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It's been days since we have been spending some time Pearls house but there's this guy who stays at the yard I don't know is name he doesn't know me he got dreadlocks and he got muscles he is light with tattoos but if you a girl you know when there's an off on the guy.. I'm with Hope we on away to see Pearlwe having a light conversationuntil we arrive

we find Lebo with the other guy...

Hope: Hello

Me: hello

Them:" hii

Lebogang: how are you girls

Us: good and you

Lebo: we good you here for Pearl

Me: yes

Lebo: she's over there

**She says pointing at pearl who comes running to us...we stayed a little bit whilst talking it was exciting until it was Time for us to leave..**

Me: we have to get going

Lebo: Yea it is it was nice having you around

Hope: thanks we will come don't know when

Me: yea see you

Lebo: bye babies

We smile we bid goodbye

On our way out we hear a voice..


It's a very broad voice We turn only to find the muscular guy with dreadlocks 

Me: hii

Hope: hello Rastafarian

Yoh my friend though she talks too much she makes friends easier

Me: we have to go

Hope: whoa so what's your name?

Him: Chris

Hope: oh ohk I'm Hope this is my sister Chae

Him: oh ohk nice to meet you girls by the way you are beautiful Chae

Oh ohk I didn't expect that I'm even blushing

Me: thanks

Hope: what about me?

Him: you too Hope

Me: yeah we gotta go

Hope: I would like to chat but I can't another day it was nice talking to you Rastafarian

My friend though

Chris: you too girls be safe I don't mind accompanying you guys

Hope: oh you....

I cut her off immediately

Me: no we Will manage thanks

Chris: ohk 

Well Hope is thick with curves and a huge ass and a little bit of tummy but her body is to die for I won't lie she's beautiful her big eyes make her more beautiful whilst I'm fit I'm thin not too thin I'm a slender with a thigh gap curves and bum and flat stomach meant for a person my size I'm not a wasplsnk I got China eyes


Well you know me as the guy with the broad voice and all that truly speaking I do have a broad voice I'm fit and sexy exercise keeps me going I'm 25 years turning 26 at some point this year soon I'm doing my training this year at varsity I'm doing medicine

I'm doing my training this year at varsity I'm doing medicine I come from a rich family I have a car BMW M4 convertible actually cars my height tells I'm young and my body but my voice is thee problem and my behaviour I'm here to visit my granny I have an apartment paid by my dad I'm light skinned I'm not always out I'm a very indoor person since I'm done with my semester for the year since it's December Im studying to be a doctor.

I have a crush and feelings for this girl thankfully today I got her nameI think you know her well I'm falling for her deeply I'm planning on telling her soon enough. I have been in a relationship It didn't work well she cheated on me with my friends not friend I was played cause I thought she loved me as much as she loved me I got to taste the taste of my medicine by her I guess the girls I played felt like the way I felt it's that bitch Karma she knows everyone's addressI like love Chae she's something special I'm not that type of person who loves a girl because of her body and perfections I'm now grown from that I'm tired of fucking all the girls in town yes I have been fucking not loving them now I saw my black pearl Chae you must be thinking why I'm not into Hope because she got thee body that one is too much but I adore her and like her we can make good friends me and her aowa anyways I love Chae and I'm gonna tell her soon




To be continued


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