It's been a week now and gladly I did well on my LSAT practice test..The dreams are still taunting me appearing there and there and it's draining me Cause my mind is tired Thinkin who could be conniving behind my back . Ayanda has been distant lately we no longer spend much time together. Even When we are together he's never There.I tried taking him out for lunch last week but he wasn't there clearly he could me with me physically but emotionally he'd be somewhere else .


If I could say I know what's going I'd be lying And asking him doesn't bet me answers either because every Time I ask he just gets annoyed and tell me that I'm imagining things .

Today it's Tuesday we were supposed to spend the weekend together but I'm Friday he told me that he was going away .. visiting his sick uncle in Qwaqwa As the supportive girlfriend that I am I understood . But getting him in the phone the entire weekend has been a hassle his phone would ring unanswered and even when he answered our conversation WOULD be short and cold . That hurts me I don't Want to lie . But I believed him when he said it's because he was busy Over there.


Then then last night I called him again and be said he was sick now tell me who would be sick then recover then gets sick again? My mind is telling me he's cheating on me but I refuse to believe it could he be cheating on me .

Right now I'm on my way to his apartment as I bump into some Black Mercedes Benz AMG 65 the driver get's off the car and I Also do the same he's cursing and all that he's even wearing like a prince or a Nigerian ...

“Are you blind ? Don't you have driving skills?!”

He says shouting at me and I give him a blank look .

“I'm talking to you are you blind or what or are you deaf?!”

He's still shouting and how I hate it When a person shouts at me instead of talking to me nicely Cause I don't Know the woman who gave birth to me so him shouting at me it's annoying me.

“Maybe if you talk to me more calmly it would be better.”

I look Into his name tag “King Zwelonkosi Zulu ka Mageba ”

Who the hell has two surnames in one?

“Hello you Just bumped into my car and you not even apologizing for it are You crazy?”

He says. And I walk around his car . I frown looking at the bump and scratch.

“It's Just a little bump and a little scratch.” I say

“Not to me my life is important I have a reputation here imagine people seeing me driving in with a car like this .” he says

Important than mine as a princess. He checks his watch and looks at me.

“I'm even late for my meeting now..” He says

“Look I'm sorry ok I'll pay for the damage caused.” I say

“Just like that ? ”He asks

What do you want me to do . Argh this guy is really gonna start getting in my last nerve.

“I Said I'll pay for the damage done right now can I please go.”

“Tsk pathetic bitch you think you gonna ruin everything and get away with it you clearly don't have manners girl you clearly don't you lack manners the woman who raised you should have done Better .”  

“He says and I swallow hard trying not to cry . But tears fail me as a tears drops and I wipe it quickly I never had that woman in my life to raise me to teach me about manners .”

“You lack manners man. Tell your mother to do a good job to even think you look like you come From a good family but clearly looks deceive your mother FAILED to do her job .” King

“I'm sorry .”

I say that and I walk back to my car and he also does the same and he drives away and I wipe my now Fallin tears I don't like it when my tears fall to the ground. Where's my mother who gave birth to me .

I finally get the strength to start my steering wheel and drive away going to Ayanda's place . I arrive at his apartment in 20 minutes or so..


 I call out to him and he runs to me all the way from his bedroom he's wearing his gown...uhm..ok.

“Babe.” He says and perks my lips. He coughs..

“Hey how are you doing? ”I ask.

“I'll live. What are you doing here? ”Aya ask as I walk up to him

Ok no how are you?

“I came to check up in you babe.” I say.

“Thanks but you shouldn't have done that babe. I don't Want you getting infected by what I have .” Aya.

“Well now I'm here thought Maybe I can help you Maybe prepare something for you. ”I say.

“Uh...no babe look how about you go home and I'll steam with an aloe and lemon then later I'll come by your apartment and we Will watch some movies.” Aya

“Oh ..uhm...”

“Please I have downloaded some movies so After steaming I'll come by your house and we will watch them.” Aya

I look deep into his eyes. Something in the walls something in your wall looks different Something deep inside got me wondering why I don't understand Why I can't put my finger on what the fuck is up what's missing? You distant and I'm spinning Don't ask questions usually Got the answers that I need Intuition telling me I just have a gut feeling Don't know why I don't know What is was really But the more I look Into his eyes the more it starts killing me.

“Ok if you say so.”

I say and I perk his lips and he walks me out ..

I get to my car and I realise I left my phone . I run Back to Aya's apartment and it's not locked I opened and get in . Only to be invited by moans . Is Aya cheating on me.

I walk to his room slowly and it's not closed . That's Why the moans are even more louder. I hear voices .I walk in I hold my Chest as I see what's going on. Ayanda Hlobo banging another woman oh my God . No I can't believe this. Is this what he has been doing behind my back ..is this why he's been so distant. Was he even sick? Was this his sickness ?

That's it I have been a fool he's really cheating on me . He's cheating on me . Chae did say people are gonna cheat she did say it people are gonna betray me . She was right . I was not expecting to see what I'm seeing now . What is Ayanda doing to me? Why? I walk close to them I want to see the woman who's the cause of his sickness.

“Ayanda . ”

I say in a lower tone and he continues What he is doing.

“Ayanda .”

I call him and he stops What he's doing and turns to look at me . I can't believe What im seeing my friend is sleeping with my boyfriend.


“I call out to her and she looks at me shocked shocked to see me here .”

“Babe what are you doing here?”

Is he really expecting me to answer that? Really ? I can't answer him even if I wanted to I can't even shout

I was never given the voice to shout . I'm too shocked to say anything . 

“I came to fetch my bag .”

I say swallowing hard not to cry..as I can feel my tears building up in my eyes . 

“Sorry to interrupt you it was Never my intention .”

I say and walk out of the room taking my cellphone and Ayanda runs to me and grabs me by my hand.

“I'm sorry it's not what you think it is.” Aya

He says holding my hand. Like really I saw him pumping a woman now not just a womanbut my friend my friend and he still wants to lie . Dear God help me.

“Babe ...” Aya 

“Don't call me babe. I'm not your babe . I say through my teeth.” I say

“Listen...I..” Aya

“Let go of me.” I say.

He Just keeps on holding my hand . I yank it from him and turn to look at him .

“I'm sorry . It was Never my intention.”Aya

“But you did it. ”I say

“Yes you were on the hold . Telling me about your virginity and all that.” Aya

“Cheating was a choice right an option?” I ask.

“No but please trust me.” Aya

“It's over Ayandame and you are finally over thank God you gave me a reason to leave your ass . I thank him.” I say

“So you always wanted to leave me ?” Ayanda asks.

“Yes I always wanted to leave you but I changed my mind Cause I care and love you but you do this to me you cheat on me Ayanda After all I did and gave you . What is it that I didn't give you Ayanda I gave you everything . I used to pay for the apartment you are using. I helped you where you are now . It's because of me Ayanda because of me.” I say

I say and Slindile walks in ..

“You don't with her Ayanda with her Slindile you are supposed to be my friend not my betrayer . Ayanda I gave you everything that I could. What is it that I didn't give you?” I ask.

“You gave me everything Glory are you for real? ”Aya.

“Yes I did .” I say

“No you didn't give me everything yes you used to take care of me you used to provide for me you fed me yes UK a man Glory I have needs I have needs.”Aya.

“Needs? You talking about needs?”.I ask

“Yes needs needs Glory I'm a man I need to release you never gave me a place to release glory I needed to release I would always wake up next to you hugging You From behind with a boner do you know how hard it is ? You didn't give me my cake ... ”

I interupt him.

“Your cake ? Your cake Ayanda are you for real ? This is my cake not yours this is my vagina . Why didn't you tell me about This then we could have ended it once and for all . ”

I look at sli.

“You of all people of all people Slindile..I thought we were friends Clearly I thought wrong I provided for you guys .”

She stutter...

“Ayanda you never loved me did you? ”I ask and he keeps quiet.

“I'm talking to you answer me Damn it! I snapp”

“ I Never loved you Glory I was in it for Money” Aya

"“I knew it how can you be this evil I gave you my heart but this is What I get from you” I say

“Your heart I never Asked for it love” Aya

“It's over that's it AYANDA don't call me don't text me . And you too Slindile. I say and start walking to the door.”

" You gonna come back Running back to me glory no one will ever stay with a virgin" Aya

I walk back to him.

“Maybe I didn't Want it to be you by just looking at the size of your dickI would always be disappointed I don't beg for mercy ”

”You Will cry for me Glory that I Know off you should be grateful I dated you.”

“You know There was a time I thought that you did everything right No lies no wrong Boy I must've been out of my mindSo when I think of the time that I loved you You showed your ass and I I saw the real youThank God you blew it I thank God I dodged the bullet I'm so over you So baby good lookin' out. I'm done . You don't deserve my tears.”

“Me and you are meant for each other Glory.”

I chuckle..

”You know If I thought you'd make me lose my mind If I sent myself way back in timeTo the day your eyes first met with mine Maybe I'd just blink and walk on by Let me say this very clearly No you don't deserve me Baby thank you for making this so easy ”.

He looks at me shocked by the way I'm taking this.

”If I saw the future years ago If I knew you'd stretch me out on show I would tell myself to run back home And be sure that I would never know you.”

I chuckled again.

“You've exposed yourself now I can see What is lying in and underneath You are so much less than what you seem So give your full attention to me as I be happy . Good bye Ayanda. To the newly couple.”

I take my stuff and walk out banging the Door running to my car.




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