Chapter 1

Her heart jolts at the sound of a door knob turning she knows it’s him. As crazy as this may sound her spirit senses his presence even before he shows himself. She has been with him for so long that she is familiar with the sound of his footsteps she can recognise his snuffles his sneeze and the sound of his cough. Her soul is so familiar with everything he is that if she were blind she is most certain that she would point him out in the midst of a crowd.  

Just as the door opens Amara sits on the bed where her clothes are scattered and a suitcase in the midst. Their eyes meet for a brief second and he’s greeted by an accusatory glare rather than a usual smile from his darling wife. His eyebrows knit for a moment questions fly around his head like paper planes before he lets one slip out of his mouth. 

“What’s going on?” Funny how his words never falter no matter how nervous or terrified he may be. The couple had a fight before Amara jolted to their bedroom to pack her bags she had come home upset and in tears. When he asked what the matter was she threw insults at him and how she has been a devoted wife to a man who has taken advantage of her love. Randall has been confused since. 

Amara does not provide an answer she opts to look away from him. She can see from her outlying vision that he is staring directly at her. 

“What is this Amara? Why are you packing your bags?” Randall is not one to raise his voice but he is compelled to right now. His wife is angry for a reason he does not know she’s packing her clothes and it is a bloody big suitcase. 

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m leaving.” 

“Why?” This is the calm before the storm whatever that phrase means. 

Still not wanting to explain much to him Amara reaches for her phone that’s charging on the bedside table scrolls through the pictures she received while on her way home from work and gently hands him the phone. 

Confusion is like a slap in the face... His eyes widen as shock envelops the entirety of his face it’s as if he can’t believe what he’s looking at. 

Randall probingly stares at the pictures of him in bed with another woman who is clearly not his wife. He searches his memory of what he observed that day nothing much comes to him. Some visuals are vague he can familiarise with a few things in that hotel room. 

Like the bed covers the lamp on the bedside table and the grey carpet on the floor. But the naked woman in his arms is a stranger he doesn’t know her. He cannot remember having any sort of conversation with her neither can he recall taking her to bed. The memory of her savaging every part of him is there while he lay on the bed unable to move and high on ecstasy. 

Nausea tugs at him he wants to throw up at the memory of him moaning and groaning with pleasure. Him being unable to get his hands off of the strange woman who was straddling him and making him feel good although it was against his will. The pictures make him angry he wants to smash the phone against the wall. But who took these pictures? And why did they send them to his wife? His heart is pounding so fast it could stop at any time. 


“Amara!” His eyes become shifty and for the life of her Amara cannot make out what the look means.  

The Mrs stands to meet her husband’s height he’s way taller than her too tall that she has to stand inches away so not to strain her neck while looking up at him. 

“Tell me it’s not true Randall tell me this is all a lie. Tell me it is photo shop that there is someone out there who wants to destroy us. Tell me these pictures of you in bed with another woman are fake and I swear to our kids I will believe you. Even if it’s a lie I will believe you.” 

Randall is silent why is he not saying anything? 

Amara’s heart jerks at the silence her insides churn robustly. The thought of her husband with another woman is disgusting. She can’t stomach it even if it were presented to her in a form of chocolate cake. 

Randall’s furrowed brow pulls with a question. What is going on? She can almost mentally hear it. His lips part readily his voice standing at attention. 

“Say something dammit.” She screams in frustration pulling his black shirt. Randall stares blankly at his livid wife he has answers for her but he is not sure if she will be able to take them.  

“Amara I’m sorry. Don’t go please you can’t leave me.” He is pleading for mercy. 

“I’m leaving and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Amara sizzles and continues with her packing.

“What about the throne?” Randall’s enquiry snaps her head back to him. 

“What about it?” 

“You’re my queen everyone knows you as my queen. You are to sit on the throne beside me Amara. How will I go back to Ghana without you? What will I tell the elders? What will I tell granduncle?” 

“How about you fucked another woman

while your queen was waiting at home for you?” Hell hath no fury… listen to the words spoken by the fuming wife. 

Amara has no control over her words anymore anger has dominated her. She believes the pain eluding from Randall’s eyes is not on her he is to blame for this. At this point she regrets taking his surname maybe she should have stayed a Buthelezi even after marriage. 

“Amara.” He calls with concern etched on his face. “It’s me… your husband. Are you really going to speak to me like that? Do I not deserve respect from you at least?” 

Not with that resentment enveloping her heart. She denies him an answer… and the packing continues awkward silence has filled the room.

“Me hemma! (My queen.)” He calls. 

His voice is soft and soothing. “Don’t leave like this please we can fix this.” 

“I doubt it Randall.” Yep she has made up her mind. “I’m taking the kids with me.” Amara finishes. 

Liyana their daughter goes with her everywhere and Randall knows that. Amara raised her from when she was nine years old she only knows Amara as her mother. 

He kneels in front of her his hands on her knees. The touch has Amara shuddering but only with disgust. These hands were meant for her thinking they touched another woman makes her cringe. 

“Don’t touch me” she whisper snaps and it hits him like a ton of bricks hurt flashes in his eyes. It is brief making her think she is seeing things that are not there. 

“You can’t stand my touch now?” It doesn’t matter how tough he can be pain has no favourites. 

“Yes Randall I can’t stand your touch.” His jaw clenches and unclenches at the sound of his wife’s bitter words it is enough to have him pull away from her and stand to his feet. She stands with him.

“We have never been apart let’s not start now. Please we can get through this like we’ve gotten through everything else.” Randall pleads. 

The feeling of defeat is overwhelming it’s frustrating how he can’t snub it away. How can he make her see that he loves her? That his love is deeper than what she is seeing? 

“Not this time Randall you have hurt me in ways I never thought you would.” Amara is clearly blinded by anger she is convinced in her heart that Randall is just like all men not the prince charming she thought he was. This is the first time that Randall is caught in such a predicament and the feeling of losing his wife is scarier than anything he’s ever known. He can lose it all but not Amara. 

“I didn’t do anything please.” Desperate and his brain befuddled Randall steps closer to his wife. You’d think she would move but he’s giving her that look that renders her weak. 

Wrapping his arms around her he holds her close. Her heart jerks at the feel of his breath on the crook of her neck the sensation of the mild kisses rush to her knees to weaken them. Amara knows she will fall the second Randall lets go. After so many years she still trembles at his touch. “You know me better than this Amara.” This is how a desperate husband pleads. 

“I- I thought… I did.” She succeeds in responding without losing her breath and as hard as it is Amara slowly slips out of her husband’s arms and lest she falls she sits back on the bed. “I guess I was wrong.” 

“Dammit Amara” he shouts. “Why are you so stubborn? Why won’t you listen to me?” 

The anger is expected he is human after all. What Amara does not expect is Randall slamming a fist against the dry wall. She flinches and stifles a low scream eyes wide with shock and disbelief. 

He realises that he’s upsetting her and feels a need to apologise but she doesn’t give him a chance to do so. A terrible thought has forced its way into her head it brings about her insecurities. 

Playing with her fingers her lips part hesitating to release words. Randall sees the question in her eyes he would ask but opts for her to speak whatever is stuck on the tip of her tongue. 

“Is…” the start is good at least she managed a word. She cages her hips on the bed as she presses her hands on the mattress her teary eyes leering up at the man she will never stop loving even if she were given the whole world. Their eyes lock nothing is said within the next few seconds until impatience pulls Randall causing his furrowed brows to elevate.

“Is that the reason you don’t touch me anymore?” she finally asks. 

Randall’s heart sinks and cracks this is not what he wanted. He didn't mean to pull away from her it hurts him as much as it hurts her.



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