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well I arrive at home and loggin on my Facebook scrolling down the newsfeed until I receive an message from my ex Jayden I call him Jay

Him: "Hi

I'm surprised it's cause it's been a while since we not talking to each other since we broke up last year December and Today he finally texts me anyways I respond

Me: hi 

Well Jay cheated on me with some girl he said I'm a side chick and he is just wasting his time in me I was heartbroken when the girl told meI just ended things with him cause it was never gonna work I'm too young to be in a polygamy whilst I'm not married do no I refuse we wanted each other that we ended up dating leading to tears i loved that guy I'm just happy that he didn't break my virginity even though he asked for sex but then I refused and I'm scared and not ready people say it's good I don't think so a cucumber entering a small hole that still releases urine soze anyways let me see what he wants

Him: how are you

Me: I'm good thanks and you

Him: I'm good too

Me: ohk

Him: how's life

Mel: life's good just that matric ain't no childs play

Him: yeah you right

l: life's good just that matric ain't no childs play

Him: yeah you right so any boyfriend

Bathong ba God the liver of this boy asking me about my personal life

Me: as I said matric ain't no Childs play so figure the answer

Well Jay is 21 years old he is going his 4th year in varsity studying BCom in management


Well all of now know me the reason why I texted Chae was because I still care about her and I want to see her happy I cheated on her and I don't blame her cold shoulder I understand why she's like this I really broke her heart I didn't appreciate her I only want to see her happy I receive a call from my girlfriend

Me: babe

Her: hii 

Me: how are you

Her: I'm good

Me: I'm also good even though you didn't ask me

Her: I was going to ask you trust me

Me: oh

Her: so I've been thinking

Me: about

Her: date

Me: when

Her: upcoming Saturday

Me: I'm cool with that as long as I

Her: you what

Me: I eat you 

She laughs


Me: I'll fuck you till you get me to stop

Her: can't wait

Me: ok babe bye

Her: love you

Me: mee too 

Ended the call


Well I log out of my Facebook and dish up for me and my Mom since Jason is out we eat then I tide up the table until he walks in ...

Jason: family

Me: bro

Ma: where have you been

Him: with the boys

Ma: ohk please give Chae some school money tomorrow

Him: Chae got both her parents so what we eating


Him: Chae dish up for your father

Me: erh

Him: Chae

Ma: if you her father you will give her some pocket money

Him: ohk fine now dish up for your father

I went to the kitchen and dish up then warm the food them I take it to him he ate very fast and within 10min he was done

Chae: take the plate to the zinc

Me: ....

Konje i complain I won't get the pocket money I stood up and take it to the zinc

Me: I'm off

J: because we watching jeepers creepers

Me: no

Him: vele

Him and my mum burst into Laughter this two neh my brother can tease you then my Mom will laugh and until you cry

Him: he will come

Me: please don't say that

Ma: let my child go Wena

I went to my room said some prayer




To be continued

Excuse any errors no edits.


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