Insert 2


Me: hey

P.Ma: hii Ausi( sis)

Me: how are you all

O.Ma: we good

I Just grab pearl and plant kissesvst Her she still remembers me that's better is did Martha available

Me: no she went to her friends place you knowe just hurt into laughter ohk 

Me: let's g

Her name is Lebogang Buti respect her enough coz she's a motherI take them to my Mom how sad she doesn't recognise some of them but she recognises my Mom and hugs her tight after our little conversation we accompanied her home z we'll come tomorrow

**Hope **

Many of you know me as Chae's friend and Mam G's daughterI love Chae I mean I love that bitchI'm 17 years old I'm doing grade 11 you might think that I failed well I didn'tI'm just a August baby anyways Im listening to musicI decided to login on my face book account

I decided to login on my face book accountIm using free mode I don't have good stable phone I scroll through my news feed scrolling and reacting till I saw this hot guy I add him and he accepted it immediately I don't have any prude so I text him first then he replies and faster at that point

Me: I'm hope"

Him: I'm Calvin"

Me: nice to meet you Calvin

Him: likewiseyou beautiful

Me: thanks you not bad yourself

Ohk the conversation is going smoothly till he is offline like really when a good conversation is exciting then boom AWOL..

I have been checking in and out of my account being online the whole day who does that but it's fine I wasn't gonna ask him anythingso yea I know relationship I have been there z I was loved played I'm still young for me to be pregnant and be married like that's not my life so please excuse me later that night I log in and damn he is online I'm tempted to double tick but then no I won't chase him z no ways I mean who the hell

No I won't settle for less I mean I once we a crush on Jason Chae's brother I mean moguy is light MSN he's hot he's fire but we didn't date like no he's like a brother and now those feelings were just a lust ...




.to be continued...


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