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What's there to say about me I'm a Married woman who is happy ?no happy ain't the word I'm broken I'm broken to the core I'm married to a bastard who abuses me Who hits me but claims to love mebut what can I do or saythis is me I chose this route... anyways I'm Siera Mthiyane ka Dlamini but shot it's either mthiyane or Dlamini I'm a daughter of deceased man and woman I have siblings twins and brother from my mother then my father has two other kids out of wedlock boy and a girl my siblings are Alu he is my brother the older one then Nolwazi one of the twin then Nokwazi the deceased then Nompumelelo who is my father's young daughter who happens to be 15 years and also her brother Mxolisi who is also 15 years old basically there's no Much about me besides being abused ...

Me: Uhm Bhebhe can I go to a Day spa Tommorow body's hurts especially on my lower back..

I was talking to Owen over the phone he came and left without saying a word Guess he went to his wife he bought her an apartment he just said be will be back on Friday.

Owen: since When do go to a Day spa that's Luthando's things not yours.

Ouch that hurt so deep I felt a tear escape my eye and I quickly wiped it it Hurts so deep you know that your husband cheated on you and got another woman pregnant while you were pregnant he didn't Want the baby ...

Me:uhm my body hurts bhebhe so I thought might get help at a Spa since my ointment are no longer working on my painful body

He sighed

Owen: what about your scars?

me: I won't show off my whole body I just need some massage with their relaxing oil I Heard Luthando talking to her friend about them so Yeah .

Owen:ohk then so which Spa you want to go to ?

me: Uhm the last time I Heard Luthi say Paradiso Spa do you remember the day she went there the baby even kicked.

he giggled... bastard..

Me:and Luthi unozala kaBhebhe [ mother of bhebhe]; said it's only man so no one will Touch what's yours bhebhe.

He giggled again...

Owen : mhmm I would go crazy if anyone touches my precious jewel and I happy you warming up to Luthando I like that.

Me: I like her a lot bhebhe even her hormones.

Owen:ohk you will take your driver there.

Me : Its ok bhebhe thank you.

Owen: it's ok so When was your Last period.


Me: first week of the month since the season changed I guess I'll go two Times please don't talk about them bhebhe it's like you will be calling them.

He laughed..

Owen :you are a coward .

I giggled .

Owen:ohk Ker darli goodnight my lovee.

Me : good Night sthandwa Sam.

He ended the call that went pretty Good I exhaledI have never lied to Owen and now I Just did for who ? what if he finds out but then how will he find out he's busy with his fat wife she he won't suspect anything I'm also nervous and scared with me meeting with Theodore cause Even though I feet at peace when I talk to him well not when he's pissed off everytime I fail to call him but any other time besides that I feel at peace inside when I talk to him over there phone but he intimidates me and also makes me uncomfortable at the same time with his Body and huge muscle and those shinny clean eyes of his but Im looking forward to meeting him nonetheless...





At Luthando's apartment Owen is Laying on the bed After the call with Siera and he was hard again When his mind drifted to Siera and her beautiful naked Body he just had a steamy session with Luthando she was now lying Next to him Hurt that he talked to Siera and even called her my love infront of her and on top of it all his dick grew hard When he was talking to her...

Owen:and then Wena why is your face so bitter

Luthando:how can you disrespect me like that Owen how can you call her while I'm Next to you and even get hard on your Dick.

Owen:Hai voetsek man Siera is my first wife she Maybe younger than you but she's my wife she's the only Woman Who managed to Make this heartless heart of mine love so the Sooner you accept that the better for you.

Luthando tried to get out of Bed angry as hell but Owen grabbed her hand..

Owen: where the fuck do you think you are Going?

Luthando: let go of me Owen.

He laughed ..

Owen:wow you are jealous.

Luthando:no I'm not jealous ok I mean what's there to be jealous about with Siera I'm pregnant and she couldn't even keep a Baby so...

She didn't finish her sentence Cause a hard slap landed on her cheek and she saw stars for some time.

Owen: Sisi is more of a woman that you will be be so say that shit again and you will see the other side of me that will traumatise this empty skull of yours tsk now come and do what you are only good at and I ride me to ecstasy.

He Said that pulling her up as tears ran down her cheeks.

Owen: voetsek wipe off that shit off your Face before you Make me Angry why are you crying like I just hit you tsk I just tapped your face and you are crying.

She quickly wiped off her tears.

Owen:tsk we were having a great time and you had to ruin it with your stupid self





I'm Rethabile Dlamini but not related to Siera I'm kind of Zulu/Xhosa Dlamini while Siera is a Swati my father is a Xhosa while my mother is a Tswana I'm 22 years of age .I'm a student at Witwatersrand Johannesburg university well I have siblings not biological but we share the same mother and I have my own father three siblings two sisters and one brother then I have another sibling who I consider a sister it's Siera we were close till some bastard who claims to be her husband told her to cut all ties with me and afraidly she did she cut them. she was my confidant Anyways there's a lot about me to share ...I'm with TK in his car he came to my apartment mind you my head is in his hard chest and damn he smells good and his muscled arms Around me did no justice to me Cause I was feeling a bit ticklish in my stomach ..

TK:I'm Sure Wena you used to hit your boyfriend's neh.

Me: Boyfriends neh...

TK:yes ok boyfriend keh.

I sighed..

TK:ohk now what is it I'm sorry I said boyfriends I never meant it in that way...

Me:no it's not you and it's not That..

TK: ok mind you my head is in his hard chest and damn he smells good and his muscled arms Around me did no justice to me Cause I was feeling a bit ticklish in my stomach ..

TK:I'm Sure Wena you used to hit your boyfriend's neh.

Me: Boyfriends neh...

TK:yes ok boyfriend keh.

I sighed..

TK:ohk now what is it I'm sorry I said boyfriends I never meant it in that way...

Me:no it's not you and it's not That..

TK: ok talk to me .

I layed my head on his Chest wrapping my arms on his body and he kept brushing my back and hair.

Me: Babe I have never had a boyfriend before I know I look like someone who fucks Around but no I don't that's because I had no choice but to opt to be rude and an honest person.

He pushed me off gently and looks into my eyes I looked away and went Back to.laying in his chest.

TK: are you a virgin Retha?

How can he ask me that geez this guy What If I say no and he doesn't Like me..

Me:no I'm not .

TK:Uhm ok so what happened Since you Said you never had a boyfriend before?

**tears threatened my Eyes I tried to fight them but I couldn't that pain came rushing Down on my and I felt my self running out of breath..

TK: Retha talk to me .

Me: I was raped Tukelo my step father raped me ..

he kept quiet..

Me: Uhm Excuse me .

i got up of his Chest and opened the door of his car and got out quickly and ran towards my apartment with him calling my name I hit in and locked the door and layed next to the Bed until an SMS came through ..

" Retha I'm sorry I didn't mean to open up old wounds I'm sorry you Went through that just know it doesn't Change how I feel about you in fact it made me love you even more cause it shows you are a strong woman to have went through all.that trauma experience and still strong I love you and I'm sorry" 

I kept on reading the SMS till i fell asleep . Was woken up by my phone ringing and I answered without looking who it was I had a bit of headache...

Me: yeh.

"I'm outside come and open" 

Fuck it's TK...

Me: Uhm Sure..

I quickly got out of the bed I felt dizzy a little but my eyes were sore I quickly made the Bed and brushed my teeth then wore my gown the walked to door ...

Me: morning.

He pushed me aside and he walked in ...

TK: good morning to you too.

He kept on looking at me and I closed the door and walked to him as I was about to pass him I felt dizzy again voices were Heard from far...

TK:baby wake up please your eyes..

He picked me up I Guess to his car...

TK: don't do this please..

Me:I...I... can't...

I started to have a massive headache I held my head and Scream a bit while shutting my eyes.

TK: what's wrong?

Me: head... headache..

TK:don't worry I'm almost there ok hold in .

We finally arrive and quickly got out and he opened my door and I got out and he scooped me up and Quickly rushed Inside I was in some Serious pain I shut my Eyes while Screaming he out me on a stretcher and I was wheeled away I opened my eyes and I saw a blurred visions and it was lights out...




I Heard a beeping sound and I opened my eyes slowly I scanned the room and I remembered Tukelo brought me to the hospital ...the Door swung open and he entered fuck this guy handsome Shame .

Tk: you awake 

He said smiling

Tk :how are you feeling?

He said sitting on a chair next to my bed .

Me:I have a slight headache maybe I got it from all.the crying.

TK: don't worry the doctor said you will be fine in a couple of days the headaches will stop he Said you had a mild concussion but it's nothing serious you will be fine.

Me: ok.

TK:I bought you clothes to change and toiletries oh and you hav been discharged but the doctor said he would like to see you before you leave in the meantime go and take a shower and I'll tell the Nurse to bring your breakfast.

Me: ohk

**I got off the and I felt dizzy then it stopped I took the bag and went to the bathroom And did my morning routine fuck my eye lids are heavy not That I can see properly ... after taking a shower I Walked back wearing my baggie short hoodie dress and Allstars Converse boots sneaker..

TK: come on and eat.

Me: sure ..

I ate then the doctor Walked in ...

Doc: my ticket patient.

I smiled faintly...

Me: doctor.

Doc:you had a mild concussion but you will be fine I prescribed some pills for you they will help you ease the headache..


Doc: please rest ok don't overthink too.much and don't stress.

Me:ohk doc Thanks.


TK:I'll talk to my brothers who knows Maybe they might give you a promotion.

Doc:do That please.

TK Chuckled and the doctor Walked away.

Tk: let's go to your apartment and get your things.


TK : Yes get your things you are moving in with me I don't care about your answer if it's a no I'll Just kidnap you myself.


He took my hand and we walked out if my Ward and we got in the car we went to my apartment and I took packed the things I'll need...

TK:I said your things meaning everything that belongs to you.

Me: Uhm ...

TK: can you Just do it ?


I continued packing till I took everything with me and he carried my bags to his Mercedes Benz AMG 65 and be drove away we first passed by the mall..

TK: I'm not much of a person who cooks I prefer Takeways because no one cooks for me but Since you are here you Will Cook for me .

I look at him..

Me: Hhelang abuti me and you are not married.

TK: so ?

He chuckled at that.

Me:I cannot...

TK:yes you can .

After What felt like forever we arrived and he took my bags out to a room it was big ok I have been in TK's house but not that I have entered his bedrooms but wow they were beautiful like there's a lady Damn on the ceiling there's a photo of him and his brothers with a crocodile a huge one wow just wow....

TK :we will be using this room from now on well Miss not Married . pack your clothes and take a shower or whatever or paint your face while I Mr abuti prepare something for you Ok.


He perked my forehead and Walked out damn this room is beautiful no lies I Went to take a shower again and wore the same clothes but I didn't wear the same shoes I just wore my sleepers and got in bed and then it was lights out..I was woken up by someone shaking me and it was Tukelo..

TK: sit up and drink.

I sat up and it was a yogi sip .

TK: I know you will say you not hungry but this will give you energy.

Me: thanks.

I quickly drank it and he took the bottle downstairs and I went back to my sleep then the Door swung open and he Walked in and he got in bed and he made my head Lay on his chest and he perked my forehead..

TK : I love you Retha ...I have always been in love with you since the day we met I didn't say anything but I did give hints I love you so much I wanna Make you happy Retha and treat you like a queen you are I Know we Never made things official but we just did things njerh.

Gosh ohk This is the first time TK says he loves me without smiling I mean I'm also shocked hear it come from his mouth ..

TK: Retha are you still there?

He kissed the top of my head..

Me: Ok but why would you love someone like me ?

TK: what do you mean "someone Like you"?

Me: a broken Woman.

TK:and where exactly are you Broken ?

He moved my Head off his chest gently and made him face him and I looked down and he held my chin and made me face him again ..

TK: first of you are not Broken you Went through shit and you came out strong What your step father did to you didn't break you instead you would be doing drugs or drinking heavily long quitted school or worse commited suicide so the fact that you are here and smiling and waking up every day to face the challenges of life it shows that you are way stronger than you think you are.

Me: Tukelo everyday is a struggle ...he Broke me sometimes I wish I should have died along with my father 

I fought the tears that were threatening to come out ..

TK: my heart let's face those struggles together and Also let's conquer those everyday challenges together .I love you malandela Zizi more than you can ever imagine let me carry your Heavy burdens let me fight for you and let me make you happy please.

Me: it's too much I don't think...

TK: please let me me you happy .

Me: it's okay.

TK : really ?

Me:yes we are now official.

He smiled wide and Pulled me closer and he kissed me he deepened the kiss and I moaned gosh he got in top Of me and Continued to kiss me deeply things got heated and soon the hoodie dress I was wearing Was off and he was busy sucking on my breasts ...I was already wet down there and he stopped sucking and came up to kiss me I felt his hand Inside my thing and he rubbed my clit smoothly and entered his finger.gosh my moans got louder ....

TK: shit I see you are ready for me 

He whispered to me ..

He continued fingering me and my moans got even louder he pulled out his finger and licked it clean oh my god my eyes nearly Popped out of my socket and he chuckled..

TK :fuck you taste so good.

He got off me and he took off my thong parted my Legs and I put my hand on my pussy and one on my breasts And he quickly removed it then he parted my Legs and I closed them and he opened them again forcefully and kissed my inner thighs all the way to my pussy the moment his tongue touched my clit I almost lost it his I jerked up quickly but he used his hand to keep me still geez this Guy ate my pussy hard he licked and sucked while his other finger was busy fingering me I was Screaming my lungs out calling his name and probably speaking in tongues I felt an electrifying wave 

take over my body from my head all the way to my toes and my whole body shook uncontrollably

 he stopped and licked me clean and came to my face with my juices in his mouth and chin he had a big smile on his face he came closer to kiss me...

Me:its disgust...

I didn't finish my sentence Cause he kissed me hungrily making me to taste my juices he pulled out and he got off the bed and took off his boxers and what I saw I wasn't Iexpecting gosh his dick was huge uih it shouldn't be legal to carry such a huge machine he Looked at me biting his bottom lip holding his dick it was oozing that colourless cum he climbed on top of the bed and he got between my legs and looked Into my eyes..

TK:you scared of him?

I nodded...

Me:I don't think he will fit he's huge .

He perked my lips and smiled..

TK:I'll be gentle my heart.

I felt the tip of his dick on my pussy entrance gosh am I ready for this weapon of mass destructiom ready to enter me ?





I tried to enter her slowly but she was too tight I couldn't go in so I pushed in harder and I entered her yeses felt her pussy walls expand I groaned out lightly and she cried out I kissed her forehead and asked her to look me in the eyes cause her eyes were shimut she slowly opened them and I smiled at her and perked her lips and started moving slowly she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip it felt good to be inside her it was like it is where my dick belonged picked up my pace and went faster and she moaned loudly and dug her nails in my back I went faster and harder I felt her body tense up and she screamed my name and I trembled I pulled out and out both her legs on my shoulders and 

entered her slowly gosh it felt good she continued to mosn and I was groaning I felt like I'm losing control I picked up my pace instantly and went in and out ofhet faster and harder and her screams and moans didn't do any justice they actually drove me absolutely insane I fucked her so hard and fast that she can't again and I was far behind I felt my own build up and I knew I was near I didn't have any mercy on her pussy I Went harder and faster like it was the last day on earth beven my sweat dripping on her Damn the bedroom was filled with her Screams and loud moans and my loud Groans I felt my body tense up and i loudly called out her name and roughly slammed Into her pushing in deeper and feel and I released all my sperms that were store In my balla into her I released a Loud growl from deep down my throat and my dreadlock moved and I quickly shook my head i collapsed on top of her And she held me tight while both of us were breathing heavily God I love this woman ..

I raised my heart and looked into he eyes ..

Me:I love you my heart ..

She blushed...

Retha: love you too Morenawabone.

I raised my eyebrows in a questioning look how in the hell did she know my ancestral name oh God she cannot know I'm From a royal family...

Retha: I saw your smartcard today so I loved the name..

 I couldn't help it smile like a chimpanzee it is legal to love a person this much ..



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To be continued

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