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Friends AnD Family #1

Wow I guess that's how parents are anyways she went to her friend's house it's not far it's only 3 houses away from my house I just went back to what I was doing reading a novel by Precious Moloi I'll have to say moghurl deserves an award a Grammy I stopped reading and decide to go get some fresh air I went to my friend's house Hope she is mam G's daughter that's my bitch people say we twins but we notvery are dark melanims not that dark I locked the door and went out


Me : Bitch

Her: hoe

Me: how are you

Her: I'm good you

Me: I'm good thanks how was your day

Her: it was just a day since I came back here and boom no electricity

Me: wish you could say so

Her: yah neh

Me: anyways let me bounce

Her: oh really

Me: yes Phela Thina'banye we listen to thee music with a message

Her: oh mina( me)

Me: you listen to ping ping ( amapiano)

Hope: oh anyways see you Neh

Me: yeah Tommorow after school last paper

Her: it is

I walked out.....


I arrived at home

unlocked the for z took out my book which I write all my poems letters and lyrics while singing and rapping Im not the best When it comes to singing but surely I can rap bro anyways my brother and his friend walked in and took what they came to take they went next door grannies house not biological but her and her husband really helped us me and my brother they motivated his to never give up and here I am matric my brother is working granny is a traditional healer so yeah.

It's been months since pearl left us pearl is the little soul that my mother looked after I miss herwe all miss her here I mean she's a beautiful baby girl she left when she was 1 year so it's hard to forget her it's now 6 months since she's gone well until someone interupts my thoughts with a knock on the door to find it's this beautiful soul we have been missing one thing about me is that I have a calling and it's hard to go to that journey...



. be continued


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