part 9 the reason I hold on

FELICIA My sister was already gone when I got back home. I just put everything in my bag and went to chill with my brother. Teboho: So did you tell Pink? Me: No not yet. I'll tell her on Friday and ask if she has plans. Teboho: I hope she doesn't. Me: Me too. We watched TV. My mom came and as usual she wasn't hungry. I hadn't cooked. I was just too tired to do anything hence I watched TV. Mom: Why didn't you cook? Me: I was tired. Mom: Tired from what? Tumi: I asked her to go run an errand for me. She said entering with a Nandos paper bag. The door was opened. She closed the door. Tumi: I brought some food. Mom: Oh okay. I breathed out. She could have stared shouting had it not been for my sister. She dished up for the four of us. We ate. I washed the dishes after eating then we all went to sleep. . BANDILE I woke up and prepared myself for school. I bathed dried lotioned And started getting dressed. It was Wednesday. I hadn't seen Pink ever since our encounter on Monday and I was glad. The sudden audacity juniors think they had to talk to me as they wish just annoyed me. I'm a senior student I deserve to be addressed and treated with respect. I wore my school trousers with a golf shirt and my suede grasshoppers. I neatly held my dreadlocks then took my phone and bag and went to the kitchen. Me: Good morning. I said sitting down as they greeted back. After breakfast I took a taxi to school. Upon my arrival I went to My class where I put my bag down then went out to the shop as usual. I bought my cigarette then went to the back. Me: Fede They greeted back. Zendae: You really need to sort things out with Craig. Me: I didn't do anything mina. Liteboho: You just being difficult for no reason. Me: Me? Difficult? Kanjani? Luvuyo: Craig would never hurt your niece he loves her. Just give him a chance. If he fucks up I'll help you fuck him up. Me: I'm not about to take that chance. Luvuyo: They love each other man. I've never seen Craig be like this with any girl. Zendae: He's right. They're in love. Luvuyo: Anyway have you guys seen the new girl in Grade9? Me: Grade 9? Really? Zendae: The blonde one? Who hasn't? She's hot. Luvuyo: Man I think I'm gonna ask her out. Me: If she's in Grade 9 I assume she's a kid. Luvuyo: Age is nothing but a number. Zendae: And that's if I won't ask her first. Liteboho: And if I've already asked her out? Luvuyo: No way man. Absolutely no way. Me: Who are you guys talking about cause I'm lost? Luvuyo: I don't know her name. She came this week man. Has blonde hair blue eyes. Her hair is always tied into ponytails. That's when I got who these guys were talking about. It only clicked after the description given by Luvuyo. Me: She's a kid. Zendae: She's hot. Me: Name is Pink. They turned to look at me. Luvuyo: How do you know her name? Me: She told me. It's Boipelo actually and well her family calls her Pink. Zendae: You son of a bitch! Me: That's my mother you talking about. He laughed. Zendae: Sorry you know what I mean. Luvuyo: I haven't even talked to her. Liteboho: Seems Bandile is already one step ahead. Me: Oh no I don't see her that way. Zendae: Then you clearly blind. Me: I don't do kids. Luvuyo: You better not go after her I know you bra. Zendae: Next thing he'll be telling us how tight her pussy is. Me: That's statutory rape. Luvuyo: You'll be amazed about how good these kids can bend over. After 12 Ke lunch boi. Me: Y'all are sick. They laughed. The bell rang so we went back to the school yard and went to assembly. I was with Zaza during breaktime. Zaza: I'm so glad we good. Me: Me too. I hope you won't ruin things again cause I can easily replace you. Zaza: Trust me I won't. Me: Good. You know I like you and I hate it when we fight . Zaza: Me too. So have you thought about the matric dance? Me: That's like in August / September. Zaza: Only a few months left. Me: I'll be lying if I said I have. Zaza: Does that mean you don't have a date? Me: It's April. I can't be thinking of a date. Zaza: Well I was thinking. Someone cleared their throat. Zaza looked at her more like scanned her from head to feet and feet to head. Zaza: Are you lost? Pink: Can we talk? Zaza: Hey little girl can't you see we busy? Pink: Look grandma I wasn't talking to you. Bandile? Wait she knows my name? I don't remember telling her though. Me: What do you want? Pink: You owe me an apology and I'm here to demand it. Zaza: Shouldn't you be playing Barbie dolls with kids your age? Pink: Unfortunately the school doesn't provide dolls. Seeing that you ask why not buy them for me? Zaza: Hai Hamba. You disturbing us. Me: Leave the poor girl alone. Pink chuckled. Me: Did I say something funny? Pink: Oh no I'm just a poor girl. Zaza: You don't look wealthy anyway. Look at your little ponytails. Oh how sad. So she's intimidated by her interesting. Me: Zaza excuse us. Zaza: What? Me: Don't make me repeat myself. She clicked her tongue then got up and left. Me: I'm not going to apologize to you cause I did you no wrong. Pink: You were rude and even manhandled me. Me: You had 48 hours To get over that. Pink: You such a jerk. Me: So you came here to insult me? Pink: I came for my apology. Me: I'm not a remorseful guy. I said getting up. Me: The boys were right you cute. I said kissing her cheek then left chuckling. This girl wants something from me that I'm sure of. I wasn't born yesterday. It's not about the apology. If only she knew the kind of guy I am she would play far from me. She's a kid I don't have time for kids. . FELICIA Friday came sooner than I thought. I got home from school and took a quick bath. I had pretended to be sick so I can leave school early. I wore a blue boyfriend Jean with my oversized denim shirt and all star then wore a bucket hat on my head. Tumi: I'm hungry. Me: You got two hands utilise them. Tumi: I'm tired. Me: And I'm going. I took my backpack and phone then left. I stood for a while outside the yard with no taxi coming. I started walking to the next street. I was actually walking on the road since no cars where coming. I don't know how this happened when a car came speeding towards my direction. I literally froze and just closed my eyes. I panicked I didn't move. I was already on the next street a little distant from home. " I'm so sorry " He said and that's when I opened my eyes and realized I was still alive. I stared at him. Guy: Are you okay? Me: You almost killed me how do you expect me to feel? Guy: I said I'm sorry. Me: How do you come speeding like this on a road that's used by people too? Guy: Haibo Sisi you have no scratch in your body so I don't get why you making this a big deal. Me: Making It a big deal? You almost killed! Guy: Don't scream at me. Ngi ya kuzwa. Me: Mxm son of.. I said walking away and he pulled me roughly. Me: What the hell? Guy: You have no right disrespecting me like that. I'm definitely not your age and you don't know me. You can't be talking to me like I'm your friend. I looked at him and at his hold on my hand. He still didn't let go. Instead his grip got tighter. Guy: Understand? I didn't say anything. He held me tighter. He was hurting me. Me: Yes I understand. Guy: Good. He let go. Guy: I'm Romeo by the way. Me: Oh and I'm Juliet With that said I held my bag tightly and ran away. I was scared. The way he had been holding me and the look he had on his face was scary. I almost died. Who knows what he could have done had I not agreed with him. I should definitely watch my tongue next time.

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