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They were still at Theodore's house...

TK: I get you and I'll be back soon ....ok ..I love you too.

He hung up ..

Calvin: Rethabile 


Jason: I can tell you are wanted now .

TK: no she Just called to say she misses me .

Jay:is she not pregnant I suspect.

TK:no we haven't gone There at least I don't Want to force her or put pressure on her .

Calvin:I suspect you are getting it from someone wena.

TK:ende nikx kanjani Im not Shem.

Jason:so you DIY.

TK:got no choice .

They busted in Laughter...

TK: continue look laughing cause when you hear that I nailed her you will be congratulating me .

Calvin:yes Wena.

TK: what's wrong Thando?

Theo: Siera promised to me and now she hasn't Called and her phone is off .

Jay: maybe she can't Make the call cause that dickhead is with her.

Theo: then why is her phone if then?

STICKS shook his head while looking down.

Jason: Cause she's scared you might call nee since she can't call you .


Jay:calm down man I'm Sure she's fine.

Theo:this girl is gonna give me a hypertension I swear as young as I am.

Sticks:who? You? Young?no ndoda.

Calvin laughed and they all looked at Him. ...

Calvin: like I said to Chris falling in love at old age should be illegal look what is happening now.

He said pointing at Theo and Tk and Jason chuckled...

Theo: don't Start with me Calvin I'm I'm not in the mood atleast not Now.

Calvin:well you gonna be on the mood whether you like it or not Cause this whole new love of yours is affecting usngoba siyathethiswa ngaphandle kwesi zathu [ because we are being shouted at for no reason.] As if we are the ones in love With that Girl. While the culprit is having a soothing bubble bath while drinking a fine glass of wine .

They all laughed and Theo Just shook his head feeling defeated.

Calvin: now as the oldest I command go to Make Siera yours fast cause there's no where in hell I'm waiting for a year.

Sticks: assomblief please Cause I cannot be ready for Two things at the same Time I'm Even staying AWAY from Chae I know she can be crazy so please.

They looked at him...

Theo: I see Wena Calvin Hope is showing you flames.

Calvin:eish Wena plus the little one is stressful yoh that Thing is crazy.

they laughed again.

Calvin:but I love them. I'm crazily in love with her.

Theo:now look who's in love at him old age.

They laughed ..

Calvin:Hai sukaI have always loved her man with her craziness man.

Theo: Mxm.

Calvin:now back to you Thee how can we help?

Theo sighed ..

Theo:I don't Know if only I could switch her Damn phone nx.

Jason:be patient man Maybe that psychotic bastard is watching her like a hawk you never know .

THEODORE sighed..

Theo: maybe but if she doesn't calm my midnight I'm going to her house tomorrow.

Calvin:and say what to her husband?

Theo: nothing I'll Just kidnap her.

They laughed again...

Sticks: fuck I thought Chris and Calvin were worse but Wena aii all I can say is kusazonyiwa [ it's About to get rough]

Jason laughed..

Calvin : you know I have to meet This Siera chick seriously thats making you behave like a mad man . Theo showed Calvin the middle finger and Calvin laughed well They talked some more and later the brother left..




"Babe let them be "

Chae: you spoil them too much Mokoena and when I spoil them it's wrong if me to do that it when you do it's okay.

Chris: I know I'm Their father remember?

Chae: and I'm their mother Remember?

Chris:ok 50/50 ...

Chae: whoa 50/50 with Who?

Chris: You obvious.

Chae:no darli I gave birth to them. I'm the one who was fucked I'm the one who was dealing with the hormones..

Chris:no it was me .

Chae layed on the bed Facing up.

Chae: you were annoyed?

Chris:no I wasn't I think this one in Here doesn't want me cause he never asks me for sex.

Chae giggled .

Chae:mxm I hope she stays like that.

Chris:why say she ? Maybe she's a boy.

Chae: never I'm not having another you .

Chris: nchoo I understand because you will crush on Them.

Chae gasped..

Chae:how are you man ? who can crush.on their children are you sane?

Chris laughed and he got on top of her...

Chris :and I love you soo much Babe.

Chae:mina I don't like you .

 Chris: really?

 Chae nodded...and Chris kissed her and the kiss got heated cause he never asks me for sex.

Chae giggled .

Chae:mxm I hope she stays like that.

Chris:why say she ? Maybe she's a boy.

Chae: never I'm not having another you .

Chris: nchoo I understand because you will crush on Them.

Chae gasped..

Chae:how are you man ? who can crush.on their children are you sane?

Chris laughed and he got on top of her...

Chris :and I love you soo much Babe.

Chae:mina I don't like you .

 Chris: really?

 Chae nodded...and Chris kissed her and the kiss got heated and Chris stoped ...


Chae: don't stop Chris.

Chris:you sure ain't you feeling any pains anymore?

Chae:yes Im Sure..

Chris: Ok.

Chris smashed his lips on hers and They kissed hungrily with Chris Taking off her clothes and he also took off his he wanted her so bad that he didn't care want any foreplay he just wanted to bury himself while kissing her hungrily without warning he pushed himself in hard and he groaned and Chae screamed since it was painful and Chris kissed her lips and whispered to her...

Chris:I'm sorry moratiwa I have been craving for you to weeks now and I couldn't wait..

Chae nodded and Chris kissed her then he started moving slowly which made Chae call Chris's name while moaning..

Chae:mhmm Chris..

Chris: fuck you are tight my love shut I don't think I'm gonna last long 

He said that as he increased his pace and that drove Chae absolutely crazy he Went fast and hard while groaning out loud he was slowly but surely losing himself in her almost forgeting she's pregnant he called out Chae's name at the extreme pleasure hewss feeling was rushing all over his body as for Chae she was Just Screaming out loud busy digging her nails into Chris's back as she felt like she was floating on air while Chris's dick was moving in and out of her fast Chris pulled her leg up and continued to pound her hard and soon after he felt his build up and he Went faster hitting it hard..

Chris: fuck come with me moratiwa .

He said that still hitting it hard .

Chae: GOSH ...AHH..CHRIS...

she screamed out loud was he was giving it to her like nobody's business..

Chris:LET GO MORATIWA LET GO THANDO LWAM.he said that going faster and faster.


She finally did a d her body shook from Head to toe and she screamed Chris's name out loud as an orgasm hits her hard and Chris didn't stop instead he fucked her right through her orgasm mad he went faster then out of nowhere he slammed hard into her and he released his cum hard inside her while pushing deeper and deeper and a loud roar escaped his mouth from deep down how Throat which made Chae startled a but then h gasped go air for some time a d he cursed a f collapsed on top of her After catching his breath be raised his head and looked at Chae with a tired smile on his face ..

Chris: you two okay?

she nodded..

Chris: fuck Even the Medusa is happy

He said that with a huge smile on is face.

Chae:we aim to please Kabelo .

They both bursted Into laugheter then Chris perked her lips and pulled out slowly and he went to the bathroom and came back with a towel and he cleaned both of them and they laid in bed while naked...

Chris:I love you moratiwa.

Chae: I love you...

Just then the door open and it was yeh kids...

Chae: fuck Kabelo we are still naked .

Chris:so if they want to see then Its free.

Chae: Damn you.

Chris chuckled...


CHAE: yes..

Chris: stand over there don't come anywhere near 

Tamina:dad I didnt come to you 

Chae busted in Laughter..

Chris: what did you Just say?

Tamina: I'm sorry dad.

Chris: wena watela Wena.

He said pointing at her..

Chae:hai Man daddy Nawe don't point at Her.

Chris: then she must start talking with respect.

Chae: Tami apologize to your father.

Chris:I don't want her apology Ausi you are going to Lesotho.

Tamina:I'm sorry Dad .

Chris:get out of my bedroom.

Tamina: I. Sorry dad.

Chris: you want me to drag you out.

She shook her Head no and she quickly walked out.

CHAE:did you have to be so firm with her?

Chris: that's how you handle a child I didn't mean what I said I don't hit a girl but you will and it's not up for discussion Unless if you don't Want me to hit Them like they are boys.

Chae: Hai mokoena so you will hit the boys.

Chris: yes.

Chae: Haibo.

Chris Chuckled...





After the boys Left I kept my self busy on my laptop going through how the business my Father runs is .my phone rang and I answered with a cold tone when I answered When i Saw who was calling..

Me: what?

Siera:oh umm hi...

Me: what is it Siera?

I asked annoyed.

Siera: nothing...I'm...Ummm... Sorry to

She hand up in me fuck I'm Sure she's sad and has a pained heartI drank the scotch that was next to me and I dialed her numbers and have answered after the third ring..

Siera: Hello

She Said with her soft voice and she sniffed. Fuck I hope she's not crying because of the way I answered her call..

Me: where the where you ?

Siera: well he was out looking for his wife a place to stay I was with him the whole day so I couldn't call.

Me:do you know how worried I was?

I said with a soft voice...

Siera:I…I'm sorry.

Me: I want to see you.


Me:I said I want to see you.

Siera:I can't...

I interuptted her. 

Me: Wednesday 10h00 am you will tell that dickhead you call a husband that you are going to Paradiso spa near their hotel for some pampering and you will find me there when you get you the reception call Me ok.

Siera: Theod...

I interuptted her..

me:call me love.


Me : my other name is love so call me love..

She giggled fuck that made my heart skip a beat..

Siera: Ohk Uhm Theo...

Me: I just said call me love didn't I?

she sighed...

Siera: yes uhmm love he might say no

Me: sell to him Tanzi I need to see you it's either that or I'll come pick you up my self 

SIERA: What? No ..i..uhm yeah Sure I'll come.

Me: good don't be late .

Me:i Wont

Me ohk good night then have a wonderful night.

Siera: goodnight..

Me: goodnight what?

Siera:look I have to go..

Me: don't you hang Siera.

Siera: he's back I need to hang up.

Me: hang up Wena I'll drive there Now..

Siera: look good night love .

Me: better .

Siera:can I hang up now.

Me : yeah .

I hang up...

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To be continued


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