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Most of you Know me already what's the use of me introducing myself while you know me Anyways I'm TK Short for Tukelo Kwanele Mokoena I'm a son of Thandiwe Mokoena and Nkosinathi Kgosi . We from the Koeneng royal family anyways I have siblings and Sister in laws and nephews and nieces I'm the third old one on my siblings not alone but my brother Jason and Kele .all my siblings are married besides me and Theo the old guys in the family are not married but I'm better I'm dating a indoni ya Manzi who challenges me...

" Wena Tukelo hante hobaneng ompotsisa ka Siera".

You see "wena" instead of baby ...

Me: Retha I Just wanted to know .

Retha: know? you want to Know Who she's married to ? 

Me:ok I was asking for a friend .

Retha: who is That friend of yours ?

Me: you don't know him .

Retha: Tukelo Kwanele Mokoena ..

Me: njabulo yami.

Retha: you will remember me .

Me: I always miss you.


Me:so Wena you don't love me ?

Retha: I'll think about it .

Me: wow.

Retha: . kidding you Know I love you moc.

Me:how can you prove that?

Retha:ska wara.

I haven't did the deed with her but when I do she won't be able to walk for a few hours the plan is to get her pregnant then maybe she will change the way she behaves ...

Me: ok have you Been in contact with your friend?

Retha: which one I have plenty of Them .

Me:. Siera.

Retha:oh that one we broke ties me and her.


Retha: Because she said so because her stupid husband told her too but then I don't beg mina aki cengi motho mo ke molefatseng are cengi Ra cengisana [ I don't beg a person we are on planet earth you don't beg we beg each other]

Me:so you don't call each other?

Retha:hante which language do you hear? I said we broke ties.

Me:and I'm asking if haven't you even once tried to call her and ask her why she did that ?

Retha: no I didn't you know I'm one person who tells you the truth no matter how hard it hurts I don't beat around the Bush Sisi knew what she was doing was wrong .

Me : but ...

Retha: ha.a TUKELO she's old enough to be married now let her stay in her marriage life if she's ready to talk to me I won't shut her out and we no longer talking about her hope we clear Tukelo.

Me: sure Rethabile.

She smiled...

Me: I'm going to meat with my brothers you coming with?

Retha :we going Tamina's house?

Me:no Theo.

Retha:no I'm not coming with you .

Me: oh you wanted to go to Tamina's House?

Retha: yeah.

Me:for her food?

Retha:not only her food ...

Me: oh 

Retha:mxm you can go Tukelo.

Me:fine see you later ok ?

She nodds and I kissed her lips then perked her forehead.





Well what can I say I'm a man of my word I always practice what I preach I Never break a promise well that's what my father does me and my family are good Samaritans no lies we are good one we workshio God for him to bless us everyday and he does because we preach well I'm about to preach the gospel of the lord come rain or shine ....

I'm with my brothers now ...

Me: where is the father of 7 

Sticks:Ahh that one you know when he's around or eating your sister's pussy he don't care about us 

Us: Haibo .

We all looked at Him....

Sticks: what? It's the truth hau when was the last time you saw him since the honeymoon?

Calvin: I was with him yesterday but we hardly spent time together.

Jay:he's busy Ok he's raising 6 babies do cut him some slack.

Sticks: Danki Wena Mr slack.

We all Laughed...

Jay: mxm .

Me: where's pitsi?

Jay: he is in with a psychotic patient.

Jason: Wena you dicided to leave.

Jay:I'm not one to be stabbed Mina to see that this person is psychotic.

Me:and where's my wife?

STICKS: First of all you are single you don't have a wife so elaborate ndoda.


Me:I mean Carmela.

Sticks: secondly carmela is not your wife she's not a girl .

We burst into laughter.

Jason: no John no .

Calvin:Wena i suspect you lost it .

Me: I also think....

My phone rang and it was Killer Killer is my father ...

They all looked at me...

Jason:who is it.

Me: pops 

TK: damn I hope he didn't set dates for us to be traveling .

Me: mbulazi

Pops: Mntungwa.

Me: how is you?

Pops: broken English .

I chuckle...

Pops: I won't take long but it's about my Hotel there it needs someone to run it.


Pops: and that person is you.

Me pops we spoke about this.

Pops:you not we like it or not you running that company it's not up for discussion.

This old man though he Just made me feel less good I was stressed but no he added….


Pops:it's not up for discussion .

He hung up...

Jason: what did he want?

Me:his hotel

Tk: welcome to the business bro.

Me: mxm .

Sticks:are you Okay?

I sighed..

Me: Siera hasn't called for three days now .

Sticks: you know I thought you were fucking with us When you told you made her promise to call you every two days just so you know she's ok after what happened at the function.

Me: why would I fuck with you haw.

Sticks: Cause she's married.

Me: married mhmm to a psychotic son of a bitch .

Jason:who? We suggested that we should just take him to the OR and have fun with his body but you mxm you are boring I don't know whether it's a habit for you and Calvin to always be calm.

Me: Owen is not Just am enemy according to my sourcee he's good player. Ohk he's dumb stupid and foolish but that's what Makes him dangerous and unpredictable remember I told you he has many personalities he didn't create for himself so that son of a bitch is unpredictable 

Sticks: but you know him so we can use that to our advantage.


Me:I Know so we can use that to our advantage.


Me:I Knowbut this ain't the time remember bwe just have newly weds we cannot be starting war while Chris and Chae are still in one with Kong let's just give them time to relax They have been through hell

Jason:you are right broda this is Their happy Time so we cannot jeopardize it even thoughs Chris needs to take one about of the way.

Jay: yeah.

Me:: but now I'm worried about Siera you know I even asked my Personal assistant to call her number and pretend to be her friend just incase that son of bitch answers her cellphone and guess what he did.

Sticks: what Did he say?

Me: that' she's busy and she Willcall her When she's not busy and now it's Been three fucken days and still nothing from her I'm really tempted to even look.fir his address and walk to his house and take her by force buy I won't do that because of her siblings that Psycho might kill them.

CALVIN:and ernif we take them to a safe house like here?

Me: still and even though it's just her and her sister for now her brother is not always available and he sponsors her sisters business.

Me;and she might even refuse to come with and if anything happens to them she will.die she leaves for them. How painful it is for a girl in her age to have a wise mind. So I just have to wait for Siera to be ready to leave him until them the isn't much I can do cause she always tells me she got a lot to lose if she does being her siblings.

Calvin: I understand her fears Theo.

Sticks so do you think she's the carrier of the Khumalo ancestors?

I sighed...

Me: I don't know sticks I feel some typa way for her and I don't even know how to explain it things moves inside of me When I talk to her ...

I chuckled because of the way they looking at me...

Me:it's just Crazy I'm telling you.

Sticks: uthando broda [ love bro] it's what you are feeling for her .

Me:but how can They choose Someone who is married They want to get me Killed neh.

Jay: the blood we drink connects us with both parties from the Khumalo and Mokoena therefore They choose and all I can say is the Khumalo are Very strict so you don't expect thing to go like the way they did with us .

Calvin:I suggest you pay your sister a visit maybe she can shed some light or Gog'Maweni.

Me: Yeah you right.

I'm glad to have my brothers in my life I can tell them anything and They don't judge me instead They try to help out in my whole life I have never had someone I can Talk to even Mic it was hard for him to Talk me out of it I always do things for my self I split Blood I clean it myself but now my brothers are there for me and for once in my life I can finally breath and get help without having to owe the person a favour and it is the best feeling ever for someone who is heartless like me ... My phone rings Interrupting me From my thoughts and I quickly answer When my eyes sense who it is...

Me: where the hell where you Woman ?

Siera: wow okay Hello to you too Theodore

She said with a low voice...

Me: Tanzile don't piss me off ok now why didn't you call like you were supposed to?

She sighed...

Siera:looki...I couldn't ...

She kept quiet..

Siera:look Theodore I can't talk right now I have to go I just called to tell you I'm fine..

I kept quiet feeling my rage rising by the second...

Me: he beat you up right?

She kept quiet..

Me: I'm talking to you lady..

She still kept quiet.


I shouted..

Siera: look I ... I'll be.. fine don't worry About me 


Siera: Theodore look oleseok I told you I'm ok look I have to go .


Siera: he Went take a Bath he will be out soon he might walk in any second Theodore I'll call you tomorrow I promise.

I didn't say anything I clenched my Jaws...

Siera: I'm okay Theodore look I have to go bye for now.





Then the line Went dead and Theodore slammed his obne on the wall hard and it shattered and he got up and paced up and down trying to calm himself with his Jaws Clenched he looked scary that even a fly passing Next to him Will tremble in fear so he looked terrifying that he wasn't even aware of his clothes eyes were changing colour searching for something ..

TK: Thando you need to calm down your eyes are now red

He warned him and he stopped loving and he looked at the wall and indeed his eyes were now red and anf he started breathing in and out until he calmed down then he started to sweat because of the heat in his eyes right then Sticks's phone rang. And he answered hit.

Sticks: father.

He Chuckled...

Chris: I don't have time for your games .

Sticks: ok.....

Chris: is everything ok There who Called my name and moratiwa's name ?

Sticks: Fuck it was TK.

Chris:ok why though?

Sticks: Theo but don't worry he's calm now.

Chris: What happend.

Sticks: Siera happend and that bastard beat her up.

Chris: eish we need to to do something because Thando lwam hasn't been sleeping she keeps on having dreams about Tanzile and it's not good for you Baby .

Sticks: we also Think so but we can't Take that psychotic this is moratiwa's happy time we can't mess that up for her Cause remember we are dealing with a psychotic nigga who is controlled by his disorders like THEO told us so he's unpredictable and that Makes him dangerous he's not someone we can just take on nje we Need proper strategizing and planing and again Siera has to comply with us or else all that shit will be for nothing

Chris sighed..

Chris: yeah you right.

sticks: you know ones thinking of going to Lesotho to Monaheng maybe she can arrange something for us like a lightning or something plus I Know it's sold and I don't mind I'll Even volunteer to send it myself to that bastard it will strike him once and it will be Amen for him and then Thee will Take Sisi Marry Her and have many babies and They will leave happily ever and after and If Monaheng won't do it then I'll buy it myself I know someone who sells them in Thaba Bosiu and We will deal with the nigga once and for all .

They all busted in Laughter including Theo..

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To be continued


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