I was in the kitchen preparing myself something to eat then my cousins Walked it Sbongile Gugu and Asa Asa is my younger sister well we don't share the same mother but Same father .

Look who's here Babies . Says Gugu.

The prodigal daughter. Sbongile says.

I could understand her but ai she's complicated.

Molwo Sisi . Just The person who respects me the only one .

Molwo sisi.

Molwo molwo are we invisible? Gugu 

Maybe if you greeted me When you found me I'm the kitchen you wouldn't be invisible . I say.

So wena you are saying we are invisible .So wena uthi asibonakali . Sbongile

I didn't say that.

So simbi for uqaphela ukuba sisegumbini? So we are ugly for you to notice we are in the room? Sbongile

I didn't say that but if the word ugly fits then .

I shrug my shoulders .

Heh chini Gugu uyivile lento ithethwa ngulomntu. Sbongile.

Gugu did you hear what this commoner said. 

Ewe mtase.

Sbongile Mingaphi iminyaka huh? Wena Gugu mingaphi iminyaka yakho ? At your age unabantwana Hai man suka asizodelelwa nguwe and ndiyabona asiqhelananga wena Maybe 6 months or what Omdala kunam but lonto ayikuniki lungelo lokungahloniphi.

Sbongile how Old are you huh? Wena Gugu how old are you ? At your age you have children Hai man suka we won't be disrespected by you and I see we are no getting familiar with each other you Maybe 6 months or what What Older than me but that doesn't Give you the right to disrespect me . 

Erh wa...

Ey ndisathetha funeka nigxile kweziNtsana zenu kunoba nibe nibhuqa irubbish Tsk .

Ey I'm still talking you should be focusing on your Babies instead of blabbering rubbish Tsk .

I took my plate and a bucket of ice cream.

Sisi can I join you?

Of course my love .

She Also took a bucket of Ice cream and we Walked up to my room. 

 You did great by putting them in Their place. Asanda says immediately when she closes the door of my room. And I chuckle

I'm serious sisi they are too much you know They go out partying leaving Their babies all alone .


Yes .

Who looks after the Babies?

The maids .

Yoh the liver .

Yeah so how are things at the city of gold I'm Also going there when I get my matric results .

Asa was doing her matric This year .

Things are good but the city needs someone who's strong .

I will be strong . So Where's u Aya?

Where He stays.

So you and him are you still...

No we broke up more like last week .

What I'm sorry. What happened? 

UAsanda uyazithanda iindaba 

Asanda loves news.

He cheated with my friend so I ended it .

Oh I'm sorry mtase.

It's okay been there done that left that. So which varsity are You going to?

Eduvos I heard it's one of the best varsity .

Mhmm I know I WANTED to do my law there but then you know situation .

Yeah I Know the situation but we Will pass this one .

Hope so so will you be staying there or?

I don't know hey. Come stay with me.


Yes and Dad will be assured you are safe .

Wow Sis thanks I love you.

I love you too.

Let's take This to the kitchen .

We Walked downstairs and we found the Two at the kitchen with my aunt ..

Nantsi inkosazana esisidenge Mama

Here is the stupid princess Mom

She turned and looked at me and Asanda.

Oh uthetha ngomntu oqhelekileyo 

Oh you talking about the commoner


I placed the plate on the sink and I rinsed it and went to the fridge and took an apple and a tub of chocolate yoghurt.

Wena Asanda you are a hypocrite ngoku uSisi Wakho Ebuyile awusapholi nathi. Gugu says

 now that Your Sister is Back you no longer chill with us.

How is spending Time with my sister undenza umhanahanisi? Asanda

make me a hypocrite

So unomlomo ngoku? Sbongile

So you have a mouth now?

Asanda kept quiet..

Phendula uthetha nawe . Aunt Zinda

Answer she's talking to you

I didn't know I didn't have one .Asa

As she said that sentence a slap landed on her face and she stumbled back but I caught her before he could fall.

How could you do that?

I Asked.

 Move wena asithethi nawe sithetha nenkosazana hayi umntu oqhelekileyo. Aunt Zinda

 you we are not talking to you we are talking to the princess not a commoner. 

She pushed me and Sbongile attempted to slap Asanda again.

I dare you to lay your hand once more again and you will Know what I'm capable of.

He Said with his deep voice and you will Know what I'm capable of.

He Said with his deep voice and Asa ran to him as he Walked in the kitchen looking all handsome my brother is handsome guys.

Who gave you the right to slap her Sbongile? 

They all kept quiet..

Ndithetha nawe. 

I'M talking to you.

They still kept quiet.

You have your own Babies why don't you slap them when you feel the need to slap someone not my sister are we clear. I mean all of you .

 He Said that and Walked away and we followed him .

Tough day it was?

I Said When we sat at the patio.

Really tough I had to drop all my meetings because Dad said there's something urgent that we need to discuss regarding the royal thing.

Oh Yeah that.

How are you?

I'm Good and you .

I'm good and Asa how are things at school?

Good Just hope for the best results.

I'm sure you nailed everything .

Yeah I did . So any girl ?

Hai Asa guys it doesn't look like she was slapped or anything

Haibo Asanda you want to Know about my love life now.

Yes I Know there's a girl.

Well no I don't do that shit I only fuck.


I say.

What angithi my young sister asked and I'm answering.

Trust Nkosi to say that.

So who's the girl?

Haibo Asanda .

I say giving Nkosi a peice of chocolate .

Some bitch called Amanda .

Aii ker . You see oAmanda . 

She says and lifts her hands up in surrender.

What about oAmanda 

I ask

Aii They are bad Vibe man . So you not planning on Marrying her.

Bani? Mna soze not That one she's a whore .

Vulgar language. I say

Sorry but no that one never she's just good in bed njer she knows the positions...

Whoa we don't Want to know about all that.

Ayanda says cutting him from continuing.

I'm craving for a chocolate ice cream and here They have vanilla .

Let's go to the mall and you will buy me clothes sisi.

Haibo Asanda.

Yes and we are taking your car.

Whose car? Nkosi asks.

Your car buti Busisiwe Will drive.

No I don't want anyone on my steering wheel so I'll drive you there.

Ok fine let me go take my cellphone and camera for pics I can't wait to upload.

She says running Upstairs..and she comes Back running again.

Slow down someone will fall .

Says my father walking in..

I won't .

Whats the rush?

Dad They are taking me out so yeah.

Oh Ohk Nkosi be back so we will have a chat .

Ok Zizi.

Bye dad

Bye enjoy .

He said and we walked out going to the car.



King Zwelonkosi Went to his bedroom and found Amanda sleeping he splashed cold water on her and she quickly woke up.

Why are you pouring cold water on me King?

Who will finish up those chores? He asked ignoring her question.

Nomalanga is here mos kanti why is she a bride to This family aii I'm also tired.

Nomalanga doesn't galavant like you are doing and Nomalanga is pregnant .

So what if she's pregnant does that mean she must not do her chores as a wife also I also have a life .

Which life? What life Amanda huh disgracing my father's Kingdom like that you wanted to get married to me a prince now be a good wife like you are married to a prince and stop this nonsense behaving like a straatmate or a Bitch are we clear?

She sulked...

Ngikhuluma nawe Amanda.

( I'm talking to you)


Yebo bani nja ini nkomo?

Yebo Mageba .

Good. Now strip off those clothes I want to eat my cake.

I..I'm..sore...I mean.


She Started stripping off her clothes until she was left with her underwears.

Now lie down in your back  

She did and he removed his pants and walked to her side peeling the bed covers and touching her panties. 

Mageba I’m tired and sleepy I can’t do it . she Said In a low voice. 

Ibuye yongiwe kanti inkomo? Mina ngazi ukuthi iyadliwa ende ngayikhokhela ” 

I Know that you chow the pussy and I paid for it)

He stroked his manhood and got on top of her kissing her lips whilst removing her panties. Her stomach rumbled but he ignored it and shoved her manhood inside her vagina. She closed hereyes which were burning with tears and took it in. He grunted and humped on her. After 3 minutes he growled louder and breathed heavily offloading inside her. He laid on his back next to her whilst breathing heavily and sweating.

 “Go and fetch the towel what are you waiting for?” he Said.

She got down from the bed rubbing her eyes as his semen trailed down her thighs and went to take a towel then went back to wipe his manhood. She found him sleeping and she sighed then wiped him before wiping herself and dropped the towel on the floor picking up her panties and wore them then got under the bed covers and cried herself to sleep thinking that maybe her sins for fuckin'up with royalty are catching up with her that’s why her husband unexpectedly turned on her.



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