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LOVE TRIANGLE: 1st and 2nd.



Knowing that Retha won't tell me anything I just let it go Cause I know nothing's gonna change her mind now I know for sure she won't even alter a word seeing the students here running towards a car that just drove in they behaving like primary children...

Me: theu look like primary children.

Retha: Haibo did you see that car ?

Me: yes it's a Black Toyota.

Retha: wa gafa[ you are crazy] 

Me: why?

Retha: did you see that car ?

Me: Md I said yes...

Retha: I don't think so that's a Maserati Sisi one expensive car no one gets To have that car.

Me: wow really?

Retha: yes really that's a machine..

Me: yeah anyways let's go to the hall ..

Retha: sure ...

We walk to the wall the hall here is it anywhere near you can drive there within a few minutes we arrive at the Hall and almost everyone is there we settle down waiting for our lecture Mrs Van Wykeham..

Me: so Retha you still gonna hide things From me ?

Retha: I'm not hiding anything mtase.

Me: mhmm

Retha: we already here so just wait for a couple of minutes..

Me: whats so special about her ?

Retha: she's beautiful...

. minutes later Mrs Van Wykeham walks in with two people it's a woman and a guy a handsome one guys gosh his thick lips damn they pink damn guy Is hot his dreadlocks Makes hum.ti be more beautiful and the lady with him is also beautiful no lies guys I think she's pregnant judging by the way she's walking but she's really beautiful...

Mrs Van Wykeham: good day Today we have our motivator here

a woman who made it in life and agit to be a prosecutor in a one year goal she is Mrs Mokoena Khumalo .

Ain't that surnames?

Mrs Van Wykeham: she's not heard alone she's with her husband his name is Mr mokoena..

Did she just say husband damn I thought the were sisters like for real don't get me wrong but damn they all good I'm Sure they cut money....

The lady does her things and I'll have to say she's good in teaching who Ever gave birth to This lady is lucky damn she's new have you ever felt like someone is more beautiful like you and you don't feel any jealous that feeling guys that's the one im Talking about she's a real gem ...

Retha: she's beautiful neh .

Me: too much I think she's pregnant.

Rethabile: she's indeed pregnant..

Me: yeah it suits her..

Retha: look that guy Damn he's supper hot..

Me: yeah...

Retha: I can only imagine how big he is in bed..

Trust my friend to imagine that nonsense..

Me: Haibo He's married for fucks sake.

Retha: I know I'm just complimenting you can tell by the looks I'm Them that the very happy the live an interesting life.

Me: yeah they happy and I don't think the started dating minutes Back it shows that they have been Together..

Retha: yeah and They Still holding I to each other this is how a relationship should be you can tell that this guy loves this girl and it shall be proven soon.

Me: and Nothing can break Tham apart.

Retha: wish he has brothers like him I mean who wouldn't want to feel the koena's inside of them hape mostly people with this surname are from the royal Blood who Knows maybe he's from a royal Blood or he's the next King ..

Me: Haibo...

Retha: and if he has any single brothers then I'm getting pregnant they will thank me later Chim I'm telling you .

I smile we even forgot that we in a middle of a class and here we are complimenting and sayin'all those thing's to a guy who's not even concentrating a guy who's not even looking at us that hurts...

I don't have a crush on the guy or anything I'm still trying to heal from the break up I haven't accepted that we broke up just wish he could come back and say he was joking and I should come back because he was wrong and I'm going to welcome him with warm eyes I live that guy so please don't judge it's natural...

To be continued...


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