Glory Busisiwe Mhlongo is my name I'm 23 years of age I'm from a royal family coming off being rich Im a daughter of one parent King Dlamini I don't Know my mother they never told me about her and I never Asked about her I don't know how she looks like I wish I knew where she is or how she is doing in this horrible world I have heard stories "life without a mother is hell well not mine Cause mina my life with my Father has always been good he's a mother and a father to me even though he has siblings and I have aunt's but haike they clearly don't care about me They never helped him raise me besides his sister of Cause but the rest aii that's like a doom ...

There's nothing Much to tell about me besides that I come out to be sweet to you but I talk mostly with my heart I'm not one to trust you easily I'm actually hard to get type That's how I was raised my father always said to me " always watch your back GLORY " that's like What I always hear in my dreams the voice of a woman saying this and my father also says the same...

Im not staying in the rural areas but here in the city of Gold well that's how my life has always been to add my Father always Makes sure im far away from those people ...I stay in an apartment not a single apartment But an apartment that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a lounge with a dining area and a kitchen specifically it's more of a house than an apartment...

Anyways it's now been a week since I started my training at M.K law firm and things are good I hope to pass this one then get my self a job ...

It's now past 7 at least today it's hot and it's not raining I love rain but no this one no man I'm all Ready to head to my training classes as an intercom rings I hope it's not my friends Cause "damn " they are clinge sometimes they Want me to provide for them Like I'm their parents ....

 Oh my GOSHHHHH! That's what I say immediately when I see who it is and I throw myself in his arms I missed him...

Let go now you gonna make me fall. He says and I let go of him and I peck his lips and I hug him one more time and Iet him in. And he kisses my lips and pulls out...

“I missed you” . He says

“Gosh Aya” .I say yeah his name is Ayanda I call him Aya

“I'm serious though babe like I missed you”. Aya

Dude it's not like we having sex .

“You making me blush babe.”

I say wrapping my arms around his neck looking Into his Eyes I want to look him.un his Eyesbut he is closing his eyes once in a while I have noticed that I can read you and see through you through your eyes that's one thing I'm good at .

I peck his lips and still look into his Eyes he opens them finally Whats wrong Aya What is going on? Why are my Eyes not saying anything today is it because it's not raining?

Fuck this...

I pull out and take my car keys and my bag.

“Please lock the door on your way out

What is going on? Why are my Eyes not saying anything today is it because it's not raining?

Fuck this...

I pull out and take my car keys and my bag.

“Please lock the door on your way out I love you.” I say Kissin his cheek .

“Ok I'll surely do so ”. Aya

I walk out after that what's wrong with me why am I not able to read his eyes is it okay? Is the rain behind this. I get into my car still confused...


Finally . That's what I say immediately when I stop at the underground parking of the building I'm training at thinking of the walk I'll have to take walking Into this building. I'm using the floor before the last floor of the " bosses " office . Mrs Chae is always not here but Mr is always here unless if he has crisis of family matters to handle one thing I have noticed about him is he would do anything for his family on Thursday if I remember we were in a meeting with this client and a call came through and he picked anything that belongs to him and he rushed out like that . I Also wish it was like that with me but no it's not like that .


That's it I have had enough of this day Today was my worst day Mr Cal gave was the one I was against and he Knows his way around the court room Mr's Chae joined us later and damn she was calm but her words soze this people did go to school moc they really worked hard I was trying by all means to be like her but mtana wabo Zizi wohluleka . She's calm she waits for you to speak your shit and she joins the chat . Hai as for Mr Cal haike yena he will sit there look you while you preach your points one thing I have noticed about him.is that.h never objects the question . He will just sit njerh Ker sana and when he stands up he only asks you one question .I Also want to be like them man.

“Finally you are back.” Aya

That's what he says immediately When I walk in the lounge like really no hello babe and Why in the hell is he still herenot that I don't Want him here but I like my space more . 

“Hey you still here?”

Fuck my mouth can just disappoint you by Just being forward .

“Oh yeah thought I could spend the night here .”Aya

“Oh ok .“

I say as I walk to my bedroom taking off my clothes and I quickly pick them up When I hear the door open.

“What are you doing here Ayanda ?” I ask Trying not to sound uncomfortable.

“I'm here to sleep well.” Aya

“Couldn't you knock first ? ”I ask.

“I didn't think it would be a problem. ”Aya

“Well it is now get out I want to dress up. ”I say.

“Then Dress up. ”Aya.

“Alone Ayanda!” I say

“Haibo Glory. ”Aya

“I'm serious Aya since when have I ever undressed infront of you huh ?” I ask .

“I'm your boyfriend Glory. ”Aya

“You didn't pay dowry for me. ”I say

“Wow! ” 

He says and leaves the room... Was I a bit too much ? Maybe I was . I have never undressed infront of a boy that's how Much I value myself and virginity. Anyways I slide into my pyjamas and walk out going to the lounge and I find him in the call with someone he hungs up When he sees me. What's Going in here?

I walk to the kitchen going to the refrigerator and I take my ice cream bucket and I sit on the couch not far from him.

“Uxolo Baby.” I say as I see how he is but he just looks at me and goes back to his phone .

“Look you know how I feel about undressing in front of a boy love you know it makes me feel uncomfortable and when you got in Im used to always being alone here and I thought maybe someone broke in. ” I say

He is still Busy on his phone...


“What Glory I didn't pay dowry for you so ? What do you want me to do ” he asks.

“I'm sorry Please forgive me ” I say

He looks up at me and he comes to my face and wipes my tears I didn't Even notice I was Crying .

”It's okay I'm Also sorry I should be the one apologizing here I should respect your privacyI'm sorry please don't cry .” Aya

He perks my Lips and he hugs me .


Note this story won't have Many insets as it has two or three obstacles .


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