By 7 in the morning we are here in the palace the guards load of my bag and we walk to the house. I have to say it's been long Since I was here things have changed my father really did a good job it's beautiful but there's some palace that I saw which look More beautiful than this one it's the Tswana and Lesotho palace those people can build shame so here we are . Anyways I walk to the royal house and I bump into my aunt...

“Intombi yolahleko ibuyile ”.(Prodigal daughter is back) 

Says my aunt Zinda.

Right now I don't have time to be entertaining people I Just need to greet my father and aunt Nomvuyo and go to bed I'll talk to them later. 

As I'm walking past the ancestral room I hear a voice it sounds like my father's voice.

“My daughter your daughter our daughter is coming back home .”

He says and keeps quiet.

“She needs your protection protect her as your daughter and granddaughter from all the ones that are plotting against her . And please Give me the strength to continue with this lie if adopting her .I know you could be Angry at me but understand I'm doing this for her.”

He pours alcohol in the floor...

“Zizi here is a drink let's protect our daughter we can't afford her to be Killed as we know That the family always WANTED her out of the family as we know the people in this family want to kill her for their own good and benefit let's protect her Guide her warn herbe with her. ”He says. 

I walk in and stand by the door with tears coming out of my eyes...

“Protect your daughter Nina bo Dlamini Jama kasjadu zizi elimnyama nenkomo zalo ezmanqina amhlophe kukuwela inkonjane nethukela' (Sibakhulu; Senzeni; Gqibheto; Luku; Lukha; mesiMankuthu; Debesi. ”

“Dad.” I call out to him in a lower tone and he turns and looks at me.

“Baby. ”

He gets up and comes to me.

“What's wrong? ”He asks.

“Why do They want to kill me?” I ask with more tears gushing out.

“It's not...”

“Don't lie to me dad. ”I say

“Ok let's sit Down ...”

As I was about to sit I fell and it was lights out.




The King and seer were sitting at the ancestral rondavel the one that the seer uses Glory was resting at the royal main house.. Things have gone worse since Glory was back Home the Sun is to hot .

“What do you see wise one?”

The seer sighed 

“Things are bad King .”

“Don't tell me about what I already know Just tell me something I don't know! ”

He said with a stern voice.

“The ancestors are not happy not only only the ancestors even her biggest ancestor is not happy her mother is angry with the tears of her daughter and the anger towards people .”

The seer sighed and looked at his bones...

“You do know that Glory's tears should not touch the ground or her Tears should not fall on the ground or floor cause that tear Falling on the ground makes the ancestors more angry especially her mother right now The queen is very angry and you know It's not a wise one to make her angry . ”

He sighed once again ...

“They stopped the rain because of the tear drop that was shedthe village is dry and not only our village but Also another village is dry I cannot reveal the village now as They say it's not yet the Time your daughter was helped fast before she could be used her mother warned her. War is coming in her way and it was big but now it's now better some of the things u must not tell them to you and I should not be the one that tells you but someone else will Just Like Glory .”

“So ain't nothing we can do to please the ancestors and The late Queen?”

“Right now they will do everything for you when the time is right they will reveal themselves to you. As for the queen she died an angry person and she's still angry I can't tell you what she was angry about but Glory will tell you.”

“Why must Glory always tell me everything ? ”

“Because she is favoured up there and sh has people who are walking with her this way her ancestors chose her Over you and anything her mother did this she chose her daughter over everything but she's still firm with you by visiting you in her dreams but she's still Angry and died angry and that is just the danger we were always avoiding .”

The seer Said and the king sighed.

“You know What your family wants to do with your daughter you are giving your daughter the wrong identity you think you are lying to your family but you are also fooling the ancestors because when they report her they report her as an outsider and that angers the queen most your family wants your daughter here alive to kill her and you let them stay and you expect them to be happy

come on no one loves this daughter here except for you And your Nkosana The heir but Wena you are here busy playing happy family while you are denying your daughter where's your son you sent him away to go stay at the South Dlamini rye heir is not here to witness what his father is building bring your children back Zizi this is the last time I'm telling you or someone else will and you won't be pleased by what she will say trust me The heir should be here with you man.”

He Said that and he gathered his bones and the King sighed feeling defeated. 


“Ndabezitha the roots have dried up it's Time we go get our bride .”

Ndabezitha frowned .

“We have our bride Zwelonkosi is Married so what do you mean we need to go get our bride wise one. He asked confused by what His seer is saying.”

“Ndabezitha you Know What I'm talking about here you know that the girl Zwelonkosi is married to is not the girl who must sit on the Throne you Know that the roots have dried up th ancestors are tired of Waiting crops are dying animals are dying Next it will be all organisms do yo uWant that to happen?”

Ndabezitha shook his head..

“Therefore we need to get the enlightened one here your wife is on the death bed she needs the enlightened one tears she needs the ancestors to be happy and well it won't be that easy cause someone Angered the enlightened one therefore that made the ancestors more angrier surely Zwelonkosi won't mind saving his mother from death . you know your ancestors don't play around . ”

“I'll talk to Zwelonkosi about This so he can pass the message to his wife.”

“She doesn't have a say in this you shouldn't have allowed this to happen not In your palace your wife is on a death bed you need to find the enlightened one.”

“I hear you so can I be excused now .”

The seer nodded and Ndabezitha got up And went to his wife's bedroom.

“I'll make sure you live my love .”

He Said that and Zwelonkosi came rushing in..

“Father I came as soon as I received your call.”

He said and he looked at his mother.

“What's wrong?” He asked.

“She's becoming worse day by day. ”Ndabezitha said.

“But I thought you said she was getting Better.”

“She was it's a long and complicated story that needs us to sit Down.”

“Complicated? how ? My mother Just woke up and fell sick all of the sudden dad . ”

“I Know Zwelonkosi therefore we need to sit down for this .”

“Yes of course we will sit Down for this one way or another .”

Ndabezitha nodded and Zwelonkosi went to his mother and kissed her forehead.

“Get well soon ma we will fight this we have conquered many battles surely we will win this one .”

He said and he got up.

“Let me go greet my wife.”

“When will you let her go ?”

“What are you talking about dad? ”He asked.

“You know What I'm talking about Nkosi you Know What that wife of yours is doing behind your back and wena you pretend like you don't Know what I'm talking about.”

“I had a talk with her and she promised to mend her ways.”

“She better. ”He said with a stern Voice.

“Can I be excused now?”

Ndabezitha nodded and he walked out going to his room.. and he bumped into one of the workers...

“My prince .”

She Said Bowing her head a little.

“Hey ma have you seen my wife? ”He asked the Maid 

“Since she left yesterday in the evening .”

“What? Ok no problem . You may be excused.”

“My prince. ”

She said and she walked away and he Walked up to his room and he took a quick shower.



Life has been a hassle for me I'm Slindile well Glory and I were friends but then shit happend well all I can say is That my whole life it has been always tough but then I met Glory and she was a capital to my life she invested so much and now I need her so much Glory has Always had everything she WANTED she was born with a sliver spoon in her life while we were born with the plastic. Now I'm pregnant and I have no source of income that I will raise.my Baby with glory has always been the one to Take care of me now see froze all the cards that she gave me .

I Went to her apartment To try and apologise and maybe twist this Thing around but as it is she was not there and now I have no choice but to abort the Baby that's the only option I have right now I was thinking of maybe guilt tripping her maybe that's Why I Went to her apartment .

“Earth to you Slindile. ”

Nandipha says snapping her fingers at me.

“What ? ”I ask annoyed.

“What's wrong you not here you are miles away care to share?”

“Eish don't you think we made a mistake about plotting against Gee?” I ask 

“No glory has always been highly of herself so she does deserve this she deserves whatever It's coming her way. ”

“Ok Understandable but will Aya really support this baby .”

“I don't know .” She says shrugging her shoulders.

Trust Nandipha to say that.

“So you not angry at me for sleeping with Aya ?”

“No I was Angry a long time ago When glory took my Aya from me when she knew I always had a thing for him but she dated him but look what Aya did to her now He left you with a baby still question yourself if he will support the baby or not but he will don't worry ”.

Exactly what I was thinking about.



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