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[***Next following day**]


It's 05:00 a.m in the morning I wake up and

do my morning routine I wore my school

uniform after I was done I went to J's room

to wake him up he sleeps in the latest

morning at 02:00 or 03:00 he forgets that he

is working like duh...



Me: wake up it's 6:30 a.m and you need to

head to the gym

He quickly rose up

Him: oh shit really

Me: yes

He checks the time and it 05:30 yes I lied to


Him: like really

Me:I had no choice

Him:mxm [he's frowning [

Me: father wake up and go to the gym unless

if you want to skip the day

Him: no let me go and brush my teeth

Me: ohk let me bounce

***I went back to what I was doing I then


my hair nicely into a nice afro bun it's nice I

don't have to do any baby hair I have my

own baby hair.

Jason came and gave me my pocket money

of R25 rand he's wearing all black looking

all handsome with his muscles..

Me: thanks

Him: I want a change of R24

Me: Ahh

Like really so it's 1 rand he walked through

to the door

Him: I'm joking my child

Me: thanks [ I blew Kiss to him]

Shit it's 05:51 and I haven't stomached

anything I took out some corn flakes even

though I'm not a fan of corn flakesI dig in

and ate I'm done and it's time for me to

leave my class is starting at 07:00 then we

writing at 9:00 and my school ain't anywhere

near I kiss my mother as she walks in she

is beautiful though light skinned she has

already taken a bath

Me: morning Mom and good bye

Her: so early I was about to prepare

something to eat

Me: no Mom don't worry I ate some corn


Her: oh Wena[ you] corn flakes

Me: yes me ma

Her: Phela sigcine Wena uthi awudli ama

corn [ or we thought that the last time you

said you don't eat or flakes]

I'm trying to deny but this one doesn't forget

Me: erh

Her: ohk it's fine are you leaving already

Me: Yebo ma[ yes]

Her: should I accompany you?

Me: ma since when do you accompany me

I have to go bye

I was in a rush I took my water bottle with

lemon inside it helps me with my energy

unlike energy drink I prefer water even if I

have a headache I don't take grandpa...I

went to school...


You know me as Chae's brother fatherwell

you know my age so yeah I'm coming from

the gym I'll have to gym

it keeps me going

and keeps your body healthy because of

my acting career I have a shoot that I'll have

to dofor my acting career I applied for a

leave and it's approved today by the end of

this month I should be gone I'm going to be

on a movie) series of The love you give so

yeah I'm happy that I'll be acting so I'll have

to tell Chae first cause she understands and

she can't stand the noise do I'll pass to her

first I'll o fetch her at school with my friends

card I don't have a car but I have a licensee

I don't have a girlfriend I'm only fucking right

now but soon I'll find one and I'll wife her if I

love her I'll have to ask Chae to hook me up

with one of her friends I almost forgot she

doesn't have girlfriends but guy friends....

I arrive at home I find my mother in the


Me: ma

Her: putsununu

Me:ma I'm old now Kanti...

Her:shhh in your house and dreams you are

old but I'm still older than you I'm still

your ..

Me: mother yes I know

Gosh I hear that almost every day

Me: mmmh what are you cooking today

Her: pap and land chops

My Mother is the best at Cookin but Chae is

thee best she can learn a new recipe by

small ingredients

Me: don't cook

Her: why?

Me: you asking the head of the house?

I say immitating my father's voice we both

burst into a laughter

Her: go get ready for work out already late

Me: I'm not going to work

Her: why

Me: I'm off until further notice

Ma: ok hope oh didn't do anything silly

Me: no don't worry

I don't know how she will react when I tell

her about me moving to Cape town

Me: I'm going to my room to make some

Her: beats

I smile Like a retard she knows me she's

my mother

Me: yes

Her: ohk

I walked straight to my room you see my

Mother is very loud yoh only Chae can

handle her when she starts bellowing Chae

look straight into her eyes and Chae's eyes

are a bit senseful she will just keep quiet till

my Mom finally stops




To be continued


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