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Growing up being the last born in my family with two twin sisters and 1 OLDER brother was quite challenging me and one of the twin sisters we not on good terms we talk when needed then my older brother the first born is the one I have a real convo with him than the girls my brother's name is Thulani then the twins are Nolwazi and Nokwazi the one I'm not in good terms is Nokwazi even the name describes her character both the twins are 28 then my brother is 30 years ....

It's been a month since I Heard from Owen I guess he truly meant it when he said it's over but how can it be over just like that I love Owen So much that I can't just accept that it's over how can I let Him gob he is my first love my Breaker my everything he taught me how to kiss how to love how it feels to be loved I don't know anything about sex and what must be done but surely he did give it to me good when I told him about my pregnancy at first he didn't want to agree he opted for an abortion and that truly Left me with questions but then I let it slide after I told him I'm not aborting my baby he ended up agreeing to my decisions...

Today it's Friday I'm thinking of going to see him later on not to sound like a desperate bitch but to clarify things between us I love him so much I know for sure that he is not going to work today. 

" You know friend I think you should just let him go he doesn't deserve you he doesn't deserve you I mean this guy broke up with you just because you MISCARRIED and remember he never WANTED the baby at first but after you miscarried don't you find that silly"

That's Rethabile my sister from another mother if you know what I mean...

Me: I kno...

Retha: when will you stop hanging on him? I'm sorry to say this but guy doesn't love you he probably has someone now who Knows .

Me: I don't think so Owen loves me a lot he would never hurt me like this.

Retha: then if he loves you why hasn't he called even about the Baby huh ? No Siera don't be dumb ok you not dumb .

Me: he's probably busy who knows...

Retha: mhmmmm busy consider this as your chance to study well you just went back to school who Knows maybe that baby was a sign to show you the real him .I'm sorry to say that if you feel hurt by my words.

Me: wow 

Retha: yes consider this as your opportunity to go back to school and don't hang on that man he doesn't deserve you just go back to school and please I can't wait to see a new lecture today .

Me: there's a new lecture?

Retha: yes there's a new lecture name is Jessica Martinez I don't know the last name .

Me: oh ...

Retha: yes now please if you change your mind about going with me for some chillas you know where to find me I'm only one call away.

Me: ohk now let me prepare 

Retha: mhmm you still don't Want the whole Dobsonville to know about this break up and miscarriage if your mother didn't jugde the fuck the Society .

Me: yeah.

Retha: even that sister of yours she she should learn go ringa le batho[ to Talk to people]

Me: ohk.Rethabile I heard you ...

Retha: ok love I'll see you I'm out with my keys okay ..

Me: okay 

She Left

We share an apartment together my half is paid by Owen it's not only the two of us we are 4 in full it's me Retha Yolanda and Thokozile . We not friends we Just Roomates just because . Thokozile is bitter then Yolanda if she doesn't watch out Thokozile might take her boyfriend that girl is even i tell you guys she is Just the dare devil.

With my worried and stressed self I drag my body to the shower and got in letting the water hit me after that short shower I walk out of the bathroom and dry myself then lotion myself walking to the closet I take my ripped jeans that hugs my body I have a nice body guys hips are there bum is there beautiful as fuck I am beauty with brains ... Back to my outfit it's ripped Jeans and a white off shoulder t-shirt and my pump ...

I tie my weave in ponytail hairstyle apply some make up and finish my lips with a Rouge lipstick finishing it with lipgloss ...

I called a cab so it should be here anytime soon ...


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