“Postpone all my meetings there I have family crisis .”

“Ok sir.”

“Yeah .”

I ended the call after that.

“So you think Ma will die? ”Says my sister Ntokozo

Yeah I have a brother he's older than me then I have my younger sister who is a young princess my brother is 29 years while I'm 27 then my So basically I'm the second born of the family.

“No Princess don't think Like that that mind is evil so please get rid of it .” I say

“Who has an evil Mind? ”Says my brother Zwelinkosi as he walks in followed by his wife Nomalanga who is two months pregnant but still do the household chores even though she was told not to work.

I was talking to the princess over here.

“And princess why do you think Ma will die? ”Zweli asks .

“The way she is yesterday she was worse then and today she's not Even talking and she hasn't woken up.”

“Come here. ”I say and she moves to the couch I was sitting on.

“Mom won't die we will do everything to save her .”

“Where's Amanda ? ”Nomalanga asks.

“I don't know . ”

“You telling me you haven't seen her meaning she didn't come back yesterday . ”

“Yes exactly that .”

“Let's go princess And try a new cake recipe .”

Ntokozo stood up and her and Noma Walked out..

“Amanda .” They say as she walks in . 


We both keep quiet and she walks upstairs. 

“Solve that Thing you call a wife King you can't let her do as she pleases disgracing dad's Palace like this man look at what she's wearing .”



I stand up and Went straight to the Bedroom ... And I close the door as I find her already sleeping.

“Amanda .”

I say slapping her bare thighs.

“Amanda .”


“Wake up !”

“Let me sleep King .”

“I said fucken wake up man !”

I said it with a Stern voice and she woke Up ...

“What King ? ”

“Where were you ? ”

“I was at a friends place .”

“So don't we come back home when you Went a friend's place?”

“It was a bit late so I couldn't .”

“Why didn't you take the guards with you?”


“Something wrong ?”


“I'll tell you one thing Amanda if you tired of this wedding say so and if you want to do your filthy ways and doings do them far AWAY from here not in my fathers palace siyezwana?”

She nodded.

“EY siyezwana na?”

“Yebo .”

“Tsk wake up and help clean the yard and stop working .”

“Kodwa King ...”

“Angizwanga uthi Ban'? ”

( Come again you said Who?)

“SorryI mean Mageba yes I will go help around.”

“Good now get up and freshen up you smell like a shebeen tsk.”

She got up and went to the walk in closet. And I took out my phone and sent a message to one of the guards and she Walked in and went to the bathroom . After a few minutes she walks back ..

“Babe there's no cold water .”

“Mhmm. ”

I say focusing on my laptop .

“Zwelonkosi I said there's no cold water.”

“And what do you expect me to do Amanda huh?! You want me to go get you cold water Hai marn tsk I Said take a bath and I'm giving you 10 minutes to take that bath angithi Wena uyaTanasa”

 (you are walking up and down in the village) 

 I got up from the bed

“I'm expecting you downstairs in 10 minutes not More than that .”

I walked out going to the lounge .

Anyways I'm Prince KING NKOSANA ZWELONKOSI MAGEBA ZULU. From royal family there's nothing much interesting about me I'm a prince that has businesses and that is married to Amanda actually she's a slay queen. When I told my parents I wanted to marry Amanda they didn't approve . Matter of fact my father was livid he didn't wanna accept her . He went as far as threatening to pull his investment in some of my business and to take my name out of the will. I don't know how he changed his mind he finally gave me his blessings but still they don't like her my cousins don't like her my brother even Ntokozo even Nomalanga Amanda is Always compared to Nomalanga cause of how respective she is and her dress code .



I woke up with a banging headache I check my pillow and it's soaking wet it could be my tears the thought of being Killed came rushing back where's my mother in all This misery I need a mother now but I have no one my father comes in .  

“Can we talk .”

I nodded and he sat in the edge of the bed .

“How are you feeling?” He asks

“I don't know Dad.”

He nods continuously. Then silent befalls us

Where's my mother dad? I ask and he sighs

“Your mother is deadshe died After giving birth to you you are lucky you are alive.”

“What do you mean I'm alive .”

“Your mother died of food poisoning .”

Tears starts coming out .

“Why do They want to kill me why does my family want to kill me? ”I ask

“Because of your gift and fortunes because you are your mother's daughter they failed to kill you in your mother's womb but they Killed my wife your mother hence I'm saying you are adopted they want to kill you my love for your mother's things your inheritance

your fortunes They knew Who you are in your mother's womb . I'm sorry my love But I have to do thisI have to hide your identity I lost a wife I can't lose a daughter too and a son to it's too Much.”

A Loud sob escapes my mouth 

“I'm sorry my love all This life I have been praying they protect you and your brother from their evil deeds . ”

He says ...and he pulls me to him and I rest my Head in his lap.

“Dad .”

“Yes my love .”

“I won't Tell anyone about this but please show me a picture of my mother. ”

“I will my love I have many pictures of her.”

I nod while wiping my Fallin tears.

“Please tell me here what's wrong with you Why are you crying This Much?”

“Because I found out my family wants me dead.”

“I'm not talking about that I'm talking about before you Came here.”

“It's nothing dad. ”

How does he know I was crying .

“Do we lie to each other Now Busisiwe.”

I shook my Head no.

“Now what is it?”

“Ok promise me you won't be angry at me .”

“Ok I promise.”

I sigh.

“Well I have been having a dream well about my mother I guess you do know what she says in the dream so one day I dreamt of a snake a brown snake it was laughing with me one minute it's biting me the lady Im training at told me it's people I trust conniving behind my back. And yes it was the truthmy ..uh... boyfriend and friend They were sleeping with Each other and they were planning on destroying me .”

“Your boyfriend ?”

“I swear dad I Never slept with him nor undress before him .”

“How did you know that They were conniving behind your back?”

“I Went to his apartment and I found them doing it you know and he Said he was in it for money . And then my trainee has a spiritual gift and she took me to her sister to consult and the bones revealed everything Dad they were plotting against me my friend is now pregnant.”

I say crying ..

“Shhh it's okay please don't Cry I don't want to see you Cry the ancestors get angry at us when you Cry your mother is angry right now so Don't Cry Ok .”

I nod and he makes me face up and he wipes my tears .

“I need a favour from you if you don't want to do it it's okay.”


“You see my love you are favoured up there so you Crying angers the ancestors and your mother and now they turned the rain down there's no rain and people are suffering and dying. Now do you see why I don't want you crying.”

“So I must not Cry ?”

“You can Cry but don't Let your tears fall to the ground because your Anger it's the ancestors Anger and not only our village but other villages don't have water so can we please forget that this evil people exist and we focus on you .”

I nodded

“Good I love you Okay.”

“I love you too dad .”



Amanda Walked down the stairs and she was wearing a shirt not above her knees but above her knees I stood up and approached her way...

“You gonna go upstairs and wear something long now!”

“But this is what I found .”

“Askies ?”


She turned and Walked upstairs I love my wife but the things she do Makes my father and Mother not want her as my wife I went back to my brother...We were sitting with my Three cousins lindani and Lindokuhle Olwethu two boys and one Girl.

“ Mtasekhaya I don't know Where you got that Thing Shame .” Says Olwethu.

She doesn't like Amanda but is she the only one no she's not the only one..

“Mina Just tell me When you are Ready to file for a divorce I'll prepare your papers . Ai man that Thing has no respect . ”Lindo says

“Stop calling her a Thing she's my wife .”

“A wife who galavants at night she's shaming this palace this Kingdom that dad worked so hard for Zwelonkosi Mom is not doing ok Dad is already stressed up she doesn't Need this too man . ”Zweli say

“And if she continues doing this next time it will be on the daily newspaper nas.”

Linda said crossing her fingers...

“I'll sort her out guys .” I said .

“You better. ”Olwethu says.

“You starting to sound like your father now.” I say

They laugh out loud...



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