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As soon as Siera walked out his heart was pounding Hard a but as he was about to explode he held his chest while bending a bit he felt Pain he was starting to sweat and his were is red he looked across the office and His Eyes searched useless Things he clenched his jaws as he didn't want it to take of not all if them..his phone rang and be answered...

Theo: he... hello...

TK: are you okay? Pitsi saw you Now .


TK: fuck we are on our way.

The call ended...and Theo layed on the floor as he felt his body heavy he Knows he shouldn't lay down because it's gonna be a struggle to get up.. after what felt like forever the door opened and Theo was still laying down ..

Sticks: shit.

Carmela: what happend thee?

She said as they crouched next to him .

Jay:dude what are you ?

Theo looked at him confused..

Jay: he's turning into a ...oh . my ..

Chris:breath in and out bro.

He did as he was told and he calmed down slowly then door opened again and Pitsi Chris and TK walked in and Theo felt at peace seeing that his brothers dropped whatever they were doing to come to his rescue..

TK: what happened?

They told him everything and then Calvin dialed Gog'Maweni's number and she answered...

Gog'Maweni: son.

Calvin: Ma It's...

Gog'Maweni: Theo?


Gog'Maweni:call his father not me or call the King cause I'm not the one who told you guys to drink the Crocodiles blood now look what is happening ...

TK: eish...

Gog'Maweni: mbulazi.

Theo: ma.

Gog'Maweni: Mic is not here so please just fix your things ok.

Theo: Yebo ma.

Gog'Maweni: I'll arrange something for you.

Theo:ok ma

Gog'Maweni: pitsi.


Gog'Maweni : kunjalo.

Pisti: yebo ma

Then she hung up...

Calvin: and then Wena what happened to spending time with my wife?

Chris: Mxm.

TK laughed...

TK: well I woke up and found him and he hasn't left. Apparently it's burning so he had to run for his life before they murder him 

They Laughed...





What TK said really broke my heart Kanti how are these guys everytime after you have them what they want they do or talk rubbish nna I'm not one to Force things if the car ain't Moving don't push it and I don't like to push things if he loves me like he claims to shy would he even consider keeping one for himself when I'm on my periods ? Didn't he say he will always be There for me ? 






I really don't know what's going on in my mind but God needs to stop this no it has to I never imagined me myself and I would do something like what I did today I'm Even scared for my life right now it's Been weeks since they incident happened but I just can't get it out of mind ...

Owen: it's been weeks Since you not going to spa What is it ?

Me: nothing I'll go some other day was thinking Tommorow

Owen: so the last Time did you enjoy?

Me: yea they even said I should do it regularly for some needs you know.

Owen:mhmm I see needs Neh.

I smiled faintly...

Owen: I wish you were coming with me you know.

Oh he's living for some business adventure with Luthando and his associates but not today but he will spend some couple of days.with her then thy leave...

Me: next time darli but enjoy I want Luthi to enjoy herself for the sake of the baby little Njomane .

He smiled...

Owen : you are so sweet.

Me: that's because of you and I'll always be grateful to you bhebhe.

Owen:I love you.

Me: more and more .

He took his large traveling bag...

Me: I'll miss you.

Owen:me too and it's only one day here then I'm going there for a week but it's gonna be long without seeing your face.

Me:yeah but travel safe and call me the day you will be leaving and I mean everyday.

Owen:need that.

He came and kisses my lips fuck I already feel guilty why father God Why...he walked out....





I woke up feeling a Heavy load ontop of me I opened my eyes quickly and it was TK I opened my mouth to say something but he quickly entered me and I gasped he started to move slowly looking straight into my eyes I closed my eyes when he Went deeper but he stopped moving and whispered that I should look at him I opened my Eyes slowly and he continued to stare at me and started moving slowly and going deeper gosh it felt so good I was moaning..

 TK: I love you..


He said that moving inside of me ...

TK:I'm sorry about my stupid joke.

U kept quiet..

Tk:I'll never hurt you like that or any other way especially intentionally.

I still kept quiet and he picked up his pace And Went faster and harder with me screaming out in pleasure and he slowed down and went slow and deeper...

TK:I love you Retha I called them all of them and I ended things I'm also sorry for walking out on you I know you have trust issues and I promise I'll never give you a reason to doubt my love and commitment and I'll never give you any reason to doubt me and not trust me...

I continued to keep quiet but his dick Inside of me was doing things to me that made me want to Scream his name and a his clan names if I knew all of the but I just but my Lower lip...

TK: please say something my heart.

Me: what you said Hurt me.

Tk'im sorry my heart I'm really sorry I was joking Around with my brother I didn't mean it my heart I'll Never home around like that ever again..

He smashed his lips on mine and deepened the kiss and broke it and pulled my right leg up 

And moved fast hard and deeper he hit my g-spot and I screamed his band out and my body shook as I reach my climax instantly he didn't stop he fucked me through my orgasm and I felt his body tense up and he slammed into Me hard and His body trembled and he let out a scary growl and he collapsed on top of me breathing heavily. after catching his breath he raised his head and he had the biggest smile ever on his face...

Tk: MODIMO I love this woman.

He kissed the tip of my nose.

Me: MODIMO I love this man .

We both smiled at each other..

He pulled out and Walked to the bathroom and he came back with a warm towel and he cleaned me up and he also did...and we got undercovers and he held me tight..

TK:do you have a driver's licence.

Me: Yeah when I was staying with my aunt she made me do one.

TK: mhmm what's do you think is happening to Siera?

Me: I know for a fact that she's being abused he hits her I know that for sure Siera has always been the kind of person who can't defend herself no matter what you do she decides to keep quiet at first before i met her at first before i met her she was bullied called name's just because of her skin tone along with her long curly hair people believed she's a coloured so you can imagine a whole school of blacks and one coloured.


Me: Yea she's a defenceless woman .

Tk: then there's you .

me: nna I speak my own fuckin'Mindand I'm never changing who I am for anyone if you can't deal with that then we just go our separate ways.

TK: don't worry I also have my flaws..

Me : oh ..

TK: yeah.





Chae:and then wena where were you?

Chris:my brothers

Chae: so you don't say something when you leaving?

Chris: I ...

Chae: save it.

Chris: are you angry?

Chae: is angry my middle name?

Chris: Uhm...

Chae:if there's nothing BETTER you can say just keep quiet.

Chris:ohk .

Chae: earlier on I Said you must Bring my fish .

Chris:did you...uh.. Fuck ...

He knew she didn't tell him...

Chris: Uhm the were not therethe shop was out of stock yeah .

Chae:mhmm ain't you coming to Bed?

Chris:bed? Uhm Sure...

He was scared of her Cause this morning When he woke up he was welcomed by a pillow near his face he was sure she was gonna kill him ..

Chae: relax I won't do anything to you .

Chris: really?


Chris:ok then.

She laughed walking out of the bedroom...




Next day the guys were meeting up at Theo's house pops was there he wanted to discuss something with them..

Pops: now which one of you here had taken deals in the underworld?

Chris: me 

Pops:then what about the rest of you?

They kept quiet...

Pops:now listen we gonna run things in the proper way now TK you are taking the deals in underworld for 3 times from There I'll choose who's next .


Pops:nywah...You are complaining as if you are being asked to do something huge now you are taking the deals just so you Know you are leaving soon I'll tell you the date and I don't want any shit Cause Thabang won't be with you this time.

TK: yoh Ohk.

Pops: and Wena Theo I don't know where you got this machine Because I don't have machine in me but a Walker so if you have two personalities I don't know Cause I am the nightwalker I don't even know how you control your machine.

Theo: it's nothing major Mkhulu.

Pops: voetsek do I look like an old men to you ? Don't make me old at my age.

The guys held their laughter...

Pops:and I hope the girls you Two are fucking are worth me losing my bullets.

TK: they are pops.

Pops:mhmm pitsi how did it go?

Pisti:well pops but I'll surely kiss her.

Pops:I know but atleast she left you with her gift.

Pitsi:but I don't want it .

Pops: well you better use it .

Pisti: now my children are all gonna be wizards just because my mother decided to sleep with a wizard .

Chris:how interesting.

They all looked at Him...

Chris: what ? He will control things .

Pops: so it's interesting to you?

Chris:I guess.

They laughed..

Pops: Anyways boys I'll have to go remember one call TK you are going under.

TK sighed.

TK: yes pops.

He gulped his whiskey...

Pops:mhmm cheap.

He stood up and walked out...

Calvin:and then Wena Chris what's Wrong?

Chris:eish I slept with one eye open.


Chris: yesterday when I woke up a pillow was near my face.

Jason:whoa... What? Oh no ..

Calvin: it's Chae right ?

Chris: yes Eish I'm scared for my life guys .

THEO: that's what you get from getting her pregnant mina just so you Know I'm no longer coming at your house.


The busted Into Laughter.. then Theo's phone rang and he answered..

Theo: Eze

It was his father not biological but he was raised by him.

Calvin: loudspeaker hau.

He Looked at Calvin with a frown and he put it on speaker..

Eze: Nwaigwe ya mere anyị abụkwaghị nne na nna gị?[so we no longer your parents?]

Theo: what do you mean Eze [ king]?

Eze: I Mean since you Went there you no longer keep in touch with us Ya mere ana m ajụ ma ọ bụrụ na ị chefuru anyị [ Therefore I'm asking if you have forgotten us ]

Theo:I just have a lot on my plate this side Eze [ king]

Eze: From Papa to Eze hhhe Chukwu m [my God]

Theo Chuckled and Chris calvin sticks and Jay bursted Into Laughter ...

Eze: Ezeudo told me about your friends there but he Said good Things but They are disrespectful.

Theo: Eze just to the point mere i jiri kpoo [ Eze just get to the point why did you call]

Eze: anyị chọrọ gị ebe a n'ụlọ <[we need you here at home ]

Theo: you need me ? For what? 

Eze :this is your home son.

Theo: Nna ichoro m ma ọ bụ nwunye gị chọrọ m ịchụ aja [Father do you need me or your wife needs me to Make sacrifices ]


he warned him and Theo Chuckled...

Theo:Aha m bụ Theodore [ My name is Theodore ]

Eze: hhhe chi m [ my gods]

The guys busted in laughter again.

Eze :at least your last goodbyes.

Theo: I'll Think about it now good bye.

Eze :good by Ngwaigwe

Theo Chuckled and they ended the call...


Calvin: is he Mic's father?

Theo: yes .

JASON:he behaves like a woman


They laughed..

TK: so Since we couldn't here anything what was he saying?

Theo: come back home blah ....blah ..blah.

TK: then go back home .

Theo: I can't I don't Want to deal with Mic's mother's drama .


Theo: yeah .

Pisti: When is he coming Back?

Theo: after he's done with whatever he's doing .

Pisti: okay.

Chris:aii gents tick tock see you .

TK: good luck on being murdered.

They laughed..

Calvin:aii nami let me go 

They.all stood up and shook hands and bro Hugged and They all.walked out... Theo locked then headed to his room and kept hiimself occupied with his laptop...then his phone rang and a smile formed his face more like blushing he answered the call and she spoke with her sweet soft voice and he jumped a little bit...

Theo: onye jidere obi m [the one who holds my heart]

Siera blushed as if she could understand whatever he's saying but she knew it was something sweet..

Siera: how are you?

Theo: better now you.

Siera:I'm good.

Theo: so I'm seeing you tomorrow right.

Siera:Uhm yeah but only if he doesn't change his mind about me coming remember he's unpredictable and I don't wanna get in trouble with him ..

Theo sighed cause he was getting tired of this whole hide and seek bullshit he's a Very patient man cause the kind of jobub he does requires him to be so he has adapted to that trait but now with This Siera issue he was seeing himself losing his patiece but by but especially when she cancels Their meetings because of the psychotic Owen he didn't know what was happening to him and he hated the fact that all of a sudden he's weak and soft When it comes to a woman


Theo:if he refuses then you better come up with another plan to come and see me it's been weeks since I saw you so it's either that or I'm coming there..

Siera:no.. please don't I'll make a plan I promise .

Theo: good Tommorow ok.

Siera : ok.

Theo:good Night

Siera: night.

Theo: night who?

Siera sighed...

Siera: night love.

Theo Chuckled and she ended the call before he could say something crazy and he sighed while clenching his Jaws..




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To be continued


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