“I'll sleep in my apartment tonight.”

Aya says as I walk back to the lounge from the kitchen.

“Isn't it a bit too late ?” I ask

Not that I don't want him to go and give me own space but because I care about him.

“No it's still early.” He says 

I nod continually

“I hope you not leaving because of what I said earlier on right .” I say

He looks at me with one eyebrow raised.

“I said I'm sorry Aya .” I say

Kanti what does he want me to do I'm not one to apologize and I'm not one to Hurt any one and I'm.not one to cry my father always made Sure that I don't Cry or get Angry. Do This one over here is lucky .

“And I have forgiven you Glory trust me I have forgiven you.” He says.

“But it doesn't look like that.” I say

“Trust me my love I have forgiven you remember you Always tell me to never go go bed angry because it's a scene. So I'm not angry and I have forgiven you .”

He says approaching my way pulling me to his chest.

“Did you really forgive me?”

I ask .

“Yeah trust me the reason why I'm leaving it's because I have a game to finish with the guys later on on my laptop and I didn't bring it here . with me.”

“Oh Ohk .”

I say looking Into his Eyes What's going on?

He perks my lips and he walks out . My phone rings and it's my Father sending a good night message it's a Very long message which I'm lazy to read so I Just drag myself to my bedroom and I say a short prayer and I slid in my sheets.





Name is Ayanda surname is Hlobo know me as Glory's boyfriend yeah I'm one more like her puppet I love Glory but ai sometimes live is not ENOUGH in a relationship therefore people end up breaking Up I Just arrived at my apartment and they go in leaving me to lock the door . it's Sli and Nandipha.

We shake hands and they Make themselves comfortable on my couch I bring a huge hubbly Bubbly and I bring some flavours charcoal Coke and

Marijuana and Heineken beer and glasses.

“Where's Lily? ”I ask

“Ahh that one you Know how she is a coward. ”Sli

So uthi wenzeni Umamfundisi? ”Nandi .

“Athi Mina angim'lobolanga ngakho Ker she can't undress infront of me.”

(She says I didn't pay dowry for her therefore)

“Udakiwe . ”Nandi

(She's drunk)

“Usathi Udakiwe Hayi uqunyiwe. ”Sli

(You are saying she's drunkno she's high)

“Kuphuza yena kudakwa yena. ”Nandi

We Chuckle

“Last week we went to her apartment and Ker we Asked her for a place to sleep since it was late at night and it wasn't safe we Asked her for a place to sleep since it was late at night and it wasn't safe you know she let us sleep but down instead and when she woke up she washed the blankets we were using. ”Nandi

“Erh serious? ”I ask

“You know nothing Wena .” Sli

“So what's the plan ngaye ? ”Nandi

“We Take her money plant a camera in her apartment and while she's undressing naked we capture that one then we post it on social media platforms .” I say

“That's huge guy's imagine her name being tainted like that she will end up killing herself and you Will be held responsible . ”Nandi says.

Never thought of that.

“And you could be arrested and given a life sentence because you displayed her p”)rivacy and She killed herself because of you. ” Nandi

“Ok ok enough Mrs know it all . Sli

“So what's Another idea ? ” Nandi

“Or we can steel money from her father's company she's the one trusted with it.” Sli

“Then if the Money is stolen she will be blamed.” I say.

“Yes then we set a trap at one of someone's House we make her wear like a thief then we call the police and boom it's over for the little princess. ”Nandi says

We all raise our cups and we Make a toast it's about to go downone way or another Glory you are going down and your friends are gonna help me do that .

“Mina I'm now going bafethu my boyfriend is crying for me . ”Nandi

“Mhmmmm .” We say

“What hawu.” Nandi says as she shrugs her shoulders and walk out giggling leaving me with this yellow chick.

“Maybe we can also start our party since it looks like salt is killing you. ”

Sli says coming a little bit closer to me Taking off her clothes .

“Uh... ”

I stutter as words fail me .

“We can do this all night take control daddy. I Know you Always had a thing for me but because you saw that ugly Thing you are now missing out of this ”.

She kiss my lips and touch my hard erection.

“So love me like you do touch me like you do ”.

She says brushing the tip of my dick...

“What are you waiting for ? I'll let you set the pace do whatever you want anything take it ...”

With no hesitationI take her in my arms and I pick her hug her legs wrapped around me she's planting wet Kisses in my neck I throw her in my bed and start taking off my clothes and she does the same after she fully undressed I lowered myself and opened her legs removing her panties. She held on to the edge of the Bed arching her back. I kissed her pussy and started licking it wrapping my tounge around her clit whilst moaning. Her body shivered and she jerked up moaning my name….


I pull out of her and Looked at her...

Come let me have you in please. ”She says 

And I Just stand there looking at her desperate self.

“Are you gonna continue standing There or what ?! She asks and u continue standing there .”

She clicks her tounge and spread her legs apart biting her lower lip then started rubbing her clit whilst moaning. The way her skinny fingers moved up and down her pussy lips made me hard. My boner lifted more my zipper and I could feel it throbbing ready to play.

She mov her hips sideways bucking up and inserted her finger whilst her thumb worked on her clit. I cussed under my breath 


Well two can play the game…I unzipped my pants and took out my dick sitting on the high chair and started giving myself a handjob. I bit my lower lip and imagined my dick disappearing in and out of her pussy like her fingers were. Her lips on mine and her warm body against mine. Her expression when she’s about to come how she looks up to my face when sucking my dick. I relaxed my muscles and went faster whilst moaning. 

My moans distracted her and she Climbed down from the Bed and walked to me then spread her legs on my lap removing my hand and slid my cock inside her. 

 “What are you doing?” I ask


 “Shhh! You’ve made your point now let me have this dick you’ll act crazy later.” 

She says kissing me ..She grinded sideways and started moving up and down her hands wrapped around my neck. I licked my lips and held her hips then fucked her from beneath pumping into her fast causing her to moan louder arching her back our bodies slapping against each other. Her moans against my ear fueled me up and I pumped into her faster sucking on her breast. 

: “Yeah..right..there oh fuck.” sli

Her pussy walls squeezed my dick and without further delays she came around my dick greasing it with her juices. Her body trembled and she held me tighter burying her face on my chest whilst moaning .

“God Aya…Oh Jesus…I love you baby.” Sli

I started picking up my pace fucking her mercilessly rushing to the finishing line. She recovered from her orgasm and moved with me up and down until I came filling up her pussy with my cum. 

 “Put me down.” Sli


I placed her down and laid down next to her on the cold tiled floor still breathing heavily…My muscles had cramps from all this lifting of a heavy person.



TO BE CONTINUED bonus Insert to follow later.

Good morning !


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