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???: If it's not my wife

Me: wife who is this

It's a man with a verybroad sweet voice

Him: Jason don't you remember your


Me: oh it's you but why did you say I'm

your wife cause I'm not

Him: cause you will be my wife

Me: oh

Him: I just saw you and I knew you were the one

Me: oh me too that's why I followed you on Instagram

Him: so will you be mine

Me:yes with pleasure

Him: Ohk when can we meet up

Me: I don't know im at Capetown now

Him: Ohk im heading there tomorrow for business

Me: oh see you at the camps bay

Him: Ohk love you

Me: love you too

Disconnected the call

i hardly know the guy but I said I love him he looks like a player but I'll meet up with him and see



i have thought about what Chris said so yeah i made my decision . An incoming call

Caller ID: Chris

Me: hello

Him: bbe how are you

Me: first of all I'm not your babe I'm good

Him: Ohk I was just checking up on you

Me: oh thanks for being considerate

Him: so tomorrow what are you doing

Me: nothing I'm going to the library

Him: Ohk love you


He disconnected the call

***Next day***

My brother is leaving soon. He is already done and he is about to leave...

Me: I'll miss you

Him : me too

Him: ma bye

We hugged.

He gave ma some huge amount of money I don't know how much it is

Him: I'll send yours when I get there ...

He left just like that I took a bath I'm done I'm wearing myumbrella skirt and my Nike t shirt I tike it in i'm done

Me: ma I'm out

Her: oh Ohk be back early I want you to understand that if you going to your boyfriend it's fine Hun as long as you two use protection

Me: Ohk

I went out

I'm on my way and I see a car following me

I'm sure it's him

He stops next to me

Me: why

Him: I'm good to

Me: ufunani

him: you

Me: mxm

Him: get in

Me: ...

He opens the door for me

I got in

Him: to the library right

Me: yes

Him: let's go out on a date

Me: no

Him: please I'm begging you

Me:Ohk one date

Him: guess tomorrow night

Me: Ohk

Him: I'll send someone to come fetch you

Me: Ohk

He drove me to the library I did what I was doing and came out he is still there I get in and he drove me home


Thank god she agreed to go on a date with me I can't wait I want to show her that I love her...

I receive a call

Caller ID: Jason Me: Mnax

Him: bro how are you

Me: good I have a date with the girl

Him: congratulations so I'm sure you gonna give her the best sex

Me: no I don't want to rush her

Him: Ohk I also have a date with my wife Onika

Me: congratulations

Him: Yeah I found the car it's the one BMW 7series 2021

Me: you like it

Him: (Him:b)yeah

me: glad if you like it

Him: yeah I got the buyers they want 3 stash theywill call you cause I can't I'm busy

Me: Ohk bye

Him: bye

Disconnected the call





To be continued

I love you guys thanks for the reactions

we coming to those scenes ( Sex

scenes>) I'll try posting your characters

Good Night 


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