Chapter 10

WARNING: This chapter contains scenes of sexual assault which may be troubling to sensitive readers. Reader’s discretion is advised. 



His wife has been gone for too long her phone rings unanswered. It’s no secret that Randall has been locked in his own world a place where he allows no one but his demons. Randall rushes to the kitchen the last place he saw her headed to. He finds the maid there bustling about. She turns and smiles at a worried Randall. 

“Have you seen Amara?” He sounds a bit rude but she’s used to it. 

“No I haven’t spoken to her today.” At this Randall frowns. Where could Amara be? She never leaves without letting him know. As he muses in worry his phone buzzes it displays a text or some kind of MMS. He swipes to unlock the screen the only people that have his WhatsApp number are his family and close friends. The unknown number raises questions Randall still opens the message. 

‘If you want to know what your wife gets up to behind your back follow this address.’ 

The text is accompanied by a location to the Four Seasons hotel in Westcliff. This is nothing the trust he has for his wife cannot be broken by anything right? That woman defines purity in its deepest form.

However this is the only way he will find his wife she can’t be in trouble can she? Amara is a smart woman who is very much capable of taking care of herself. Either way something does not feel right and he can feel it. 

He forwards the number to Styles asking him to track it down. 

Most of the guests have gone home argh the guests are the least of his worries. He leaves the house with a mission to locate his spouse while trying hard not to entertain the message as it claws under his skin tickling him in all the wrong places. 


There are many reasons why people join cults and for him it was to put bread in his sister’s mouth. He was making money money he didn’t know the source of where it came. It could’ve been blood money or magic he was the least bothered about the inconsequential things as long as the brotherhood provided. 

From a shack to a mansion in a space of a year who said there was no easy way to the top? He found it although it came with sacrifices he was willing to hold on to it until… until… heck forever if possible. 

Things were going good his plates consisted of great cuisines. A typical South African dish like pap doesn’t have to grace one’s plate every night.

He went from riding taxis and would sometimes be a rand short to owning multiple taxis. It was goodbye to the South of Johannesburg and hello to the north. 

Life was a bliss until he set his eyes on a woman who belonged to another he counts it as one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A war broke out between him and the man who had claimed the woman first. 

Enemy lines were drawn with a red marker that even scotch bright could not remove it. It came to a point where he had to leave the country after a bullet was pierced through his lower abdomen almost claiming his life. He knew he had to get away and it was the only way he could keep his distance. 

Holidaying in China for close to two years didn’t help heal his broken heart upon his arrival loneliness welcomed him and sadly kept him company for the entire stay. He tried to mingle with the people of the other race tried to make friends and maybe find a little Asian woman for himself who will give him babies with long- strong black shiny hair. 

His cold demeanour stood in the way of that moreover the love he had for Amara. His heart and soul were filled with her she was like an Avon perfume stubborn on clothes and strong on one’s nostrils. Although he tried to forget her it didn’t happen as per his request. 


Kenneth decided to expand his businesses in China shake hands with the big guys and sign contracts that would make him wealthier than he already was. Not that he needed the money it was not an issue for him as he had more than enough overflowing in his many bank accounts. 

He had a little sister to fend for all they had was each other it was imperative that he puts her above anything else; above the woman he loved.

Two years later he made a decision to go back home. Had he not been home sick and missed his sister he would’ve extended his stay in China until his weary heart decided it was time to go back and face the past. 

Avoiding Amara has been easier than he thought it would be besides Johannesburg is a nation itself. Chances of them bumping into each other are very slim. 

Years have gone by and Kenneth has managed to take steps forward without Amara invading his mind. His taxi business is going great thanks to his friend Sipho Mndeni who foresaw everything in his absence. 

It was nine years ago when Styles Sishi came to him with a plan to steal taxis from a sworn enemy Bangizwe Mkhize. The prominent and dreaded taxi boss. Forget that they bear the same last name he didn’t know the old man and had no blood relations with him.

Kenneth had found the idea perfect especially since he had planned to leave the cult. He along with Sipho thrived in attaining Mkhize’s taxis leaving the old man with nothing but cents and holes in his pockets. 

Sure he didn’t work for those taxis who cares? No one in the taxi business baths with a bottle of honesty before going to bed at night. 

He’s been at the hospital the whole day running errands confirming schedules and sealing deals. He’s tired and can’t wait to get home. 

He shakes hands with his business partners after a meeting that took almost three hours five of them bid their goodbyes and leave the boardroom to go to their respectable homes. 

His mind instantly leaves him like it had been doing during the course of the meeting. The grieving girl seems to haunt his thoughts this is the first time that he’s thinking about another woman after Amara. He’s confused what could be the reason that he’s engrossed on that stranger? 

“Kenneth!” The voice sounds far in his head but still pulls him back to reality. He blinks and stands from the black swivel chair when he realises that he must have drifted off. “Are you okay?” 

He nods his head the man with him is also a business associate. Kenneth offers that they walk together to their cars. It’s close to midnight the hospital corridor is a tad empty. There are a few nurses doing rounds. 

“The meeting went well I didn’t think the shareholders would like the concept. This is going to make us a lot of money.”

“Knowing you Mhlongo it’s all about the money.” Kenneth states as they stride down the hospital corridor. 

“And I will not dispute that.” The grey haired man chortles at his own sally. Kenneth is not there anymore his mind and gaze have wandered off to the woman running towards them. She appears to be not watching where she’s going. He’s dumbfounded for a minute and by the time he decides to tell her to watch her steps the woman collides against him. Her hands wrap around him as she tries to stop herself from falling head on his chest. She is heaving and soft snuffles occasionally escape her mouth.


Kenneth is annoyed for someone who does not like being touched he sends his hands to her upper arms and gradually detaches her from him. She doesn’t raise her head. 

“Watch where you’re going” finally he gives the warning he’d been wanting to give since he spotted her running. Something is not right though the woman is crying. 

“Are you okay?” He probes while trying to catch a glimpse of her face. Something tells him he’s seen her somewhere… a closer look shows him the young woman who lost her mother the one who’s been running through his mind for hours. She manages to pull away from his hold.

“Sorry” her apology is a whisper. She takes off running headed for the exit door.

“Who is that?” His business partner can be snoopy sometimes. 

“I’ll be back.” Kenneth.

Never did he think he would live to see the day running after a woman is something out of his character. There is no sign of her outside he vacuums the whole parking lot to find nothing.

“Dammit what the hell am I doing?” It’s normal that he chastises himself. He is a man who has never let a woman in his life Amara could have been the ideal partner for him.  

His heart remains dark with no one to warm it and creep inside. An ice box is what his friends would call it what will their reaction be when they find out that he felt a few drops dripping from it today after seeing the grieving girl? What is it about her that makes his curiosity rise like this? The urge to want to know her and the impact she suddenly has on him. 

He gives up the search what will their reaction be when they find out that he felt a few drops dripping from it today after seeing the grieving girl? What is it about her that makes his curiosity rise like this? The urge to want to know her and the impact she suddenly has on him. 

He gives up the search the girl is gone like a ghost in the night. 


Amara is woken up by the coldness kissing her body she raises her heavy eyelids half way only for them to fall shut. An excruciating burning pain in her stomach attacks her the minute she raises her eyes again she tries to wrap her arms around it to supress the pain but can’t move. 

Her body is weak eyes heavy and head twirling possibly faster than a golf ball rolling on the ground.

At this point Amara is aware that she’s laying on the bed naked as the day she came into the world. 

At first she is insensible to her surroundings until she hears sexual sounds of moaning one belonging to a female and there seems to be other creatures as well. They might have been spotted in the national geographic channel it is said they are male species and have the power to reduce a woman to nothing. Shame and ridicule her until the world believes she is who they have painted her to be.

The heaviness in her body still lingers but now it’s different. She is sure there is someone on top of her she blinks to clear her cloudy vision and spots two men on the bed with her. One is kissing his way up to her nether regions the other planting satiated kisses on her lower belly. 

The heart is one strong organ although her body has been made weak her heart reacts. The thud is too wild for a human to handle.

Who are these people? What are they doing to her?

Though her speech has failed her tears fight the girl in question’s battles. They flood on the corners of her eyes and wet the pillows.  

“Hel…” her mouth slightly opens she’s going for a scream. But her throat is on fire nothing can come out of it not even a smudge of saliva. She can’t move drowsiness has made a home in her body. 

Amara feels a soft hand on her abdomen her chase reveals a naked Thandaza hovering above her as well. The woman appears to be high she clearly is not in her right state of mind. 

There’s a huge bump on her forehead that could be from the previous fall. Amara can’t understand why Thandaza is doing this why all of them are doing this. 

It’s just too crowded on this bed. She tries to get them to stop but she’s numb. 

It’s wrong all of this is wrong. 

But there is one problem her body is not against it. It likes what’s being done to it something has to be terribly wrong.

She is a queen to-be for Pete’s sake and a married woman. 

Her muscles are sleeping and mind disarrayed. Uncontrollable waves of desire overtake Amara she suddenly feels muggy. Her clit throbs pulsating as the erotic sounds made by these three push her to the edge. 

She suddenly feels something warm and wet touch her on her nether regions one guy is licking and sucking her most sacred place. 

“S- stop…” releasing words is excruciating he hears and lifts his eyes that betray his intentions and none of them are noble. His stare is uncomfortable and icy there is no emotion behind it but animalistic lust. 

He forces her legs open and continues to harass her nether regions more tears brush out of her eyes when she shuts them. She’s unconsciously moaning and whimpering and stopping at this point is inescapable. The man makes her cum a feeble satisfied smile plays at his lips before he rolls off the bed. 

Guilt and disgust fill Amara up after the wave of ecstasy dissipates. Death is surely better than this she’s crying more than she’s ever cried in her life. Her body is not done with her though nor are these men. 

Thandaza straddles one of Amara’s thighs and grinds on it her moans elevate with each move getting louder and louder. 

That has Amara wanting to release the pleasurable feeling again her second orgasm is close. It’s out of her control. 

Her racing heart is telling her to stop her brain finds logic but it has nothing against the sexual feelings that keep burning through her veins. 

She can’t control it no matter how much she tries. 

There’s an undeniable need to touch herself her p#ssy calls desperately for attention wanting to be filled. This has got to be the most disgusting thing she’s ever experienced. Randall will be devastated shuttered beyond words. 

“Stop Amara you’re so disgusting.” She mentally chastises herself cursing her own body in the process. Thandaza collapses like a corpse on the other side of the bed after her orgasm envelops her.

The second man has just finished stroking himself he alternates to kissing Amara’s breast running his filthy fingers where ever he can. It feels good to the flesh however her whole being cries for help. 

“No stop please. Don’t do this.” It all happens in her head no words are able to come out of her mouth.

She doesn’t want to do this she can’t betray Randall. The strange man is groaning while harassing her nipples. He looks familiar but her head is too dizzy and vision hazy to put the puzzle together. Amara wants to swallow the moans however they emit from her mouth regardless. Her body craves for this but her heart calls out to her husband. 

“No” no is enough right? It should be enough darn it it is enough. Why is he not stopping?

Her heart violently drums on her chest when she accepts another wave of orgasm from the nipple stimulation it engulfs the entirety of her body. 

Randall comes to mind the only man who has ever made her feel safe. She should have never left his side self-blame takes centre stage. She curses herself a million times repulsion covering her soul body and mind like an eclipse.

All of a sudden waves of nausea twirl inside her stomach her head feels like it will swell beyond its normal capacity. The fire in her throat is too obvious to ignore now and her stomach lurches and bubbles.  

The anguish in her heart brings about the smell of death and the grave that’s how close she feels it. Once upon a time she had called upon death and this time it is ready to come uninvited. The thought of dying has never felt so good better that than facing her husband after this. Better that than living with this shame.

“Stooop” finally words allow her access and at the mention of this powerful word Amara manages to push the man off her and because he also seems out of it he rolls off the bed as if his trance has been halted. 

With weak limbs and strength that of an ant she flips herself over on the bed and lands on her stomach. Attempting an escape her heart rate rockets. It’s robustly thumping hard she can feel it bouncing to her throat she’s left alone on the bed. 

However getting to the door seems like a mission impossible. Her life is flashing before her and at any given time she will succumb to death. Amara slightly lifts her head it spins immediately compelling her to drop it. She blacks out before she could attempt to move again.  

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