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it's the party for the Quints and Tamina the Quints are turning one years while Tamina is turning 5 years they had plan to also add Chris's birthday but he SAID he doesn't want his birthday to arrive guests have started arriving and well the children are also downstairs even the daughter I laws of the family have arrived along with TK and Retha only the mother of the kids is not down always late it only a close party friends and family are only invited after all this is a kids party not an adult's party...

After What felt like forever she comes Down looking like a goddess she's wearing her black long dress with a slit on the side and her 6inch stiletto hills Chris Said she can't be wearing Hills she's 2 months pregnant she's her natural self with a touch of make up there and there with her eyelashes on and eye contact she always aims to rock the event as always she's the centre of attention walking dowm stairs an intercom rings and Hope goes to open it and They walk in it's Nompumelelo and Mxolisi followed by Owen and Siera who is wearing her red off shoulder below the knee with her stilleto 4 inch Hills they all walk in and Chae hugs Siera and sh ushers them to sit ...

Siera moving her eyes hopping to see Theo she Still sees him nowhere " looks like he's not gonna be here" she communicated with her mind as Chae was doing the introduction and and a.the wishes.gor the babies just after they were done giving speeches as if like the kids can hear them Retha and Tk walk up to Owen and Siera well Retha didn't want to go but TK insisted she does...

Retha: Sisi.

Siera:. Melz.

Retha smiled and the shared a hug.

TK didn't say anything she knew he had to play it cool and he was annoyed by Owen's face..

Retha:meet my boyfriend Tk.



Retha:wasn't talking to you Loan.

Owen Chuckled Along with TK.

Retha:hope you good and marriage is treating you well .

Siera cleared her throat. 

Siera: yeah it's good you know how Owen has always love me .

Retha : I Guess.


Retha:if you want to join us we are over There okay.


They walked away..

While Chae was with the ladies along with Chris sitting on his lap....

Hope: pregnant and hills.

Chae:well let me be please we also want to be noticed.

Chris looked at her and I giggled...

Chae: obviously by Koena.

He then smiled...

Chae:so won't Siera be joining us ?

Retha:well Loan is here.

The all looked at her...

Nika:who is Loan?

Retha: that motherfucker.

The girls laughed while the guys Chuckled...

Nika:loan?why Though.

Retha: Just a nickname that suits him ...


Chae's phone beeped and it was a message From Theo...and she stood up ...

Chris:you cannot be wearing Hills at your State.

Chae:I'm only two months Bathong so don't worry .

Chris:well I'm coming with..

Chae:no don't please.

Chris:you sure?

Chae: yeah I promise 


Chae:and please start drinking water guys this is a kids party not yours Kabelo.

Chris Chuckled...


They all giggled....then Chae stood up and Chris spanked her ass and she giggled...

Calvin: that's Disrespecting.

Chris:and how so?

Calvin:bad so.

Hope:it's not.

Calvin:you are supposed to stand with me baby.

Hope:and I'm with you.

Calvin: wow .

After a chat Theo walks in after Chae he was wearing his black long sleeves pollar neck t-shirt he Never wears shot things just like his father

he walks in and to his brothers and their wives well Owen wasn't happy about that and more especially when he found out that Theo is a Khumalo and half Koena and his father is Killer whale the nightwalkerhe felt like dying that instant when Chris introduced Theo pretending as if he doesn't know they know each they talked through the convo as forSiera and Theo they kept on stealing glances at each other Until Theo csbd up with a plan to see her in private through Chae...

Chae:hii guys 

Siera :hey mommy.

Owen:hey sweetie.

Chae : where are the twins?

Siera:I don't know around here.

Chae:maybe in the pool uhm Owen can I borrow your wife for a minute i need her help with taking somethings as you can see the ladies grouped themselves they want nothing with working and some are pregnant I can't ask them and I Also can't ask these other fake bitches here with cheap nails they will give me one excuse after another ..

Owen laughed .

Owen ok no problem you can take Her.

Siera :ohk 

Siera kissed his cheek and she stood up and followed Chae Upstairs and when they got in one of the bedrooms They found Theo sitting on the Edge of the Bed and Siera's heart almost stopped ...

Chae: once you are done "talking " Thando? Mahe Sure she comes down with this presents then she will take them to the pool as a cover up do that husband of yours doesn't get suspicious.

Theo and Siera nodded and she walked out to change her heels They were now killing her feet.....

Theo: mi amor [ my love]


She said that looking shy...

Theo: you lost Weight.

She looked Down and Theo clenched His Jaws..

Thro:he starved you right?

She nodded.


 Then he pulled her in his arms and he held her tight as she laid her head on his chest...inhaling his scent.

Theo:I missed you.

Siera:I missed you too love.

He then cupped her Face and they shared a deep and passionate kiss and after sometime they pulled out of it and they stared Into each other's Eyes..

Theo:soon You gonna sleep and wake up in my arms everyday for the rest of your lives ok.

She nodded..

Theo: hold on for me ok all this will be over and you will never have to move in fear anymore ok.


He kissed her lips and the tip of her nose and her forehead.

Theo: you look beautiful by the way.

She blushed looking down..

Siera: thank you you look handsom too with a pollar neck even though it's hot.

He laughed...

Theo:I prefer long and covering clothes..

He kissed her lips again..

Theo:you should go back before he starts looking for you.

Siera: ok.

She moved from Theo and picked the presents and she walked to the door.

Siera: love.

Theo:mi Amor [my love]

Siera: please hurry I nearly committed suicide days back it was really bad please hurry love I .I can't anymoremy will to hold on is slowly fading away even for my siblings.

Then she walked out fighting the tears leaving Theo in distraught by what she just said to him..




TK: you should play cool .

Retha:I hate him I hate his guts he disgusts me 

TK:me too but at least I'm playing it cool.

Retha:I just wish she Came alone 

TK: but she didn't.

TK's phone rang and be answered.

TK: pops.

Pops: your shipment is in a couple of days.

TK:so soon.

Pops: and I don't care I haven't received my diamonds boy you better make it snappy.

TK : surely will.

Pops:and tell Theo that the ancestors are becoming inpatient he Should fight for what's His.

TK : sure.

He hung up. .

Retha: your father?

TK:my other father.

Retha: damn he got you sweating.

TK: really?


TK:we should get going my love.

Retha: sure.

She laughed...





Me: how come Gogo?

I was on the phone call with Gog'Maweni.

GoGo: just fight for her Thando but know that loved one's Will be lost death doesn't knock you need to be prepared for this fight .

Me:is it worth it .

Gogo:well it is for the Khumalo and remember it may happen that you fight this and Chae losses the Baby then trouble awaits for her you and Chris .

Me: what will happen if I don't fight.

Gogo: that's for your sister to tell you .

Me : but why does it have to be this way.

Gogo:you Never question the ancestors.

Me: but I'll lose my loved ones.

Gogo: yesit could be Chae or TK or Jason it could be anyone but just know that when starting this war you need to be prepared the rest of the thing's pitsi will tell you .but it's a must for you to fight for her.

Theo:ohk gogo I surely will .

GoGo:do so and they will all rest ...

Me:ohk gogo.

She hung up 

This is complicated I don't want to lose my loved one's I love Siera and she's the one for me you see this blood convenant Thing why did the Mokoena and Khumalo meet vele now they are just complicating my life more ...





RETHA and Tk were now at home...

TK:look I need to talk to you.


TK: yeah Uhm I'm going away for a business trip but I'll be back it's just a week.

Retha:oh when are you living ?

TK: Tommorow.

RETHA:at such short notice .

TK: I know but it's only 5 day's I'll hire security for you and Body guards to always be with you and since you have a licence I'll also give you one of my cars .

Me : I don't want a car...

TK: trust me you do and please be careful around malls.

RETHA:I'm a big girl I can handle myself

TK :know I love you ok.

Retha:I love you too



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It's about to go down ate about to lose loved ones.

To be continued


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