my mother’s wheelchair and my bag. The man frowns when I start pushing the wheelchair backwards. 

“I don’t have money bhuti please…” 

“Ulwazi sent me here she said you’ll need transport.” The man says and I am flabbergasted. “I’m her brother.” 

He hands me a phone I hesitate but the look he gives me chastises me. 

"She wants to talk to you" he sounds scarier with each word he speaks. If he really is Ulwazi's brother I will never forgive her for sending me a man who looks like he walked out of serial killer documentaries. 

With shaky hands I take the phone and the first thing my friend does is explain the scary looking man standing in front of me. 

“You do know he has an eye patch and a big scar across his face? How do you expect me to travel with him?” I complain to Ulwazi over the phone. I need to check the list I wrote God when I asked for friends. I don’t remember crazy being on the list. The man heard me he scoffs and stabs me with his one eye. 

“Just get in the car he’s a marshmallow that one.” Ulwazi insists she’s laughing.

I don’t see a marshmallow I see Papa-Action from Yizo Yizo. Beggars really can’t be choosers it’s either we go with this scary man or sleep here. 




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