"You need to save it stay away from them all they don't deserve you Baby remove them out if your life if here I'm here I'll be your angel ..."

♪♪" I'll never forget you

You'll always be by my side

From the day that I met you

I knew that I would love you 'til the day I die

And I will never want much more"♪♪

Yeah right the goes my alarm still tryna Listen to this Dream that ain't making sense at all I have always been dreaming is it a dream or a vision i mean ever since I moved here and stoped going Back ekhaya I have been dreaming this kinda of dream I don't know the voice of the woman that is speaking in the dream oh darn it! Am I maybe going insane hope I'm not ....

With my tired Body I drag my self to open the blinders I was studying the whole night I remember I was at my studying table how did it end up being here in my bed no ...Am I going insane ? No I refuse to believe that .

I peek through the window and it was raining but not anymore umtje rain now has cooled Down Argh this rain why does it rain whenever I'm planning on going out to celebrate but atleast it's no longer raining ...

I drag myself to the bathroom and prepare myself a bath Fuck my hair someone needs a new hairstyle here . But I don't have time for that I have a test to finish off writing this training tests are starting to annoy the Fuck out of me ... Am I the only one who wishes they drop out of school like schools tiring ..




High rise Grey skinny trousers (Casual ) white shirt grey jacket weave onbucket hut will do pull up my black peep toe platform heels Make up doneI look...

♪♪ let me take you to a place

  Where there's no escape

  ‎i could be your fantasy♪


  ‎thats my phone disturbing me I peep through the skin and I smile when I see who is calling me...

“ Sthandwa Sam ”

”Muntuza wami How are you”

“ I'm well thanks and yourself baba wami”

“ I'm good as long as my butterfly is happyhow are things over there?” Dad

“ Thing's are good this side What about your side baba“

"Zinto zihamba NGO momo mtanam” Dad

( Things are good )

“ I'm happy If it's like that baba”

“look my love I'll call you later neh daddy loves you ”. Dad

“ I love you too ”

He ends the call After making many kissing sounds how I love my father more Than anything he's the only one that I can cry to besides my boyfriend yes Girl has got a boyfriend but no sex until marriage that's how it has always been on my side I'm it ready for sex not anytime soon cause hey I'm from royalty.

Fuck it up it's now almost half past seven and what time me does my training start ? well yeah it starts at 8: 30 there's no way I'm gonna get to Bloemfontein this time I mean I'm going to M.K law firm l here not some random law firm that's were I was taken and I was Much more very happy to do my medical law training there they gonna send me to what's this a hospital where I'll know everything about the patient For them to approve like that it was something else like a wow am I still here ?

Bag cell phone watch earings earset keys

car Keys I'll order in walk out lock the doors that's it car open up for me especially Argh now I have This guards following me around not That I hate it but that's better right to be safe now than later Gosh you twisted the words G ...


“Good Morning princess”

Fuck you sorry words failed me !

“ Good morning ”

I say giving her a bored smile ... I give her the “ Bitch talk to me ”

“ The bosses are waiting for you Uhm at the board room ” she says uttering

Yeah right that's what I only wanted bruh not you calling me “Princess” how pathetic I'm still giving her the “ Then ” look

“ From the lift last floor glass door written MR P.M That's where he is”

English never lived us. Didn't she just say “BOSSES”

“ thank you love” I say Giving her a smile to calm down her tits They already up like Argh no .

I leave her the and get into the lift what the fuck how many floors does this hospital have ? I press the floor number it's gonna be a long ride I'm like 2 minutes late yeah good that's it the lift opens up oh my is this even an office I look for the door One it's written Mrs. M.C.T the other one is written Mr . M.C.S which one do I get it fuck the receptionist let me go in the one of Mrs...oh no how did I end up in Mr's office anyways I knock on the second door and ... He's with some lady I'm sure of that Voice...

“Come in” thats what a male's voice says as I knock .

I slide the big two way glass door and I get in.. I'm late!

“ Good morning”

“Morning ” they say

“ please take a sit ” Says The lady in black and an afro with a sweet voice but intimidating eyes hey she looks like she's young .

 I scan over the room immediately when I sit my late ass on the white couch I see Like her and some ladies and some guys mhmm nice might be the wife.

“ Mr Calvin Mthethwa Mokoena“ he says

And who the hell has two surnames besides guy is handsome...

“ Mrs Chae Moratiwa Mokoena” The lady says.

Yeah right you the wife ...

I introduce myself as well..

“ So Why did you choose This law firm as part of your training company ?” Mrs Chae

“ because it's one of the best and top law firm in the county and I would like to be associated with this law firm in my lifeand would wish to work here”

Damn you G your mouth are you applying for a job or What?

The interview goes on and on until ...

“ You can start Tomorrow they will give you your card and training card for a student “ Mrs Chae

 Mr Cal is quiet more like he only Asked me Like three questions he's a gentle guy man .

“ thanks“

“looking forward to doing business with you ” he says as he shook my hand and I hug her wife to be specific I look through the room as I hug her man this family is too big.

“ he's not my husband ” Mrs Chae.

How did she read my mind Yeah well I can also do that ...

Mr Cal walks out chuckling I wonder.

“Follow me ”

Ok that's when I realise shes wearing Airforce sneakers and cargo pants I didn't know it was aloud ..

I Also walk out after Mrs Chae walks out she gets into the next office yeah I Also follow ... I scan her Whole big good smelling office it has a picture of her and a guy holding each other...in an intimate way.

“ that's my husband” she says bringing me back to what I'm here for .

G are You here to look at people's pictures or what?

“ your training contact” I Take it and flip it in my bag .

“Thanks”I say


“ you are welcome ” she says

She has a good aura around her


Oh damn never thought I would be tired like this in my whole life fuck it up Why is LIFe like this ..

"GEE....” they say as I get throw myself in bed taking off my heels

And then who are they ? Obvious Who call's me like that? My three Crazy friends.

I drag my tired Body and open the door for them and They all hug me ...and they let themselves in are they drunk...

My phone rings Interrupting me from greeting them formallyAhh my baby..

“ love” thats what he says when I answer the phone call.

“ babe “

“ how did it go?”

So no how are you babe wow am not even hurt he didn't call me earlier today and he calls me now yeah all he will say is “I'm busy eish what what flight this flight that” Like I care No I don't!

“went well”

“ I miss you”he says.

Yah right I miss you too.

“tell you What I'm coming back Next week ”he says

“ really wow I can't wait to see you ” I say

“ look I gotta go love you ” before I answer back that's how he ends The call wow Just wow fuckin' pilot 


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