part 8 the reason I hold on

FELICIA Spending the day with Pink also takes my mind off things. Her sense of humor her Bubbly personality everything. It was Monday and schools were reopening. It's Pink's birthday on Saturday and well I still didn't know what to get her. I took a bath like usual dried and lotioned when I was done. I wore a towel and went to dispose the water then poured clean water for my brother then woke him up so he can bath. Tumi: When will you be back? Me: I haven't even left yet. Tumi: It's a simple question. Me: Around 3pm. Tumi: Okay I wore my uniform then combed my hair. I put all the books I'm gonna need according to my timetable in my bag. I went to make breakfast for my brother and I. I also made lunch box for myself there was bread. I made peanut butter and jam sandwiches for us. I also made coffee. We sat on the table and ate. Me: It's Pink's birthday on Saturday. Teboho: Really? Is she going to have a party? Me: I don't know. Teboho: Why not bake her a cake? You good at that ain't you?. Me: Actually I never really thought of that. Then we can invite her here and eat it. Sing to her and stuff. Teboho: Yes. We'll buy some drink And some snacks. Me: I don't have money. Teboho: Just lie to dad about needing something for school. I laughed. Me: Are you really 9? Teboho: I'm turning 10. I laughed. He's really amazing. After eating we parted ways. It was back to school And I really can't say I was ready. I arrived at school walking straight to my class. Ever since What happened with Karabo I haven't trusted anyone here to be my friend. She was clearly a bad influence and I decided from then to avoid the likes of her. I won't Die from not having friends. . BANDILE I was back at school and the first thing I wanted was to talk to Craig. He better pray I don't lose my cool cause if I do I'm gonna fuck him up. The boys were talking but my mind wasn't with them. He wasn't here probably knows that I know and trying to avoid me but I didn't care. Zendae: You alright man? Me: I'm okay. I said taking the last puff of my cigarette and throwing it away. Liteboho: You hardly said a word. Me: Just got a lot on my mind. Where's Craig? Liteboho: He's probably running late. Me: Right. The bell rang so we all got on our way back to the school yard. I still didn't see Craig at the assembly. I don't know what game he was playing but he wasn't going to dodge me forever that's for sure. Zaza: Bandile. Me: What? The last time we talked was the time we met when she decided to fall for me and I told her to sort herself out and I meant it. She sighed. Zaza: I'm sorry for what I said. I turned to look at her. The teacher hadn't come yet. Me: It was always about sex you knew it from the beginning and you said it yourself you won't catch feelings. Zaza: I know and I'm sorry. I just need things to go back to how they were between us. Me: I'd like that. Zaza: Thank you. I was about to kiss her cheek when the teacher came. Teacher: Kumnandi ni ya jola nje in class while others come to school to study. This woman should just get a life. The rest of the class laughed while I just looked at her. Me: So it's true? Sphe: Bandile please. Me: I'm not talking to you Paige I'm talking to my friend. Craig: I love her man. I chuckled. He's fucking with me really. Me: You love her? What do you know about love Craig? It was break time now and I found him with my sister in her class. I didn't want to come here because I didn't want to see Melanie but after finding out he's in school I just knew he might be here. Craig: I know I love her I've never felt this way about anyone before. Me: Don't patronize me Craig. You a player a fuck boy I don't know what you want from my sister. I told you man I told you that family is a no go Craig: I know but I didn't choose this man I didn't choose to fall for your niece. Me: You starting to piss me off man and you don't wanna see me pissed ! Sphe: Bandile please you making an unnecessary scene. Me: You know what.. I'm going to tell Khensani about this. With that said I got out. I was fuming I was mad. I just went out to the sports ground and sat on a tree trunk. "Hello" Said a sweet voice I looked up and it was a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Me: Can I help? Girl: My name is Boipelo but my family calls me Pink. Me: That's not the question I asked. Pink: Oh. Me: Look I don't have time for this just say what you want and leave me alone. Pink: Why are so rude? You don't even know me but already you bull shitting me. I looked at her like what the fuck. Wasn't this girl taught some manners? Firstly she's a kid she can't be talking to me the way she likes and secondly she doesn't even know who I am. I don't even know her I had never seen her before. She must be new probably doing her Grade 8. Me: Look child I don't have time for you and your insults. Pink: You not going to apologize? Me: You still here? Pink: Who do you think you are talking to me like that? Me: Who do you think you are talking to me the way you did ungi thuka? Pink: Ha be you can't talk to me like that and expect me to just shut up about It. Me: You could have just left me alone. Pink: Not before you apologize. Me: Shouldn't you be playing with other kids your age? Pink: I'm not a kid. Me: You wearing school uniform and you say you not a kid? I can see it in your face. The way you tied your hair in ponytails. Please. Pink: You such an asshole. I got up and held her hand. She was going very far now. Pink: You hurting me. Me: Yazi Yini I'm enough with you. I held her tighter. Pink: Ouch you hurting me. Me: You don't know me I don't know you and you got no right talking to me like that. Pink: I'm sorry but please let go of me. I did. She looked at her hand which had turned pink. With that said she left running away. Good now she's gonna leave me alone. I didn't even know what she wanted from me. Actually I didn't even give her the chance to speak. I'm such a bad person though but she'll get over it. Hopefully. . FELICIA I had a long day at school. It was the awards ceremony and well I got out top again. I know I should be happy but a part of me isn't. My mom is just going to look at it then tell me I can do better than this. It doesn't matter how much effort I put in she'll never be satisfied with me. I got home feeling like I have the whole world on my shoulder. I put my bag on top of the bed then got out of my clothes. Tumi: I need a favour. Me: What now? Tumi: I need you to go to the pharmacy for me and get me some pills. Me: Why can't you go? Tumi: I'll pay you for it. I'm just lazy. Me: But you all dressed up. Tumi: Oh yeah my boyfriend is picking me up. Me: I thought you lazy. Tumi: I just said my boyfriend is picking me up here. Me: Mare you can just tell him to pass by the pharmacy problem solved. Tumi: I heard you talking with Teboho about needing some money for your friend's birthday. I'll pay you R200 for this. Me: Really? This must be a big deal to her but I didn't care. I'll be getting money from this meaning I won't have to lie for this. Tumi: Yes. Did I ask any further? Hell no. Me: Okay I'll quickly bath. Tumi: I'll give you the list of medicine I want. Me: You do that. I didn't even boil water but used cold water since it was hot. I wore a blue ankle grazer with a white big T-shirt And my all stars. I wore a cap on my head then took my sling bag put my phone in it and went to her. She gave me her card with the list and R200 including taxi fare. I had just gotten out of the taxi when my phone rang. Me: Hello. Pink: Hey. Me: Pink you sound down what's wrong? Pink: I'm in love with a jerk that's what. Me: You found him? Pink: We go to the same school. Maybe I should have just waited. Me: What happened? Pink: He was rude called me a kid and I even have a bruised arm because of him. Me: What the? Pink: I know but I'm not gonna give up on him. Me: You said you have a bruise because of him he sounds violent Pink: It's all my fault. Me: Now you talking like a typical abused woman. She sighed. Pink: I can't stop thinking about him. He looks more handsome face to face. Me: You really smitten but I really don't think he's good for you. Anyway I gotta go. Stay away from him. Pink: Yes mom. Me: I mean it. She giggled. Pink: Okay bye. Me: Bye I love you. Pink: Love you too babe. I hung up and got inside Dischem and gave them the list then they gave me the meds and I paid. I then went home. I was gonna come again on Friday to buy ingredients and such.

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