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Well the following day came and Siera spoke to Owen and luckily he didn't prevent Siera to go to.te day spa this time ...

She was now standing standing Outside the door alone without anyone accompanying her since She already know that way ready to knock she was still nervous about her meetings with Theo even Today she didn't know why Cause they have met a couple of times now for Theo he was sitting in the couch in his father's office his eyes were sensing the person who was standing at the door but .. Anyways Back to Siera she knocked and seconds later t door opened and Theo stood there looking handsome as always he made way for her to get in and as soon as he closed the doors he turned a d pulled her into a tight hug after sometime they pulled out of it and he stared into her eyes ...

Theo: I'm glad you here.

Siera:I'm glad too.

She said that looking down and he made her look at him and he perked her lips and she blushed.

Theo: come..

He pulled he to the bug couch and they sat down..the table infront of them had food onnit mostly it was sea food he knew she has the same taste as his sister Chae so she advised him to go all pescatarians and she smiled When she saw the food ...

Theo:you good?

She nodded..

Siera:he's going away for some business trip Tommorow ..

She blurted out and Theo smirked..

Theo: and what do you have in mind concerning the coming days?

Siera:Ahh I didn't mean...

Theo: I asked you a question.

She blushed looking away cause he already told her what it means and Theo just Chuckled Smiling..

Theo:ohk I guess I'll make plans for us then .

Siera: what plans?

She looked at him with raised eyebrows and Theo just perked her lips


Siera: love.

Theo smiled like a retard .

Theo: Obi m [ My heart ] 

She kept quiet..

Theo: mi corazón [ my heart]

Siera: what's going on between us I mean im married I got a man and I shouldn't be doing this with any other men besides my husband .

Theo just got way close to her.

Theo: are you a Spanish?

She shook her head no he asked because of her natural self and her accent..

Theo : ok What I can tell you is thf you make me feel thing's I never thought I would.feel for any other Woman exept for my late Mother and my sisters a Cause I only want read about love but never experienced it . I don't even knows how to explain it in simple terms what I'm feeling Cause Imma man of few words to me actions speak louder so I'll Just show you .

She didn't say anything because her kind was still processing What he Just said he turned her to face Him ...

Theo : and I want Only one thing from you now Tanzi ..

She sawllowed hard..

Siera: Uhm...what..

Theo:for you to trust me .

She looked down and he made her look at Him..

Theo: I know you have trust issues Sisi and believe me I understand but for now please take This leap of blind faith and trust me .

She didn't say anything and he leaned over and kissed her and she didn't fight back cause she kissed him back well the kiss got heated and immediately turned into a hungry one and Theo pulled her to sit on top of him and They continued to kiss hungrily her head warned her to stop but her heart and mind didn't Want her to the kiss Went on and on And with his hands all over her body he was grabbing and squeezing her I'm a more sensul way he then stood up with her in his arms and he went to the table and put her ontop of it and pulled her shirt off and herbra followed too whike they were still kissing hungrily a dvhe cupped her breasts while still kissing her and she moaned while he groaned When he felt the softness of her breast in his hand..

Siera : the...

Theo: wrong one..

He said that still kissing her ...

Siera: l...loveee.

Theo: mi amor [my love]

He said that and continued kissing her he couldn't suck any part of her body cause he didn't want to out her into trouble with Owen so he only grabbed her as much as he wanted to tie her hands and spread her legs so he only grabbed her and squeezed each and every part of her body he then took off his long pollar neck t-shirt and Siera's jaw dropped when she stared at Theo's muscled and buffed body with all kinds of tat's it had tatyos over ..

Theo:a picture lasts longer you Know.

He said with a smirk in his face and he wiggled his Chest musclels and breasts and Siera swallowed hard she has never Felt like This before and it was even worse cause Owen is the only Man she's been with before Now..

Siera:love I...I don't think..

 He interuptted her ...

Theo:shhh...don't fight this Amor our souls wants This.

He said that and kissed her somemore and she pulled out of it..

Siera:.I'm ...I'm scared ...I have never chea...

He interrupted her any kissing her ..

Theo:I got you ok..

Nodded and they continued to miss then the job as gut heated with Theo between her legs he wanted to do more to her he wanted to suck Kis and gently bite every inch of her body but he knew he had to be careful for her own Safety but one thing he knew was that he wanted to bury himself Inside of her as in now even Mntungwa Mbulazi was twitching Inside his jean even his boxer is wet he th en took off her jean and her now wet underwear followed ..

he then pushed her to lay on her back on the table a d he spread her legs open and Started planting soft kisses from her foot all the way to her nana and he licked it and Went up again and kissed her other foot all.the way to her Nana and he licked it again which send tingles all over Siera's Body he then started eating it up he licked sucked and gently but her pussy lips while his Hands where on her breasts his tongue was doing wonders on her Nana that she couldn't help but mon Loud

 she was as busy moaning out loud with her body jerking up and down while Theo was Busy doing wonders on her Nana he ate her up until she felt Like she was losing her mind z while Theo was busy feasting in Her Nana When a second orgasm hit her he stopped with her juices all.ibdr his mouth area and chin leaving her Panting out loud and unable to move an inch of her body . then out if the blue she felt his too on the entrance of of her Nana and she froze he pulled her upper body up and when her eyes landed on Mntungwa with veins Poppins her eyes popped out with nothing but a bit of fear and shock it was huge she Swallowed hard and she wanted to say something but her voice failed herit refused to come out...

 she swallowed again and she tried to say something again but it only came as a whisper ..


Siera: love I don't

Theo: it has to Amor [ love] cause this is his permanent home.

He said that with a smirk on his face ..

Siera: maybe we should...

He interuptted her by trying to push himself in but it wouldn't go in and she screamed a bit it was painful...

She felt as though she was losing her virginity again..

Siera: Theo

Maybe we..

He smashed his lips in her and he kissed her well more like shutting her up the he pushed himself again but still he couldn't get in and he tried again and still nothing well more like shutting her up the he pushed himself again but still he couldn't get in and he tried again and still nothing he then deepened the kiss and he quickly pushed himself I her hard and h finally got in but only half of itsas in but already she felt Like he was deep inside a f her pussy was ripped apart well Theo groaned with his lips still attached to hers and Siera just screamed in his mouth when she felt him expanding her inner pussy walls her back ached and her insides felt funny more like uncomfortable and she held on to his for dear life ....

She fought her tears back and she just bit her Lower lips to stop herself from screaming out in pain as for Theo as soon as he went in and get inner walls he had gger His dick tight he felt tears in his Eyes What he was feeling was foreign to him he didn't know whether to Scream out loud with his deep and a but scratchy voice or to curse or even to Just go crazy and fuck the day lights out of her ...

Theo: look at me Tanzi.

she looked at him ..

Theo:inhad no clue what I'm feeling for you my brothers think it's love also think so even though it's foreign to me you are not my One night stand or one day stand ok so don't know overthink things or regret this cause this is special to me regardless that it's happening in this office know that this is special Ok..

SIERA:o …ohk...


They kissed and when Theo pushed all of him deeper Siera felt like she just lost her virginity again...tears cane out of the corner of her eyes and Theo wiped then and he perked her lips and he started to Move in and out of her slowly while groaning and Siera just clenched her teeth together the way he moved his waist and the way he went in and out of her brought intense mixture of pain and pleasure for Siera he was moving in circles while they kissed with his arms tiny body holding her tight she had Never felt what she was feeling now before And she didn't know what to do with herself cause her Body wasn't under her control anymore the mixture of pain mixed and pleasure she was feeling was driving her absolutely insane and she didn't know whether to scream out loud or to cry out loud of pleasure then Theo increased his pace a bit and he raised her leg up and he went faster when he increased his pace some more and went deeper he just lost all sense of reality as a wave of pleasure took over for them and that pain siera was feeling was replaced by extreme pleasure...

Withuna blink of an eye an unexpected orgasm hit Siera so hard that her toes curled and her entire body shook and she gasped for air as she felt like someone was suckung air out of her lungs and Guess what Theo didn't stoo he increased his pace some more and he hit it hard and when a second orgasm hits her that's when he stopped and Pulled out and he kissed her lips took And took her off the table as soon as her feet landed on the floor they became wesk and she couldn't stand and Theo hrjd her before she could fall to the floor then he Turned her around and he bend over her upper body laid in the table and he sptead her legs spstyand he entered her from behind and as soon as he slid in going deeper sieta felt get body coming back to life and she moaned out loud snx she heard Theo growl.out loud when he felt her warm and tightness on his huge rock..


that's what he says out loud with his deeper and scratchy voice and he started to move he hit it hard going faster with their body Making sounds

The room was filled with Sierra's screams and Theo's loud Groans by now siera had already Heard her two orgasm and Theo was still going in hard she didn't Know what to do with hereself as her whole Body was now numb all she could do was to Scream out Theo:a name and to hike on to the table with the last strength she had Left cause the Force that I was s coming from behind he was strong felt as if something was poking her womb that feeling made her breath to shorten a bit after what felt like forever for she felt his grip on her waist tighter as if he wanted to break her into two halfs ...

The grip got tighter and tighter and he was going faster and faster every muscle in his body Tightened and tensed by now siera was screaming out loud like a mad Woman when she felt his fuck expanding Inside her while Theo was busy groaning out loud and she went faster and faster and Without warning an extremely hard wave of orgasm hit him hard and he slammed Into her hard pushing in deeper and deeper dhkjd he shit his load of cum a loud scary growl xsbe from deep his throat and siera startled and he gasped for air for some time and he cursed out Loud with a scary voice while looking up .


Then he stood still for sometime trying go catch his breath with sweat in his Sexy skin then he pulled out slowly and he bend Down and kissed her backkk..

Theo:fuck that was good tanzi...dont move I'll be Back ok.

She nodded slowly and he slowly Went to the on-suite bathroom with his huge.di k wiggling from Left to right busy hitting both his thighs and he came back with a towel and he helped clean her up as she winced with pain cause her pussy was burning and he also cleaned himself and he picked her up bridal style and he went to the couch with her and he put her down and he Went to pick Their clothes up and he Went back to her and he cleaned her sweat off with the towel and he also cleaned himself too and he layed down on the couch and be pulled her to lay on him and he held her tight..

Theo: you ok?

She shook her head no so I don't think I'll be able to walk and .. what if he comes at home to get something then what the will hill me once and put Two and two together..

Theo: didn't I say Trust me?

Siera: you did.

She Said that softly...

Theo: then trust me.

Siera: ok uhmm...we didn't use protection and I'm not on prevention.

Theo:and we will never use One.

Siers: huh? But love we...

He interuptted her..

Theo:I'm clean and I know you are clean Cause I sure know that crazy husband of yours fears getting sick and dying so I know he won't infect you..

He felt her body tense up..

Theo: what he does with his wife what's her name?

Siera: Luthando.

Theo:yeah whatever it shouldn't Hurt you anymore mi corazon [my sweetheart ] cause you are mine now and no stupid piece of paper or shit will Stop me From making you the daughter inaw of the Khumalo ok .

She nodded slowly..

Theo:good and oh about my eyes Just so you know Maybe you are curious..

She nodded slowly..

Theo:well let's just say the Khumalo and Koena ancestors have accepted you and They are happy as much as I was that finally I was buried Inside if you.


Theo: Yes just won't get it Now but someday you Will so For now just know That the term in me has accepted you .

He perked the tip of her nose with a smile on his face and Siera just laid her head back in his Chest and she inhaled his scent..

Siera: they are too shiny and intimidating.

Theo:I Know but don't worry you are safe with me ok.

She nodded..

THEO:good now let's get dressed.

She got off him and They slowly got dressed and Theo went to open the windows for fresh air to Get In.

Theo:I'm going out for a bit and you should rest until I get back.

She quickly got up..

Siera: you are leaving me here alone?

He kissed her forehead..

Theo: Just for sometime and I'll be back don't worry no one is allowed to come up here I'm going to get things to ease the soreness down There.ok?

She nodded and he kissed her lips 

Theo:if you feel like sleeping Theres a room when you open that sliding door the pin is 9493 ok?

She nodded and he took his phone wallet and car Keys and he left and she ate a bit then she laid Down on the couch and immediately sleep took over..





Mokoena boys are not the same we have me and I am me Jay is Jay Jason is Jason then Chris is Chris well I'm not used to this dating Thing I only fuck then pass no strings attached but with Retha it's different I know she's a ghetto type but that will Soon change because I'm releasing in her don't give me shit in how bad it is but a boy gotta do what a girl gotta do so just let me be..







an hour later Theo came back holding a plastic and ge found a Siera sleeping bag couch and he sat on top of the Table Md took couple of pictures of her sleeping facing her then he admiring her beauty her small freckles of her nose that she likes to hide with her make up her cute self her curled Hair and her dimples bmade her a goddess and he just smiled and his mind drifted to What happend and he felt his dick stiff h breathed in and out and shook her slightly and she opened her eyes slightly and when she saw that it was Theo she sat up while Rubbing her eyes..

Siera:you back..

She held he mouth ...

Siera:rethotical question.

She Said lwam looking down

Theo: yeah take

She took the plastic from him and looked Inside she saw a pink container inside a packet of pads and a packet of frozen veggies and she looked at Theo confused..

Theo: the packet of frozen veggies is to minimise the soreness Down there I couldn't bring ice cubes cause they melt quickly and the packet of pads is to fake a period until you healed Down there..

Siera: it won't work Cause he always checks my pad whenever im.on my period and he Always asks me about when is my period whether I have skipped or what.

She said that looking down and Theo chuckeled I'm disbelief..

THEO: Owen is a fucken psychopath I mean who does that?. anyways my machine knew he does something like This so I also brought fake blood.

She Looked at him..

Siera:take blood?

Theo: yeah I gut connections in the entertainment industry.

Siera:oh..entertainment neh..

Theo chuckled..

Siera:so you want me to...

He nodded and she breathed out Loud..

Siera:ohk ..Uhm thank you.

Theo:I told you I got you.

She smiled and looked down ..

Theo:I repeat the bathroom is over There so go do your thing's.

She looked away shyly and Theo chucked .. she stood up badly limped to the bathroom and as soon as she got There she took off her jean and underwear and did he things after she was done she then got out a f found Theo Lying on the couch..

Siera:I'm done.

He stood up and Went to her and he hugged her ..

Theo:how are you feeling Now?

Siera: much better.

He nodded and he gave her a burner phone ..

Theo: from now on use it to call me and make sure he doesn't see it even if he does who cares .

She nodded and smiled a c she outfit Inside her back along with the rest of the staff and kissed her forehead.

Theo: my numbers are stored into that phone and speed dial if I'm not reachable.. so I'll expect your call tonight .

She nodded and they kissed..

Theo: A hụrụ m gị n'anya [I love you ]


He said that in Igbo while looking Into her eyes.

Siera: pardon

She said that confused cause she didn't hear no understand anything and he cleared his throat.

Theo: nothing I Just said take care of yourself.

he lied...

Siera: I want to say it the way you said it ..

Theo: A hụrụ m gị n'anya [I love you ]

She blushed...

Siera : A hụrụ m gị n'anya [I love you ] too right.

Theo smiled ...

Theo: yeah

He nodded and he perked her lips and Walked her out 






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To be continued


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