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"Sisi ! Sisi!"

Mxm that's Ayama she's one those they will hurt you boys don't play Batlao Hurda ...

Me: yeah Ayamazulu 

Her: I would have preferred Ayama you know.

Me: now what do you want ?

Her: I just wanted to let you know that your boyfriend is cheating on you and with who well that's up to you to find out .

Me: Aya I don't have time to waste on you okay .

Her: ohk he came to res and he didn't bother to come to you instead he just drived with seeing you he was with some old woman around his age but what can we say Batlao Hurda .

" Batla Hurda yena akere asi Wena " 

That's Rethabile.

Aya: first of all I wasn't talking to you Bile .

Retha: and Ake kgathale Nou vaya [ I don't care now leave]

Aya: just think about what I said Sisi that boy is playing you .

Retha: Wena Okena Kae[ and why does it concern you]

Aya: yoh your friend is boring man.

Me: thanks Aya you can leave now ...

She walks away...

Retha: saphapha Sela[ she's too forward]

Me: don't mind her.

Rethabile: friend how about we go out tonight right now .

Me: I can't I'm in kindof a hurry I'm on my way to see Owen.

Rethabile: so you really gonna go behind him run behind him Siera ?

Me: yes ..

Retha: Owen but ngwana mani when are you gonna open your eyes and see that this guy is cheating on you ?

Me: and Wena matsiba tsotle [ Ms know it all] do you have any proof that he's cheating on me?

Retha: I don't need proof the signs are there but you are choosing to ignore them mmada why are you doing this to yourself huh?

Me: Please notthis again Retha .Please."

Retha: ohk I'm done sounding like a Broken record I won't say anything more anyways please don't forget to study we are writting a Genlit test on Monday .

Mev thanks I would appreciate that...

My cabs arrives 

After 15 minutes or so we land at his apartment it's not far from res the guard opens for me he knows me for sure ....

Me: babais he in ?

Guard: he didn't go to work for the past two days.

Me: oh thanks.

Oh my baby maybe he's sick Owen never miss his work he probably sleeping by now I get there and knock but nobody answers i peek through the key hole and there's no key ok maybe he's in the bathroom or somewhere nearby ..and I'm going to wait for him Inside so I take my back off my shoulders and look for the key Inside yes I have a key to his apartment . I stick in the hole and turn it . The locks opens and I turn the handle and push the door ... WHAT THE HELL WHAT am I seeing before my Eyes Owen in bed with another woman riding him . Oh no I can't believe this is this what he's been doing behind my back ? Is this why he left me after the Miscarriage this is why he's been ignoring me I have been a fool he's really cheating on me Aya and Retha were right sings were there but I didn't want to see them I was only not expecting to see what I'm seeing what is Owen doing to me ? Why is he doing this? ...

I just stand by the door stunned as my sling bavmgiamd keys and phones slips of my grip and falls on the floor hearing that he stops and raises his head to me I can see it in his eyes that he's shocked to see me here ...

Owen: Sisi what are you doing here ?

Is he really expecting me to answer that right now

I can't answer him even if I wanted to I can't even Shout or scream I'm too shocked to say anything ..I just turn around and run out of there . Leaving my things there. I run all the way downstairs until I bump into this boy beautiful to say...

Him: are you okay?

I just cry and continue running gosh what Did I see oh no ...I don't know what happened but next thing I'm in his apartment again I knock and he opens...

Owen: Siera.how can I help you now?

He asked looking me straight in the eye. Asharsh as his words sounded not a trace offeeling grazed his face .No anger. Not even theslightest irritation. And I couldn’t tell which hurtme the most the sharpness of his words or theblankness on his face . It's like he didn't care. Hewasn't the Owen I used to know and he wastreating me like he didn't know.me either. It wasat that moment that a sinking feeling grippedme a realisation that there was no salvagingour relationship that his love for me was totallygone.

Me: I'm here to get my things .

My voice came out as a whisper I was so hurt that I felt like the hope that I had when I came Back here news Now being sucked out of me seeing that he has zero interest in me really hit me ...

Without saying anything more he stepped aside

allowing me to walk inside. As I stepped insidemy eyes immediately landed on this light skinned girl sitting at his desk eating cereal￾his new womanthe one I had found him with .So what ever they'redoing is serious I whispered in my heart. Therealisation of that made my stomach turn and I was suddenly tongue-tied I just stood there likea statue staring at the woman who had nowtaken my spot in Owen's heart.

" Here are your things thanks you can leave now and please never come back here what we Had is over oh I have taken my keys back .

This bastard just said giving me my things ...

Me: How dare you Owen ?How dare you treatme this way? After everything we've beenthrough together is this what you do to me? I'vebeen nothing but good woman you dammit.Why are you treating me as if I've done youwrong? Huh? Why are you treating me like I'm the reason I miscarried ? Couldn't you atleast have thedecency to let me know that you now wanted tomove on without me?"

I quickly turned to his girlfriend who was now

up from her hair looking at me.

Me:And you?Did you know that he had a girlfriend before you opened your legs for him?

Her:Bitch please .Just do yourself a favourand leave before you embarrass yourself . Is itthat hard to accept that the guy doesn't wantyou any more?"

Embarrass myself ?I sure was embarrassing myself

 wasn't I ? But with her tone this bitchwas pushing me to embarrass myself evenfurther. With anger of a maniac I chargedforward ready to slap her stupid face.

Me:"Who are you calling a bitch?

I was screening with fury and my hand landedso hard on her cheek .She staggered but cameback with her own hot slap across my face. Ohhell no she didn't I let my bag land on the flooras I charged forward with all my might ready totear the bitch apart .I had my hands around herthroat when I felt Owen's rough hands grab mefrom behind. He roughly pulled me away fromhis skinny woman and  

threw me on the floor .Ilanded so hard on my butt and hit my head onhis bed.That hurt but he didn't care. I wouldnever forget the look he had on his face. Hewas looking at me with so much anger and disgust

Owen: and what do you think you are doing ?

I was now Crying...

Him: I said it's over I no longer want you it's over me and you are done we are over I'm with Luthando now I love her .

He was so angry and he didn't even give a fuckabout how I would get up from that floor At that point I was going through a number ofemotions at once-hurt anger disappointmentand most of all humiliation. I had never felt sohumiliated in my life

.What was I even thinkingpulling a stunt like that ? I should have just took my things and left quietly . Owen is a bastard thatdidn't deserve me right from the beginning .Islowly got up and picked up my bag.Withoutsaying another word I walked out of his roomand started wiping my tears as soon as I noticed several eye's looking at me I quickly ran with those heels on my legs .

to be continued


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