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 Well everything is good between me and Chae besides her moodswings and hormones after the wedding I had brought h and a house just TK say say thank you I never get tired of spoiling her Sometimes it's not my money but my father's Money mostly he's the one who takee care of everything I mean him mad pops mostly cover all our costs that's how it has always been in our family you get married they take care of Their daughter in-laws needs and wants perks of being rich ...

Well as for our kids they are growing they will Turn one year in December in a few days ...well that's how happy I am soon they are turning 1 year ..

I glad and happy that I have Chae as my life partner and wife I love that woman people i really love her.. right now we on our way to Owens house well Theo begged us to go I didn't want to but I did it because he's also a brother well I came with Calvin and Chae they didn't want me to come with Jay sticks or  

Carmela because they ate the most crazy not to mention @Tk be didn't come because he once had a little thing with the Bump with the guy so Theo s

Asked us to go and check on her Just to pretend well I also don't think it will work with y Calvin Calvin is a lawful person he hates abusers so here we are.. Calvin knocks and Siera opens she Smiles when she sees us... she's really beautiful no lies but nothing on moratiwa moratiwa got beautiful gestures she's a natural beauty she still looks beautiful without make up no lies but the Khumalo children are hot ... including Theo their eye's are Just a Turn on...


Siera:hey .

Me: remember us right?

Siera: yeah mommy wow you so beautiful.

Yeah she calls Chae mommy I don't want people to make me woman old she's still young 24/25 something there...

Chae: thanks .

They share a hug...

Siera: Where are my manners ? Please get it.

She Ushered us to the lounge and we find some nigga and some little girl and boy who are around their teens....

Siera:Uhm this is my husband bhebhe but his name is Owen .

Calvin Chuckled..

Calvin:not for too long ...

He said that in a low tone and Siera smiled looking down..

Siera: then this is my little brother Mxolisi and her twin sister Nompumelelo .

We greeted and we sat down.

Me: I'm Chris Mokoena and this here is my brother Calvin and my wife thando lwam her middle name is Moratiwa

The teens smiled..


Chae: how are you?

Siera:good thanks yourself?

Chae:Uhm good Uhm Mr Owen..

Owen:call me Owen sweety .

Sweety Theodore the things you make us do Though.

Chae:oh Owen how are you ?

He responded back...

Siera :let me get you something to drink..

She stood up and walked away..

Owen:so Thando lwa...

Me:no say Thando lwakhe.

The teens giggled..

Owen: Sorry Thando lwakhe what do you do for a living? Do you have a brother?

CHAE:I'm a registered lawyer a wife a mother Yeah and I do have a brother his name is love that's all...

I smirked and looked at her ..

Me: point of correction thando lwam you forgot a few things I don't know why you hide them she's also a future queen and she's a multi killionare ..

I saw Ben shocked and she just gave me a bored look but with a smile on her face and Calvin Chuckled but she's a billionaire mostly her father's things are in her name and my father's things Are in her name so she's a billionaire considering that her father brought her a huge business industry...

Mpumi:you have a child?

Chae nodded..

Chae: I gave birth to my first born years back she's turning 5 years this month and I also gave BIRTH to Quints.

Mxo: what's that?

Mpume laughed ...

Mpumi: that's 5 babies in one day right?

Chae nodded and Owen gasped I assume he didn't know also but I'm not surprised Theo did say he's dumb.

Mxo: so which one is your husband between This Two..

Mpumi: let's take a guess.

Mxo: I win you give me a buck .

Mpumi: uncle will you give me if lose.

Owen nodded...

Mpumi:I go with uncle dreadlocks.

Mxoe:no he's not the one Uncle cal is the one.

Chae: mpumi is correct Uncle dreadlocks is the one.

She let's out her tongue to mxo wow cute.. 

Mxo: what's his name konje 

Ok one thing about my wife is she likes answering questions.. 

CHAE: Thando lwam.

Them: nchooo.

They giggled.. then Siera walked back in and put tray on top of the table and poured a home made juice for us...

Owen: wait Chris aren't you the Mokoena Brothers and Calvin you the famous lawyer right?.

Calvin:mhmm which Mokoena brothers are you talking about ?

Owen: killer' whale the nightwalker sons..

Calvin: and?

Owen: Crocs sons 

Calvin and I clenched our Jaws looking at him tsk fucken imbecile how can he say that in front of the women? He's crazy..

Calvin: mhmmmm.

Owen:so are they really your father?

Me:and what if we were.

Owen: then it's good that we are friends. I have some business I need to talk to you about but not Now since this is still some visit to to the Ladies. Di we should meet for a drink one of These days.

I smirked thinking of how he will suffer a Massive heart when he finds out that Theo is Killer whale the Nightwalker's son.


Calvin:or we might even reject your proposal.

Owen: Oh.

Chae :he means the opposite 

He smiled like a stupid retarded and I wanted to ouvj his teeth out in This instance but I held my self and as for Calvin he didn't hide the fact that he was annoyed by him anyways we chatted somemore we also invited them to the babies birthday and the twins were happy to be coming ...


Later on after chatting we decided it's time to leave cause moratiwa just got emotional when siera told her about her sisters death her hormones.. anyway we saud our goodbyes and Siera and Owen walked usoyr and Siera Hugged Chae for the longest Time and Chae even hugged that BASTARD Owen and Siera Hugged calvin and then she hugged me and I whispered to her ...

Me:my brother love says hi and he misses you.

I felt her body freeze and we broke the hug and I innocently smiled at her.

Me: relax or you will get in trouble with your psychotic husband.

I whispered to her again and she Swallowed hard and smiled weakly and I shook Owen's hand ..

Me:see y'all at the party 

They nodded and we got in the car and drove away after hooting.

Calvin:I don't like that motherfucker

me:me too broda I don't like him one bit .

Chae: even his smile is creepy and siera Looked like she was Scaredy of him somehowI wonder How he ended with her cause she's a sweetheart.

Yeah she doesn't know she's being abused. 

Calvin: maybe it was an documents marriage.

CHAE:mhmm I'm sure it was he's creepy man.

Weell one Thing we know About is she won't stay married to that bastard for too Long





We were now chilling in CHRIS'S house with my brothers well Chae is taking a nap along with the Babies she asked the girls to continue with arranging thing's for the party she knows Palesa will surely do her job ..

Theo:I'm telling you .

Jay:so Wena you already buried yourself in her ?

Theo: exactly.

Carmela: without using any protection.

Sticks: and I sure know she's not on prevention.

I take my glass and drink from it and they looked at me ...


Me : what a boy gotta do what a boy gotta do.

Chris:you are danger my broda.

Me: We head for disaster but live for the danger.

They Laughed...

Calvin: that's how we roll I'm sure you planted wena.

Theo:oh shit Never thought of that.

They laughed again.

Jay:and I'm sure you realised that her life is now in more danger.

Theo: fuck.

Jay:and that's what You get from fucking married women.

They laughed again...

Me:but don't worry I got her she's covered you know what she calls me.


Me : damn it looks horrible when you call me like that.

We laugh...

Pisti:face the facts broda you are de man [ the man]

Me: I know broda I know .

CALVIN: I'm sure she couldn't walk.

Me:ha.a. now we going to far brodas let's change de [ the] subject.

Them: yes Igwe..

We bust into laughter are they not crazy maybe it's the alcohol in them who knows. I wouldn't be surprised.

Me :so how Did it go with the mad man?

Calvin: that pussy can't Even make a woman paralyzed after uMdavazo [ sex] .

We laughed again ok Calvin has changed a lot after Hope's pregnancy..

Jay:Thol'ukuthi hey.[ Happens to]

Sticks:uhamba NGO Toli Toli [ carrying a small size]

Wow ...

Chris: the motherfucker said we are now friends I was like and Ona[ this one]

TK: wanyela.

Chris: even said business what What .he didn't even know What are Quints.

Calvin/TK : not like we knew.

Chris:are you for real.

JASON:we didn't go to school of medicine 


Carmela: news first Pops and dad reduced the weekly allowance .

Chris: tell me about it..

Jay:I had plans for that money .

Sticks:me too.

Pisti:eish yeah that was a deduction .

Me :to us who don't care about their allowance.

TK/Calvin/ Jason: to us.

Chris: mxm.

Carmela: Tukelo have you told Retha about you being of royalty.

Tk:no and I'm not planning on telling her Until she's pregnant.

Us: What?

Tk: yes look she's a Xhosa Dlamini then Ma and Aunty are Zulu Dlamini so you can only think how is this related.

Jason:and Xhosa Dlamini are of royal family .

TK: exactly.

Me :do you mean to tell me she's princess.

TK: night be her clan names is Zizi so I don't know.

Carmela: Gosh thanks for this info I'll just do a background check.

TK: better.

Sticks:so Wena Theo I'm tired of this thing of yours When is it going down.

Chris:and I just can't WAIT for it to start njerh I'm taking out my dogs.

Me: Danki Wena baba ka 7.

Chris: and What if she's carrying twins ?

Me: then still baba ka 8.

He chuckled 

Sticks:so Theo.

Me:well after the party I'm gonna move her siblings to a safe place .

TK:they can come to my place.

Calvin:my place is better I'm a spirit so when.he attacks me he won't succeed or Chris's place since it has the last basement where no one can find easily.

Chris:don't have a problem with it .

Me : noted.

Sticks: After?

Me: kidnapp Siera then bomb Owen.

Sticks: military and bombs.

Chris:so what about her brother?

Me: I don't know about that one .

Carmela:I guess he can take care of himself as the big man.

Me: There's more about the " big man" 

Carmela: yeah me too There's something that Makes him intimidating.

Chris: What is it?

Theo: there's only one way to find out.





Things between me and Tukelo have been good There's no doubt of him cheating on me or hurting me in the process so I guess things will work.out fine for us...

"You are scarce" 

Me:no you are the scarce one .

I was on the video call with my sisters and brother. The older one it's Xolile then Nomaqwa then my brother is Amogelang .

Smanga:no sthandwa sam you are the scarce one.

Me: ok sthandwa we are all scarce.

Xoli: how have you been though?

Me: good you.

Smanga: good .

Noma: Yeah besides your mother's tantrums .

Me: What did she do now.

Noma: you know how she is .

Me: Yeah.

Xoli:well congratulations there's a baby on the way.

Me: What who ? Sma did you impregnate a girl.

Smanga : Ban' mna? [ Who me ]

Me: then it? No sis Xolile is it you.

Xoli:no but your mother .

Me: What?

Them: yes.

Me: wait Where is she and where are you?

Smanga:at my apartment.

Me:oh ok so who's the father?

Them:who else could it be ? 

Me: Don't tell me sbuda is the Father.

Smanga: and yes it a

Me: Haibo Bathong and you guys have to say about this?

Xoli: she's your mother not our mother so why should we care.


Noma: naked truth sthandwa.

Me:well she raised you so she's Also your mother.

Smanga: I would be damned if she was my mother .

Me: yoh Adelaide does wonders at her age pregnant.

Xoli: awazi nto wena sele eganiwe [ you know nothing wena she's even engaged]

Me: Hayi uyaxoka [ No you are Lying]

Smanga: and nikx kanjani 

Noma:this is something we should discuss over the phone mtasekhaya we should meet up .

Me: Yeah how about next week.

Xoli: fine with me.

Me: I'll talk to my boyfriend.

Them: boyfriend Retha Melokuhle? 

Me: Yes what?

Xoli:the Melz.

Me :the one and only.

Smanga:heh who is it?

Me: someone who loves me njerh who adores me .

Xoli:this needs food .

Me: Haibo sis Xolile

Xoli: yintoni uyazi ntoni masidibane. [what you know what let's meet up .]

Smanga:look.i gotta go.

Noma: Haibo just Because she called you.

Smanga:EY NDI sayo bepha [ I'm going to fuck]I love you all 

He disappears.

Xoli: aii we will Talk .

Me: yeah I love you.

Them:more .

They disconnect.

Was nice chatting with them no lies...




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