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**He finally arrived at the location and it was full Many business man and women were there Theo huffed and took a glass which had whiskey inside from the waitress that passed them and he gulped it down and took another on from another passing waiter and out of the empty glass Down on his tray and h walked further he was bored to the core and this party was boring and They were serving cheap whiskey a voice called his name and he Turned to look and it was Owen Owen is the former owner of the company Theo is now owning....**

Owen: Dore.

Theo: wine.

Owen:no one calls me like that.

Theo:the same goes with Dore

Owen:ok fair enough how are you man.

Theo:good you.

Owen: good too.

Theo: Siera.

**He greeted her with a frowm on his face asking himself What the hell is she Doing with Owen why is she always around him at the same time admiring her beauty he started Feeling thing's I'm his stomach Moving When he looked at her well it was more of a feeling than an actual " things" Moving **.

Siera:Hey Theodore .

**She Said with her soft voice and Theodore delete something literally move in him when he spoke h didn't Know What buy it did and he had to take a deep breath to calm himself down and not get carried away..**

Owen:Oh you know my wife

"Like damn she's always here so " Theo communicated with his mind .

**Owen ASKED with a frown on his face and Theo glanced at Siera and he saw fear in her Eyes and that made him mad but he had to play it cool.**

Theo: yeah she was at my sister's wedding.

OWEN: wedding ...the one...

THEO:it was week's back

Owen:oh...she came...

Theo: eventually you were not present at the wedding.

Owen:but how come I didn't come with her .

Siera: because you were busy nursing your precious second wife who is the Mother of you Baby

~She snapped~


~he said that Looking at her but she looked away but Theo saw pain in her Eyes when she said that's and that pain was Almost replaced with fear~

Siera: umm...I..I'm need to use the ...the ladies excuse me ..

**she rushed away and Theo Looked at Owen with a deadly frown not because of Owen Having another wife while Siera is also his wife but because of what he saw on Siera's eyes After she snapped about Having a a Sister wife and pregnant at her age.. **

Theo: what are you doing with Siera Owen?

Owen: Askies

Theo: I didn't stutter did I ?

Owen Chuckled..

Owen:since you want to know her presence makes my demons and spirits to behave.

**Theo just looked at him with a scary frown on His face**


Theo: then if that's the Case Why do you have a second wife

**Owen Chuckled...**

Owen: she's carrying my child man and I didn't Want my daughter to be born off wedlock.

Theo smirked looking at him then he shook his Head.

Theo: ok then Siera makes your demons to behave don't you think you should treat her like a queen she is and not a punching bag?

OWEN frowned..

Owen: Askies.

Theo:I didn't stutter did I?

Owen: look Man what happens between my wife and I is none of your business.

**Theo smirked looking down while brushing his beard roughly but when he Looked up his face was hard and scary with his Eyes cold and dark and he took a step closervti Owen who started feeling uneasy 


Theo:well I'm making it my business now.

Owen: Owen take a steo back and mind your damn business what I do with my doesn't concern you.

Theo: well I'm how making it concern me or you want me to repeat again ....

Owen: you are overstepping your boundaries boss

Theo: that's my speciality boy.

Owen: you know I' have better things to do than to listen to your annoying self.

**Theo chuckled...**

Theo: before you go I'm just gonna say the one who gets hurt will be ssved.abd i hope you won't fight..

Owen: what are you taking about?

Theo: you are too slow and dumb man.

Theo: read between my lines man don't make it aobvious that you dumb as you came.

**Theo Walked away leaving Owen angry and also feeling insulted.. .**



**Owen went outside to calm himself down Cause he could feel he was about to lose it and as soon as Theo saw Owem walking out he went to the direction of the bathroom and stood out dude the lady's bathroom soon after Siera walked out of the bathroom after she was fine with her Crying session it's the oy way she deals with everything or else she would have committed suicide because She was pregnant then Owen didn't Want the baby I when Another woman got pregnant he didn't even hesitate to make him his wife do now when Owen takes out that sweet person she falls in love with him all over sgsiny but when his things his demons takeover she hates him o the core and lately it's been hell for her and what's worse is he even threatened to kill her family and Retha if she attempted to leave him **

**Anyways as soon as 

she walked out she was met by Theo waiting Nd she stood still then she started walking AWAY with her heart beating fast and she didn't understand why she feels like this around Theodore or whenever she Thinks of him but Theo stoped her oh her tracks when he spoke with his deep horse scary Voice .**

Theo:I'm waiting for you .

**She turned and looked at him and she figured maybe he wants to ask about her relationship with retha or maybe he has a message from his sister Chae she walked to him and stood Next to him while looking down and he out his under her chin and pushed her Face up gently and their eyes locked 

for some seconds and Siera Looked away as she couldn't maintain eyecontact because of his eyes shinning a bit making her Eyes to not see properly and because of the darkness in them.**

Theo: you have been Crying.

**She took a deep breath but she didn't say anything..**

Theo: walk with me .

**He said 

 that showing her the way but she hesitated.**

Theo:I don't bite Tanzi.

SIERA: my husband busy be looking for me .

Theo: he's not and if he does you'll tell him you in the restroom trying to calm yourself down .

She sighed ..

Theo: let's go .

SIERA: where... Where are we going ?

Theo: lady let's go before that hooligan of yours Starts looking for you.

**She sighed and walked away with him to the opposite where the canteen of the Company was..**

Theo:how long has the abuse been going on.

She kept quiet

Theo: I'm waiting for an full Stop not a question mark or an eclipse.

**She Still kept quiet..**

Theo:I hate repeating myself .

"One of his father's word's" .

Siera:can we ...

**He interuptted her**

Theo: don't give me that now answer my question Tanzile.

"*She Swallowed hard cause this man walking besides him intimidated the Fuck outof her.**

Siera:not that I can count but it started last year before your sister could get married.

Theo:and your age?

**She sighed cause she didn't know why he asked her all this questions.**

Siera: turning 22 this year .

Theo: mhmm so let me take a guess he said he will kill you and your family if you dare to leave him and you are binded together right?

**She nodded slowly while facing down thru were Still walking to the passage way to the canteen **

Theo:my question is do you want to leave him.?

Siera: there's a lot at stake if I do

theo:his Money?

Siera:yes and my family because he sponsors my sister's business and my brother is not always at home so I can't lose them in any way.

**She sighed**

SIERA: didn't know what I was signing for Cause I read the first paper until the third one but the lasy paper was an marriage agreement that me and him are lawfully wedded and only death could finish apart..

Theo: so in other words as long as your family is taken care of and not threatened you don't care about what he does to you?

Siera: if that makes my loved ones live I guess it is I grew up in a warm home my mother and father raised us well they did everything for us since childhood till then Their breath was taken away and even though After they died we Never lost each other's backs it's a pity They all not here to witness my efforts I know they wouldn't like what Im doing but I'm doing what I think is right I have already lost many loved ones I can't anymore.

Theo:so you sold your self the that thing so you don't lose your loved one's.

Siera:it was a paper thing it was better he didn't tell me that I should marry him but he made things easier for me to not even think about it and I was meant to do it again I would do it again.

**She wiped her tears that ran down her cheeks because even though her parents died long time ago she still misses them everyday..**

**Theo stopped walking and he looked at her as she stopped walking**

Theo: he's gonna end up killing you Tanzi you know that Rightmy Eyes tells me that that boy is a Crazy he is a psychotic with many personalities which he didn't create for himself Cause he likes blood I'm sure his moofs changes like a pregnant woman time to time mostly When he's angry or pissed OFF.

**Siera nodded because she witnessed his moods changed in daily basis When he's happy he's loving and caring and treats her like an egg that could break anytime but when he's angry he locks her in some basement he calls it " judgement room" that's were she gets her punishment**

Siera:yes ..Uhm Theodore I have accepted my life as it is as long as my family is happy and Alive and don't kill them because if he kills them then I won't have anything to leave for...

**Theo was looking at her intensely as she Felt his cold her heartbeating faster than usual and I was strange to him cause it only does that when he just fucked some woman of after his gym so now it's beating fast and he can't explain why**

**He took a Step closer a d be pushed her face up with his finger and she Looked up at him since he's taller then her even though she's wearing heels and her heart started beating fast as if she could just lay her head on his chest as his intoxicating cologne hit her nostrils**

Theo:well I'm afraid I have bad News for you I'm about to complicate my life.

Siera :huh?

Theo: besides the fact that theres something in me that forces me and pushes me to take you out of that hell you live in and protect you that psychotic fool you call your husband made a Bitch pregnant I'm sure he took her from another dude now I'm Going to do the same and guess What.

**He smirked..**

Theo: I won't force you and you won't stop me you will come willingly.

**SIERA swallowed hard Then her phone rang and she quickly took it out of her clutch bag ..**


Owen: where are you?

Siera: still at the ladies bathroom 

Owen: don't fuck with me Siera you have been in the bathroom for a fucken longtime unless you are taking a shit you better come out woman.

Siera: yes...I..I was just scared to come out Cause I misbehaved infront of your business associate..

**Theo smirked on the word "business associate".**

Owen: the judgement room is waiting for you so you will spend a 3 whole fasting days learning how to behave in public I won't have a straatmate as a wife mna now come out and let's Leave this fucken place .

**Tears ran down her cheeks and Theo Clenched his jaws .**

Siera: ye..yes.

**Then he dropped the call.**

Siera:I have to go.

**She said that wiping her tears and Theo got closer to her and he put his hand on her Waist .**

Theo: come with me Siera .

**She shook her head no ..**

Siera: I have too much to lose the and he's my husband remember I'll be fine I'm used to this life ... anyways Uhm Thanks for the walk .

**She giggled a but but Theo didn't smile..**

Siera: uhmmm..yeah bye.

**She attempted to walk away but he tightened the grip on her Waist.**

Siera:let go Theodore .

Theo:do you still have my numbers?

**She nodded.**

Theo: ok.

**He let her go and she started walking away.**


**He called her and she turned..**

Theo : he better not touch you or even Hurt a tiny string of your hair or else I'm gonna turn you into a widow at your age.

**She smiled faintly and started walking AWAY well she knew What was gonna happen to her When They got home cause they already told her the Room is waiting for her three days of fasting without taking a Bath and having water two times a day Having rough sex with her as if he's fucking a worthless whore is what she's gonna experience for next three days.**





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To be continued


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