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Glory was right she has been good to me she gave me her heart even When her so Called friends warned her against it. I couldn't blame them for earning her though they always had a thing for me that's no lie . I was a 21 years old fuck boy at that time. I was only catching to release not to put in my bucket . But she actually changed me into one of the good guys. 

We met via social media she's famous for Being the princess I was at my worst that timehad no Money to fulfill my needs and wants but she was there she sent money from me she would send me airtime and all that . 

Though she loved me she made me her number one practically putting on top in her list of priorities . And When I was going through a rough patch she was there . She always had my back ever since she came into my life something that made me fall hard for her. Because of that I also made it my priority to have her back too to be the man she deserved we were really good together .

When she moved here. She took me out for lunch that's were I fell for her and I saw her weak spot as we were dating I saw her a my sponsor more than the woman I love and that made her to end up taking advantage of her Taking care of me she made me feel like her puppy.

Moving to the fact that she's still a virgin I never get a chance to finger fuck her or muff her nor even rub her clit or atleast something to make her squirt. She has never undressed infront of her but as a boy by Just looking at a girls body you can tell how good she is in bed. Don't get me wrong I loved her I really did which is why I have stuck it out with her 

.but I Just couldn't take it anymore. To me sex intimacy is important if there's no intimacy that means You guys are Just playing . I always respected her decision and stuck with her Just for Money she didn't mind how much I spend and that's it Money the main key and reason and point is money. Love cannot buy me food booze or pay for my apartment but money can and That's what Glory is all I see in her is money nothing else.

 it's been almost a week since that incident and she bruised my ego and that made me Want to get revenge hence I'm going rip everything from her even if that's the last thing I do .



Everything's been so messed up here lately Since the day that I was born I been looking out for love But never really quite found the one They say practice makes perfect I know I deserve it. I don't know what Hurts the most the fact that Ayanda cheated on me and he didn't care nor bother to fight for our relationship or the words of King about my mother I don't know my mother I have no picture of here I never had a person to share my pain with my First period I remember I didn't tell anyone I didn't know anything that Time I was scared that I'm going to die cause Blood was coming out I had to ask my own father how to wear a pad I didn't know anything I was a fool a fool that Ayanda fooled . 

I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself so much. I haven't been Good St the training classes Chae tried talking to me but it didn't even stuck in my head cause it completely went out of my mind and head. The thought of not having my mother and I he thought of Ayanda cheating on me is too Much .

A knock Interrupts me ...and u went to open only to be met by Lilian .

“Lili.” I say looking at Her straight into her Eyes who Knows Maybe she's conniving with Nandipha and sli yes Chae told me When I told her about what happened I Even went to consult to her sister hope and She told me the same Thing that my closed one's who are under my nose are planning and plotting behind my back and for now there's only one or person who can gekone for now but she didn't tell me the name but she did say I must listen to the woman in my dreams.

“Hiican I come in ? ”

She asks and I open the door for her and she gets in and I close the door behind my back.

“How are you?” She asks innocent soul she is.

“I'm fine and you? ”

”I'm fine .” She says .

“Right Then silence befalls us..”

“I heard about what happened . ”She says.

“Oh ? ”I say 

“I'm sorry Gee I swear I'm not involved in any of their evil plans I didn't even know that sli and Aya are doing it to a point That she's pregnant.”

Tears rush down my face and she comes and wipes them . 

“I'm sorry Gee I'm sorry . I can only imagine How you are feeling. ”

I cry Until there was no More tears Left to Cry only hiccups left. After finally calming down I went to the kitchen and took a chocolate in the fridge I'm now addicted to This and Chae is the reason I am everything to her if You Going through it all a chocolate soothes you do yeah ..

“How Many weeks is she pregnant?” I ask immediately when I throw myself in the couch.

“She's three weeks .” Lili

I nod continuously .

“I think they planning something as I was leaving his apartment earlier on he was complaining about his ego how you bruised it

he's gonna get revenge. ”Lili says

I chuckle...

“I'm expecting them Lili .”

“Yeah .”

Silent befalls us..

“Why? ”I ask 

“Huh? ”Lili

“Why are you doing This why ?” I ask again

“Because Glory you have a good heart you have done so much for me I am who I am because of you I remember I had no clothes not food but you took care of me more of being a friend but a mother I went to school under your encouragement you rescued me from opting to be a prostitute and no one could ever do that Glorynot someone your age.”

“But then Why is Ayanda Nandipha and sli treating me Like this ? What are They doing this to me ?”

“I don't know but all I can say is that they are jealous they have always been jealous of you Glory Mina I Just want you to know that I'm with you and I'm not in it for Money cause you have done so Much for me .” Lili

My phone beeped .

** R9 000 has Been withdraw from your black card**

“What ?” I say shocked.

“What ? ”Lili asks 

“They withdrawn R9 000 from my account.”

“Change the pins Glory this people are taking you for a shit . Take all your cards From them.” Lili says

How can they be this evil the nerve They have .

She walks to my room and she comes Back with a crop t-shirt and a Jean .

“Wear this” . She says handing me the clothes.

“Wear This Glory we are going to the mall to fix this whole shit they took 9K today what about Tommorow what will your father say when he sees this huh? Let's go Glory.”

She's right though my Father...I take the clothes from her and I go to my bedroom and change them and wear my Fila slides and wash my face and apply some face cream and walk out.

Let's go. ”I say when I reach the lounge. She she jolts “up and I grab my car Keys and cellphone and we walk out . 



“Fuck there's a limit on these cards .” I say 

“What?!” The both say at the same time.

“Yes she even changed the pins Fuck her Fuck her stupid head .” I say.

“She outsmarted us .” Nandipha says

“Yeah I always knew she was a fool but no this Time she Went to far From being a fool .” I say 

“If she did this there's nothing else we can do .”

“Guys don't You think we should forget about all this I Mean we don't mess with Royalty those people tend to be crazy . ”Sli

“What Royalty ?” She's adopted so she's not of royalty . Nandi says.

Sli sighs

“Fuck you Glory . ”Nandi 



The drive to the back Went well Lili suggested I set a limit to all my bank cards. The bank was telling me that this could take up to 48 hours but Lili used my princess tittle to make the lady who was helping us to speed up the process and well she did gladly I'm grateful to have Someone Like Lili I bought her something to eat I just dropped her off now in heading home.


As I drive in my apartment I see the same AMG 65 it's the guy that insulted me by my own Motherhe was talking to somehow the land Lord I drive in and Went straight to my apartment as his words replay in my head. My mother didn't do a great job that's what he said . My mother should have done Better. Where is my mother? Why did she leave me what's the reason ? My phone rings and it's my father I wipe my tears and i exhale and answer the call.

“Tata . ”I say

“Princess how are you? Is everything okay There?” Dad

“I'm well Tata how are you? Why are you panicking?” I ask not trying to sound that I'm Crying.

“I'm not Good Princess I need you to come back home it's urgent ASAP. ”Dad

I swallow hard.

“Okay Tata I'll Tell the guards and we will drive there tonight .” I say.

“Okay mtanami I love you yeva (Ok). ”Dad

“I love you too Dad . ”

“Travel safe .” Dad

“Thanks i will.” I say and hung Up.

What could probably be wrong now is it because if the R9K that was withdrawn no I doubt my father Never had a problem about how Much I spend Money on others He has always supported me anyways I send and email to Chae telling her I'm going to miss some of my training classes and Just then she replies with an understanding reply like a person she is . I call Lili .

“Hey miss me already ?” She says.

“Yeah I do but I'm calling to tell you that I'm going away for a few days family crisis at homeso I'll miss you .” I say

“When are you leaving? ”

“Tonight I'll be driving There dad said it's urgent.”

“Okay safe travels love.”


“Call me when you get there.”

“I will call you bye .”

“Bye bye ”

I hung up and packed a few clothes there's no way in hell I'm going to stay there for a long time . probably 4 day's or three days is enough for me to stay there. I go to the bathroom and take a shower and After showering I wear my trackpants and my morning shoes and the my luggage bag and call the guards and I take my sweets ice creamcustsrd milk and chocolate and water . My guards take my bag to the car as I lock up one is waiting for me to finish up right Then we go to the car and the two guard's are gonna be driving with me.

“We were given strict instructions to drive you you must not drive yourself .”

My father though I don't want anyone in my streering wheel I decide not to fight it and I get at the back of my BMW X6 big car . And I notice that the other two guards are gonna be using my Mercedes Benz CLS 53 convertible. Why are they using my cars Argh . Anyways we drive out first and they follow.

TO BE CONTINUED! Excuse any errors


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