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I still repeat is it legal to love a woman this much ? I mean she drives Mr crazy and she's not Even aware anyways I pulled out slowly and went to the bathroom and came back with a towel and wiped her and myself and kissed her pussy and she giggled I wore my boxers and went down stairs to make something to eat and after I was done I took the food upstairs as Much as I didn't Want Zinhle to eat in my room but with this one it's different anyways I woke her up to eat Since she dosed off we ate chatting away after we were done I took the plates down to the inbox kitchen and washed them then went back upstairs I took off my boxers cause I was hard as a rock shit even thinking about her and how tight she is made me hard and I Turned her around doggy style band entered her slowly and did my thing she was calling out my name while I was groaning and growling out Loud she came twice eventually I can't too and she slept on top of me and we dozed off with me holding her tight...


I woke up and checked the time it was around 6 in the morning and I was hard as fuck I got on top of her and entered her slowly and she gasped gosh it felt so Good I did my things I have it to her good and we both came at the same time after that we dozed off I woke up around 8 and I pushed her off me gently and hit out if bed and went to pee then brushed my teeth and hit the shower after I was done

 I went back to the bedroom and she was still sleeping I dint blame her I woke her up almost the whole night going in and out of her anyway I went downstairs to prepare breakfast I suck at cooking but not breakfast and baking when I entered the kitchen I find Chris with one of the Quints sitting in the bar stool seat..


Me: Ngiyalingwa la [ I'm being tempted here]

Chris:dude take it easy on the poor girl I heard her scream from down here Even my sin heard Her.

Me: who is this one konje.

Chris: Mandlenkosi Tumelo Theseus .

I took him and hejd him in my arms...

Me: entlek o etsang mona sethoto [what are you doing here fool]?

Chris: u re ke mang sethoto? [ who are you calling a fool ? ]

Me:I'm talking about you entlek what are you doing here and by your Talks looks like you have Been here for a while ?

Chris:this is my house as much as my house is your house so I can come as i please ohh tell ngoetsi [daughter in law] I have a spare key so she shouldn't walk around naked Cause ba bang ba rona re sitoa ho itšoara [some of us can't hold ourselves]

Me: voetsek tu hablas basura hombre [ you talk rubbish man]

He laughed this fool I also joined him ..

Me:on a serious note what are you doing here this time?

Chris: eish ho cha Bohale hae [ it's burning Anger at home]

Me: what did you do?

Chris: nothing her moodswings bro yoh I just had to get out of there before I die.

I laughed...

Me: you married her and you the one who decided to hit it raw again.

Chris: I love her so please I'll continue hitting it raw with her .

Me: Haibo.

Chris: Yebo.

I laughed and he joined me...

Chris: so I take it You are now hitting it .

Me: hitting it really?

Chris:ok ok making love.

Me: yeah and I hope I dont need this up .

Chris: don't worry you won't just be yourself and get rid of your hoes .

Me:hoes really look who's talking the one who said still has hoes.

Chris: you want me to get killed Neh this time I'm here Chae will go berserk if she hears you say that man .

Me: well sorry I won't I forgot that I have one maybe I should keep one of them just in case she's mad at me or when she's on her periods.

"Wow just wow ok"

I quickly looked towards the door and u know by the look of hurt in her Face she heard my last statement fuck my heart was beating fast.

Me: my heart I was just joking you know with the baby.

Chris:ha.a don't involve my baby Into This 

This one though did he have to talk what happened to brotherhood?

Retha:hii thando.

Chris: hii ngoetsi[ daughter in law ] uhmm he was kidding ok

I walked toward her ..

Me: breakfast will be ready in a few minutes bmy heart.

I said kissing her forehead..

Retha: don't bother yourself I think I should leave.

I took a deep breath and grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the lounge the last thing I want is my brother to laugh and I end up laughing too Chris is crazy people. We get there and she yanked her arm off my grip and steped back shit that broke my house.

Me: baby dont do that .

Retha: Gao ntshebile ke ngwana nna? [ When looking at me do you see a child]


Retha : before you told me you love me did you break up with you Fuck buddies or let me rephrase that Chris said hoes ?

 I kept quiet I couldn't believe she was making a hug deal out if this I now it's not funny but it was just a joke or maybe she's falling for me deeply..


Retha: I'll take that as a No.

Me : I promise to end things eyth them Baby I promise ok.

Retha: ey I don't care man ...

With that she tried to walk away but I grabbed vet arm .

Me: are you mad at me?

Retha: for what?

Me: what you heard?

Retha: Ga ke di judg*i* [ I don't know]

Me: ok but just know I love you too much please come and eat.

Retha: gawulo iready [ is the food ready]

Me: not yet.

Retha:then I'll be upstairs .

She walked out and I went back to the kitchen and I found my little brother feeding our child ...

Me: aow our child is growing up...

He looked at me ..

Chris: first of all I Never fucked your chocolate box so please.

I laughed out loud and he joined me 

Me:Yeah Chae is the best..

I continued Laughing...

Chris:mxm is she ok?

Me: she will be fine?

Me:you look pissed thougg what's wrong?

Me:nex don't worry about it Baba ka 7 

He chuckled 





The following day Siera prepared herself she wore a ripped jeans and a long beige Tshirt and and a beige long coat to hide her scarfs and a pair of Dr. Martens Jadon Max boots she also out on some hairband on her curly hair and applied a little bit of make up and a nude tissue oil lipstick and she finished the outfit aa with a summer Scarf around her neck to hide her strangulation bruises on her neck area then she took her things and Went out she found her driver waiting for her and she greeted him and got at the back they drove with her heart pounding hard against her chest After sometime they arrived at the day spa After Siera got out of the car and went inside bthe Spa and as soon as she arrived at the reception area she took out her phone and called Theodore .

Theo: tell me you have arrived..

Siera: uhm...yes.. yes.

She said that sounding nervous.

Theo: ok now pay on the front desk for a massage and nails using his card so that he see that you really went to a Spa.


She did as she was told and they asked her to sit down on the couch and someone will come and Take her for her massage treatment Well After a minute or so later a beautiful dark skinned lady with a flowing skin walked towards her..

Lady: Mrs Mhlongo?

She said with an English accent and Siera nodded.

Siera:yes it's me .

Lady:I'm lindelwa please come with me mam.


She stood up and followed her they got In an lift and went to the upper floor and lindelwa walked out with Siera behind her until they stood outside a closed door written" MR KHUMALO " in broad letters in a glass door she could see this was one of those upper hotels cause everything was just top class well lindelwa knocked on the door and after a few seconds it opened and Theodore Stood there looking all handsome followed with his Shining eyes and long sleeves black t-shirt and his black pants that even Lindelwa swallowed hard while biting her lower lip when her eyes landed on the Terminator .

Theo: thank you Lindi I'll take it from here.

He said that to her with his very deep hoarse voice and she nodded and walked back to the lift and Theo made way for Siera to get In she did with her palms Sweaty from being nervous then Theo closed the door and Turned to look at Sierra with his Hands in his pockets and a frown on his face gosh he looked sexy as fuck..


take off that scarf and coat and that shirt .

Siera gave him the" are you fucken Crazy "look and he Just kept his serious look on...

Siera: Askies what?

Theo : you Heard me now take them off .

She looked at his face and she could see he wasnt joking he was dead serious ...

Theo:I'm waiting .

Siera: I ...I can't..I . you know what this was a mistake I shouldn't have come.

Theo:I'm waiting Siera.

He said that with a stern voice and tears Started coming out of her eyes and she sniffed..

Theo: Why are you crying now?

She didn't say anything she just took off her scarf and coat and Theo saw the bruises on her neck and he Clenched his Jaws then she slowly took off her shirt with tears coming down her cheeks she now regretted coming here cause she thought maybe he wanted to sleep with her After she was done Theo formed his hands into a fist as he looked at Siera's upper Body filled with scars and bruises... going to kill him.


said that with an Angry voice with Siera looking down...


He said that pacing up and down then he stopped and looked at the wall and his Eyes were ok which was strange cause when he's angry his eyes change colour without even sensing he stopped pacing and looked at Siera who was sobbing softly then he got closer to her she was still looking Down while hugging her scarred body....

Theo: Siera ...look at me ..

Siera looked up at him with tears in her face and THEODORE untangled her arms around her body and he cupped her face ...

Theo: even sorrow has it's limit ...

He said that looking Into her teary eyes.

Theo:so what I'm trying to say to you is that your sorrows are about to end cause I'll not sit back and watch that Crazy bastard continue to kill your soul bit by bit I'm a heartless matchine Siera to Those Who harms those who are dear to me and now that you are in that category of those I hold dear I'm gonna show that thing that married you what I do to man like him out there..

Siera swallowed hard cause his eyes where shining they were black blue shining and he had Veins popping ....

Theo: get dressed.

He let go and she did and he pulled her to the couch and he layed in his back and pulled her to lay on top of him and she hesitantly did he could feel she was uncomfortable and Tense as he brushed her back gently..

Theo:can you do me a favour?

Siera:what...what favour?

Theo: relax I can tell you are uncomfortable and Tense .I won't do anything to hurt you Tanzi now relax ok.

She nodded and she exhaled loudly and relaxed a bit.

Theo:so are you ready to leave him?

She kept quiet..

Theo:you know I hate repeating my self Siera.

Siera: my siblings Th...i mean love.

She said that with a low tone..

Theo: he's gonna kill you Siera did you see your body?

she didn't say anything for a bit.

Siera: there's nothing I can do or my brother can do my brother is not always home he travels the world for some work and Even though family won't believe me even my aunt wont believe me besides my brother he will believe me but as for the elders They won't he will lie to them. It's gonna be my word against his money and I can't risk Mxo and mpume's life since they now staying with my sister..

theo:you can show them your scars.

She shook her head no..

Siera:it's not enough he will kill them he will kill my sister and Lil sis and Mxo I can't who knows he might even bomb the jet my brother will be traveling in I can't They are the ones I'm left with who are close to me ...

She Said that trying to get off him but he tightened the grip around her ..

Theo: I'll find a way of taking your siblings that are here to a safe place will you leave him after I do That?

Siera: yes ...b..but how will you do it cause they are mostly guarded ?

Theo: don't worry about that.

She kept quiet ...

Siera : I'm scared love wh... What if he finds out about you trying to help me and he kills me or them or locks me in the judgement room for months

Theo: Whoa wait for what do you mean "locks you in the judgement room for months"?

She kept quiet..


he half shouted and she jumped a bit Cause his voice is scary so imagine how it is when he shouts...

Siera:he beats me then locks me in some dark basement as a punishment.


he Said that getting he off him and she sat up straight looking Down while he stood infront of her looking Angry..

Theo: I asked you a question .

Siera: everytime I go MIA on you for days it's when im locked up he as he calls its a punishment When I pissed him off or made him angry.

Theo Walked to the window and stood there with his back against Siera with his hands in his pockets he was fuming with anger but trying so hard to calm himself down for Siera so he cannot show her his two personalities ..his Jaws are clenched and he was breathing heavily he wondered how deep Siera was Broken by Owen and if she can be fixed but one thing he knew is he was gonna make Sure she leaves him and he will kill him in the most painful way ever..

Theo:how are you still Holding on?

Siera: my siblings and the reason I'm holding on or I would have committed suicide a long time ago


He clenched his jaws hard and he breath out and turned to look at her ..

Theo:come here.

She stood up and walked to him slowly and he cupped her face and Looked at her teary eyes..

Theo:I'm gonna get you out of that hell you hear 

She nodded and he brought his face closer to hers and theirs l lips touched he perked her lips and looked at her eyes again as for her she was Just Frozen with her mind contemplating What just happened she didn't know how to react or what to say right then Theodore kisses her lips again and this time he sucked on her lower lip and she doesn't know how or when it happend but she found herself kissing him back his one hand went to her ass and he grabbed it and squeezed it pulling her closer to his body while his other hand cuppes her face her small hands were holding his T-shirt in his waist tight the kiss went on and on until Siera came back to her senses and she broke it and tried to move away form him but he didn't let go...

Theo:you felt that too right?

He said looking at her and she Just looked anywhere else except for his eyes ...

Theo:look at me .

He commanded her and she did..

Theo: you will leave him soon and I'll make sure your siblings are safe before you leave him I'm not asking for your permission but I'm actually telling you .I hope you understand me I'm sure you have saw how me and my brothers are ..

He said that with his authority voice and Siera nodded quickly..

Theo:hope I'll see you again here so you better make and appointment or my sister will make one for you .

She sighed..


Theo :don't worry this place nna nwunye gị [ your father in law ] but it's owned by me now so don't worry even if he does his background check on it he won't get anything suspicious..

Siera: ok

He breathes out Loud..

Theo:now go do your nails or whatever it is that you women do here and I'll expect your call tonight since he's with that fat ugly wife of his ok?

She nodded and he smashed his lips on hers and They kissed again the kiss was heavenly and his lips were cold and soft and as for his grip on her Body it was manly and it made her feel safe she didn't want to feel like that for Theo cause she's married but she couldn't help it he made her feel good even Though he's intimidating after sometime they pulled out from the kiss and he kissed her forehead..

Theo:we will talk later tonight ok?

She nodded with her heart pounding hard against her chest he loosened th grip around her and she went to were her bag was and she picked it up with her shaky hands she was feeling some typa way and she didn't know Why ? As for Theo his heart was Also Beating fast he could feel the steel in him then he looked down trying to control his breathing then sh spoke...

Siera:uhmm bye

She said that putting a scarf Back on her neck and Theo looked at her and Walked closer her and he kissed her forehead he didn't want her to see His eyes ...

Theo: tonight right?

She nodded and she closed her eyes and he perked her lips then she walked out with her knees shaking a bit and as soon

as she got in the lift she breathed out loud balancing her self with the lift Door and she looked at her Shaking hands ..

Siera: father God what is happening to me I'm married I can't fall for him and oh god Owen will surely kill me and oh my sisters oh Retha so please God stop this feelings please stop them Cause nothing good will come out of this expect crying so please Stop them for me ..

She saif that to herself with her hand on her chest..



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.To be continued


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