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Today I'm bored my bitch is at school and she attends everyday and I attend only 3 days so I'm bored but she's coming back Soon it's now 14:43 she will be here soon. But maybe at 17:00 cause she is attending she is doing historygeography life sciences and Maths lit. So she will be attending life sciences I like one thing about her when school is out she comes straight home maybe it's because she has no friends that aregirls she is not into friends so mostly her friend's are boys so yeah and she is single my friend has been Brocken guys she was Brocken that even now she doesn't believe in love she has this thought " love brings nothing but pain"

that's how love made her feel the pain but I hope

she finds someone who will truly love her she

sacrificed a guy that wanted her for me and she gave

me that guy to date and just because I had a crush

on him but then we broke up then got back together but the last time it was unfixable undergood circumstances and reason I loved that guy

even though I cheated on him with his friends so yeah he also did the same but not with my friend wanted to kiss her and fuck her but then Chae toldme everything and I thank her so much she just proves to be some one you can trust she has a good pure heart but don't push her.....


It's now 15: 33 and I'm.on my way to fetch my lovely sister I'm not that open with her but she does not judge she gives you a choice then all you have to do is to make a decision if you can't she can make one for you and it's always the right choice she doesn't tell sometimes I feel that us as people that ask her for an advice we put all our burden on her but there how she is but she is too much emotional if you shout or curse or swear at her she cries but if you beat her she

laughs is that normal I'm now at her school gate and I see some of her classmates are coming out I can judge that they are her classmates cause one is holding a book of history so yeahshe is also coming out she is now out she is just walking with herbl boyfriends while debating and I can see she is winningshe is statting facts cause she is not giving them a chance to speak she says her goodbye and they hug her

she says her goodbye and they hug her I guess she is loved and adored by many people I don't understand why she doesn't love girls but only one she is approaching I decide to step out of the car and lean on the door of the car the happiness onher face explains everything she comes and hugs me she likes envying me to other people cause I'm thee handsome to her I thank my

light skin colour but yena she is dark my father's

colour but I resemble my mother's colour but my

father is exactly like me than Chae I see some

few girls Pointing at us and their mouth wide open

and eyes I can tell that they think I'm dating my sister and we look good together ...

Me: and then

Asking the girls

Chae: let's go

Me: no I'm still talking to them

They turn and leave and I hate that I know I'm a little bit scary I mean myvoice is scary I just hate shit especially on my sister so I'm cheeky and momy voice is loud and broad from uMa then dad is calm...

Her: mlungu let's go

That's my name

Me: Ohk I got in and drove

Her: to what do I owe the pleasure

Me: hawu what's wrong with fetching your lil cute sister from school?

Her: with a GTI?

Me: yes it's mine

Her: mxm

Me: well I'll have one soon but not a GTI you know the real shit MOC

Her: oh yeah

Me : we talking about

Her: BMW

Me: oh yeah obvious when I come back I'll come back with one

Her: come back

Truly speaking the GTI is mine ...

She's confused I can tell by the look on her face

Me: yes come back

Her: From are you leaving me

Me: no. I'm going for a shoot for The Hate you give

Her: really

Me: yes really

She's no longer upset women are unpredictable

Her: when

Hope she won't be angry

Me: end of the month

Her: so soon but congratulations I have a celebrity

Me: so you no longer angry

Her: No infact we should celebrate

 Me: oh Ohk but there's a problem

Her: what is it

Me: I don't have a girl friend

She burst into laughter

Me: what

Her: are you serious

She stops

Me: yes I want a girlfriend I'm soon going to be a celebrity so girls gonna start running to me

because I'm now a celebrity so I need someone who will put them in their place and be like " his mine" or " taken"

Her: Ohk but do you have to someone you love or have a crush or feelings.

Me: no but I have a crush and I'm sure there are girls who want me

Her: mhmmmk

Me: what now

Her: can I give you my advice

It's about to go down

me: yes

Her: never date your crush

Me: Ohk may I ask why

Her: well if you dating a crush you will lose feelings in the process because you wanted that person so rather go for some one else you will Thank me later

Me: thanks

We parked at the parking lot

Me: what do you want for dinner

Her: prawns.

me: no does ma eat prawns Phela I told her not to Cook

Her: so we eating take awai

me: yes so what we eating

Her; just bye some pizza and some combo crust sandwich bread burger with chips and a cool drink

Me: Ohk go and order call me to pay

Her: why me

Me: mina andizi

Her: Ohk

 She didn't take time she was back within a minute and I transferred the money to their cashiercar driver back home we arrived at home chatting and laughing she stepped out of the car and everyonewas looking at her they probably...think she has a blesserI stepped out of the car

and they were supprised and Mom was watching Nigerians she was for sure

Me: ma

Her: yebo.

Me: Im sorry Chae was with me

Her; no problem what we eating

Me: just check I'm out I'm going to give

Vusi his car

**A lie**

Ma: Ohk be back soon

Me: Ohk

im out





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