I wanna dream without it ending I wanna live where it can all be mine Spend all my wealth on nothing else Save it for buying time They say Time is a river

In the winter I never feel it in my mind

""What's the use of attending this stupid party""”

Me:I don't Know but what I know is I have to be there.


Me:TK will you just calm down I don't want to go but I'm forced to attend because it's my company .

TK: but still...

Me:we not discussing this again Case closed I don't understand why you so worked up about me attending this partyit's not like you are the one attending .

TK:well I care about you as a Brother.

Me:I wish you were all coming with me .

"Well we don't Want to come with you".

Me:but Jason When will you start doing that shit stop creeping in us man"  

Jason: whatever .

Calvin: mhmm I sense more to this party.

Me: please don't start with your shit Wena STHE.

Calvin:what Did I say? .

Me: mxm you know what fuck you all I don't need you and besides it's my company.

TK:mina I'm just glad that scumbag is leaving .

Me:I don't know what the poor Guy did to you but it's strong.

TK: I feel disgusted by himself .

Me: Jesus.

Calvin:of Christ.

I took my Keys and took my hat I was wearing my Black Men`s Suit Long Coats Dashiki Shirts Ankara Pants Traditional Hat and some sunglasses just to finish the look ...

The name is Theodore Thandolwenkosi Khumalo but then there's Ngwaigwe from the man who raised me I'm son to Sbingile and Nksoinathi Khumalo and my Grandparents from my mother's side are not alive while my father's side are also not alive besides my uncle's side my grandmother is still Alive i have a sister named Chae who's married to my cousin I also have a sister it's Kele who's marrrd to my cousin also the I have a brother who's married too then a bother who is not my BIOLOGICAL brother his name is Michael then I have cousins but I recommend them as my brother's and sisters Because of the bond we shared s I'm a short notice if Time well we have an unbreakable bond that even witchcraft can't break let me say I'm very lucky to have them in my life well Mic is not my BIOLOGICAL brother because we dint share anything not even blood or anything well it happen because my mother was dating some dude from the Mokoena family while she was dating my father while they were friends it happend that my father released all his juices in her and see fit pregnant with me then she gave birth to then she went to the dude from the Mokoena men and he also did the same

painful it was because it was twin's therefore we have kele and Jason well my mother gave birth to them when my father was in a relationship with ma [ Martha] a f my mother decided to move away as she was scared because if t damage she's caused she went to wherever until she my King Nwaigwe who was her husband who had another wife which is Mic's mother I found out about my real family from my mother's before she died then year's later I started looking for them till I found them im I'll stop there ....

I'm an independent contractor and a trained assassian I help people who are in Need if me my help even the police I do help Anyways I'm the older one besides Thabang ehibis older then me with a difference if 3 years or so ok the only one single in all my brothers but well not for long because I met isphalaohala se ntombi [ beautiful girl named Siera she's a fined beauty who looks more like a white person she drive's absolutely crazy a minute can't pass without me thinking about her and now that it's been almost a couple if week's without seeing her my mind is not functioning well when my brothers kept on talking about her I denied my feelings for her .....

Anyways I don't give a fuck that she's married and u can also see she's Trying to pull away from me because if that and I'm Also doing the same see I have never fallen in love before until I met her yes I had casual sex with different Nigerian women and some from here since I got here. Whether they have a nice shape or what I never fell in love with them even my current fuck buddy Simphiwe' well I'm still fucking her Cause I'm a man and I need to release every now but all this will come to an end when I get get her right now I'm heading to a party that's being held at my company by Owen he's leaving the company so I just need to be there because I'm the new boss...

I sleep at night On a cloud high on the horizon And when I close my eyes My soul is struck by lightning

Then I sleep at night Like a storm 'cause your head is gone from my pillow And when the twilight shines

My eyes crash through the windows 'cause I sleep at night When it's dark and the night lays me down

When the moon shines the light on the ground I just run where my thoughts take me to'cause I can't live in this world Without love without tears...I walk in night I am THE NIGHT WALKER




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