I couldn't sleep a wink last night dreaming of a brown snake I would wake up painting from a dream of a Snake wrapped next to me and we were talking nicely at first it wasn't hurting me or anything but it was all friendly to me but then it Started biting me this is the first night and Time that I never had the woman's voice in my Dreams and I'm not relived with it I don't know How to feel I feel incomplete without hearing her voice of a woman I feel there's some sort of connection ..

Thinking about today if it was up to me I wouldn't be going to my training classes I Just need my sleep I would just stay here in cover's and sleep and snore my ass out but I can't today I'm writing The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) I wouldn't be going njerh but The purpose of the LSAT is to test the skills necessary for success in the first year of law school. Those skills include reading comprehension reasoning and writing and the test results help admission decision makers and candidates alike gain valuable insight as to law school readiness. So yeah.

Anyways I check the Time and it's already past 6 I'm writing at past eight... I got out of bed straighten my bed and go to the bathroom and take a shower.


After the short short shower I wear my Black pants and black leather jacket and my platform heels I grab an apple on my way..

Right then my phone rings and it's my father.

“Tata .” I say

Ndodakazi unjan ? Dad

“I'm fine Tata wena unjan? ”

(How are you)

“I'm fine my child . How are things over there?” Dad

I sigh.

“Things are good this side Tata . ” I say

“Are you sure? ”He asks

“Yebo Tata.” I say.

“Ok ndodakazi.”Dad

“Kutheni Utata ebuza?”

( Why is dad asking?)

“It's nothing ndodakazi.” Dad 

”Ok.” I say

“Ok Ker bye bye have a wonderful day and blessef day. ”Dad.

“Thanks you too Tata.”

I say and he hung up I dial Ayanda's tenz and he answers on the third ring..

“Gorgeous G.” He says .

“Babe how are you ?” I ask

“I have gone down with a cold my love. ”Aya

He says and he coughs after that.

“I'm sorry my love I'll come and check you later on ok? ” I say

“No no don't ...”


“Look baby wami I don't Want you catching it too you see I don't Want to infect you I love you so Much and I don't Want to see you sick cause you look more beautiful and I don't Want those little Rascals Running after You.” Aya.

“Nchoo you so cute and I love you more ok I won't come but please promise you will go to the doctor atleast just to take some syrups and pills to help you with the cold.”

I say.

“I promise I will and make sure that those Rascals or any Rascal don't come their way Cause I'll kill them ok.” Aya

Like you Know how to kill ...

“Ohk don't worry they won't get well soon Okay. I say”

“Okay I love you. Aya”

“I love you too.” I say and I hung up and walk out


Right then by 8: 07 I'm Parked at the underground parking I need to run before I get there late I quickly lock my car and walk straight to the building and greet the people who I need to greet yeah if I know you I'll greet you but if I don't well I can't I'm sorry . I got into the lift and had straight to the boardroom where I'll be writing my test I find Everyone there. Ok I thought I was going to be alone but here I have a lady who is white with Chae ok I think I know this lady from somewhere. Right then comes in a lady in black WHAT THE HELL IN THIS BOARDROOM . 

“BUSISIWE !” she says as I smile.

”Melokuhle ! ”I say and we share a hug .

Right then Mr Cal comes in.

“Here is your test you Know What you do When writing a training test or test in all so here we are No helping each other No looking at each other. I'm Sure you know all the rules and regulations of the exam room. ”Mr Cal.

“An every day question here LSAT tough well the conclusion in all of this is that yes indeed the LSAT is a very hard test. From any objective measure it's a challenge to score well on this exam. ... The LSAT will always be difficult but you can improve and each point you move up takes you above more and more of your fellow test takers. ”Chae says.

As we paying our attention to her.

“This is a practice your practice Test here it's set by Calvin over hereand well to tell you the honest truth Glory you were not staying here if I remember you were studying at UK so Siera and Retha most of the tests you write are mostly set by Calvin here same applies to you Glory the test that you wrote before you came here which was not provincially but Countrially it was set by Calvin and doctor Dre . So all the best .” She say

“ It's a 45 minutes test if you check in law as law students we value time ”. Mr Cal 


I take my pen and flip the paper and they both walk out

how could They leave us just like that like bruh. They can't just leave us like that I know they perhaps planted a camera in here that I sure know off.


“Times up ”. 

Says what sounds like a speaker we all drip our pens and some lady walks in and take our paper's from us and she walks away..

I stand up and hug Melz and hug the White lady.

“Look how much you have grown . ”I say

“I'm not That old Bathong so how was UK why did you come back ? ” She asks.

“Oh sorry this is Siera sure you remember her the White lady the one that mthunzi wanted. ”Melo.

Oh I did say she's familiar.

“Hi I forgot you that easily cause yoh you are now Almost big than yesterday.”

“She smiles and waves her hand. Right then I see a ring in her fingers not only her fingers but Also on Melokuhle wow children younger than me are Married and Mina I'm still waiting for one.”

“Ok so?” Melo

This one though.

“I came Back because dad said he wants me next to him not far away from him not out of the country so I had to come back.”

“Understandable . Is it king Hlomla or King Zizi Dlamini ? .” Melo

“My father Kanti who is my father ? I say she doesn't Know that he is biologically my Father well re story is I was adopted ..”

“Ok ker Sana it was nice to see you Busisiwe Dlamini.” Melo

“We are related you.do know that Moc?” I say

“I Know but Mina I'm a Dlamini from.the South and wena you are at the North .” e

I laugh at her craziness.

“And I'm Married.”

She says waving her hand in the air.

“And I was not invited.”

“Hello we invited everyone just that you know how are the northern Dlamini's their hearts are not purified They didn't even bother to come besides is Aunty Nomvuyo well uTata was away but atleast he did send a gift but the rest they didn't. ”she says.

“I know how they are they are evil to even consider them my family I have never seen people as evil as them.”

That's yohh.

I say.

“YEAH Anyways we will talk neh my kids need me back home .” Retha

“How Many are they?”.I ask

“Twins .” She says.

“Wow! Congratulations greet them for me.”

“I surely will . Lets leave since we have nothing else here to do since wena you still have things to go and do at the courtroom .” Retha

She hugs me and Siera does the same. And they leave .

I Also gather my stuff and go to Chae's office and I lie down on the couch she said I must be comfortable and I must relax. I close my eyes Thinkin...


“You look after them Kabelo.”

I'm woken up from my sleep hearing her say that it was more loud to wake a person I yawn and stretch my arms...

“I'll be There soon...yeah right....ok I love you too.”

She says and hung up and turns to look at me.

“Sorry did I wake you? ”She asks.

“No .”

She sits Down on her chair.

“Looks like someone didn't get enough sleep.” She says

”Yeah. ”

“Oh did he keep..”

“No I'm still a virgin I'm from Royalty so keeping your virginity is important.”

I say.

“Oh my apologies. ”Chae

“It's okay .”

I say.

“Talk to me you Know I tend to be a good listener.”chae

“I had This terrible dream well innky life I have been hearing lady's voice in my Dreams telling me to “remove them they don't deserve me they don't deserve my kindness ” I say.

She takes in out chocolate and gives me a peice.

“It helps to soothe the conversation. ”She says

“Well Yeah so thing is I'm now used to the voice cause I feel some sort of connection with it so yesterday and today it happens that I didn't dream or hear her voicebut instead I woke up painting from a weird dream .”i say

“What's the dream about? ”She asks.

“A brown snake Sitting next to me then it ended up biting me I don't know What it means and as we were talking it was even smiling at me and it turned It's back on me and it bite me on my hand.” I say

She sighed..

“Do you Know What this mean? ”I ask.

“War is coming your way Busisiwe war I coming and a big war not a small war I'm sorry to say this but people don't love you They don't love you They hate you for Who you are and it's not them but your ancestors are the one making them.” Chae

“My ancestors? ”I ask

“You see in our world the journey that I'm walking on it's hard I am gifted spiritually I have things that belong to my ancestors I dream I'm.gifted in dreaming and you are one day you'll see what I'm talking about or if You don't understand I'll Tell you so BUSISIWE if you that type.of person whomis spiritually gifted people don't love you people plot against you .”

She takes a bit from her chocolate.

“You have guardians Busisiwe so what I'm trying to tell you is that your ancestors here are trying to show you what's happening in your life and what's going to happen . Ngiyezwa...”

She says touching her ear.

“Your dream in simple terms when a snake is biting you any other colour besides Black black is an enemy so now you said a brown snake close to you biting you it simply means there are people who you Trust who are conniving behind your back they are practically your enemies under your skin. They are jealous of Who you are sometimes that lady Will come in different ways I hope you got your message.” 

She says packing already taking her bag.

“watch your back Glory the people you trust are not playing they are serious. In your way out please lock the door. Good bye . Please pray Sisi. ”Chae

She says and she walks out andni gather my shit and I lock the door and walk out.

Who could be conniving behind my back ?




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