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we walk past and greeted them and Chae also did but her face was upset I guess it has something to do with Chris but immediately when Chris saw us he let go of the girls hand so asazi what's cooking



I just pray that Chae didn't see that I'm sure she did judging by the. look at her face she was upsetso she did or maybe didn't see that I really love Chae so much that I can't stand her being angry or upset I really mean it and I'll do anything to get her



To say I was not jealous I would be lying I was jealous seeing Chris holding that girls hand and her handbag like a LOMOTIF really got to me I do not know why I'm jealous am I falling for the guy do I want. him no I don't why...


We arrived at our destination and I noticed that ever since we saw Chris with that girl Chae isn't herself she looks like she's hurt by what we saw but on what reasons I'll have to ask her when we sit down we find a table to settle down so we did

Me: Chae what we eating?

her: ...

Me: Chae what we eating?

Chae: anything that's available

Me: Ohk

I place an order

Me: wanna talk about it?

her: what?

me: come on Chae talk to me I know you so what's up

Her: Nothing

She's lying

Me: it's Chris


The look on her face ...


That question really got to me I was hurt and but she knows me and she won't give up on her questions so I'll have to...

Me: no hope it's not hi...

Her: stop lying Chae you were not like this since you saw Chris and that yellow shapeless Girl you were down


 I want to laugh but this is not the right time

Her: laugh

Me: Ohk yes it's Chris

Her: what did he do I swear if he did something he will...

Me: Hop...

Her: wait are you two dating that's why you like this

that's why you like thiswow Chae you didn't bother telling me

Me: wait firstly we not dating.

Her: oh my bad but you two look good together.

me: no well he approached me then

Her: sis really he is good for you

Me: well I told him I'll think about it.

The food was served

Me: thanks but...

her: there's nothing to think about I mean the guy is sexyhe has has a posture muscles dreadlocks and a Sexy voice not to forget the tattoo


 Well yes he has dreadlocks we know 


Me: well..

Her: you saw him with a girl and thought they dating right

Me: yes

Her: you were jeolous?

Me: maybea little bit

Her: means you love him

To be honest he is the type of guy i want but he looks like a player he looks old but I also want him ' wow did I just confess but only to me

Me: no

Her: mhmm there's a fish in the water

Me: Ohk fine yeah a little I think I'm falling for him

her: wawu( wow)

Me: yoh another topic

We're back home I don't believe what I told hope a t the mall I'm now Alone taking a walk and I see a car is following me I try walking slowly as I can until the car reachedme I don't know who it is but I'll have to

face that person he made a beep of the car I

stopped he lowers the window oh gosh it's him I don't have the answer for what he asked me.

Me: are you stalking me

Him: Barbie if it's what you say

Me: what do you want

Him: you

Me: I'm not available

Him: get in the car

Me: no

Him: stop being stubborn and get in the car

Me: I'm taking a walk to think about. some important things

Him: like my approachment

Me: nop

Him: come on

Me: I'll have to go

Him: wait I can give you a lift




To be continued


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