Insert 6

LOVE TRIANGLE: 1st & 2nd 



Mrs Mokoena: anyone with perhaps a question?

Me: mam I do..

Mrs Mokoena :then shoot.

Me: I would like to ask if I can be a prosecutor before Being a lawyer?


Mrs Mokoena : Chae: I cannot say no nor yes because to become a prosecutor takes time you will wait for ages you will age waiting to become a prosecutor .

Me: oh thanks.

Mrs Mokoena: you are welcome..


Mrs Mokoena: I guess we are done .wish you all the luck in the world Thanks for your Time .

Them: thanks

Well she's about to walk out till shit happens they exchange words between Mr Mokoena and Mrs Van Wykeham well the boys Sitting at the back disrespected Mrs mokoena so that made Mr Mokoena knowing my friend she even commented Retha is crazy she's strong she's Those type of girls you could call if you being ganged up Mrs Van Wykeham even slapped Chae and knowing the law she could get arrested for slapping a pregnant woman after that little argument they had they walked out and me and Retha followed them just want to know more about law the way she explained it it was understandable..

Me: Mrs Mokoena...

I call as they now in the ground floor to the parking..

Retha: friend try Harder they will stop..

Me:. Mrs Mokoena...

They stopped walking and looked at me and we walked up to them..

Me: mam and sir..

Mr Mokoena: I would prefer Thandolwakhe not sir .

Me: ohk Thando lwakhe Uhm Mrs Mokoena...

Thandolwakhe: you can call her Thando lwam.


Me: sure .

Chae: don't mind him you were saying?

Me: I wanted to ask if you could give me more details more like lecture me I want to know more about law .

Chae: Uhm.sure right now I can't .

Me: it's understandable...

CHAE: you can come to my house..

Me: I don't...

CHAE: here is the address 

She said giving me a piece of paper with a Toilet paper..

Me: sure what time?

 Chae: anytime is tea time for me.


Me: thanks guess I will see you tomorrow.

Chae: tomorrow it is .

Retha: before you leave you are beautiful.

She smiles oh gosh...

Chae: thanks you also beautiful.

Retha: thanks pregnancy looks good on you.

Hey my friend though..

 Chae: Thanks again.

They walk away and then Thando lwakhe scoops her up how I do wished I Heard this kind of man

but only God knows we plan and then be decides ..

Retha: ain't they cute?

Me: they are they also look good together red flag.

Retha: Wena...

Me: whatyou coming with me Tommorow right?

Retha: uh..I don't...

Me: please friend come with me ..

Retha: I ...

Me: please mtase I'm beginning you 

Retha: since you not gonna let go then fine I'll Come with you..

Me: Ok love you ...

Retha: you can go I still need to do some work I'll find you there remember I'm jusy phone call away...

Me: sure.

We hug then she walks away...

I walk to my apartment I walk there minute's later I'm done i took out the key but the door is opened acting all tough I got in and guess who is here the whole Owen here what does he want...

Me: Owen...

Owen: baby.I came to talk to you .

Me; there's nothing left to Talk about.

Owen: i love you I just found out that they Want themselves on me I was drugged that's hey I swear babe you knoi love you Come on 

Me: I'm not going anywhere with you Owen now out of my apartment...

Owen: come on baby to even prove that I love you I'll even proposei set up a romantic dinner date for us please baby 

Me: I said out

He came to me and pushed me against the wall strangling me with his hands..

Me: o.. Owen or.. people are... watching..

He let's go of the drip when he sees the way the situation here is ..

Me: please... please leave..

Owen: baby . sorry okay I'm sorry .

Me: get out..

Owen: okay ohk I'm leaving but just know I'll be back 

Me: get out Owen Get out

He Walked away and I quickly rushed to the door and locked it I need to do something about Owen he's gone mad there's no one who would want to marry him and I'm Never getting married to him...

Anyways I Walked to my room and I quickly went to take a shower and wore my pyajamas and I tucked myself undercovers I'm no longer going anywhere. my throat is sore and I'm even showing the marks of being strangled since I'm light nothing is gonna hide it . What Went wrong with Owen? He was a good loving man but now he's...


To be continued


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