part 7 the reason I hold on

BANDILE Sphe: So you broke up with Melanie? Me: And here I was thinking I'm going to have a peaceful stay in my sister's place. Sphe: If mom finds you smoking in her yard all hell will break loose. Me: What? She's gonna yell at me with her squicky voice? Njabulo: Don't mock my mother. Romeo: Kids what are you doing here? I threw the finished cigarette away then we went back to the house. I was at my sister's house for the holidays like she had asked. I've been here for two weeks and I'm only going back home after Easter. She's currently at work. She owns a company so she hardly has time on her hands. Sphe: So? Romeo: And then? Me: She's asking about Melanie. Romeo: Oh that hoe. He took out his phone. Me: You still having those texts? Romeo: I never delete chats. He wiggled his hair then gave the phone to Sphe. Romeo has a big Gold Afro. His hair is curly since his biological mom is colored so he got the hair and the complexion other than that he looks like his father. Sphe: Yoh. Me: Now you get it? Sphe: Sorry Lumi. Me: Hai call me Bandile. Sphe: You my uncle nje. Romeo: You should stop being friends with this hoe. Next thing a friend of mine will show me your nudes in his phone no no. Sphe: I'm not even gonna argue with that. Romeo: Actually why don't you have black friends? Sphe: I'm not racist like you. Me: Excuse me. Romeo: Where you going? Me: I'm meeting up with Zaza. Sphe: You really dating her? Me: Don't start with me. What do you know about dating you a kid. Sphe: I'm 16. Romeo: Please don't tell me you have a boyfriend. She didn't reply. Me: Siphesihle! Sphe: I'm not a kid. I'm turning 17. Njabulo: I started dating at 12. Romeo and I : Shut up! Njabulo: Geez sorry He got up with his iPad and went upstairs. Me: What's his name? Romeo: Where does he live? What does he do? Sphe: It's Craig. Me: What?! Romeo: You know him? Me: He's part of my squad. No Sphe. Sphe: We love each other. Romeo: Don't you boys have some rules? Me: I told him. I fucken told him that family is a fucken no go. Sphe: You can't blame him. Me: Shut up man Siphesihle. He's My friend. You can't date my friends. You can't. I mean I ignored the comments he made about busy saying you hot and now you tell me you dating him? Sphe: You exaggerating. Romeo: You going to leave him Sphe I mean it. Sphe: No. Romeo: I wasn't asking you. I'm telling you. He took his phone then left. I was so mad at Craig for doing this. Me: How long? Sphe: Three months. Me: You sleeping with him? Sphe: Of course not. Me: Good cause you leaving him. I got up took my phone then left. I was going to meet up with Zaza. I wouldn't bring her here since its my sister's house. Zaza: I missed you. We were at some shop two houses away from my sister's. Me: You did? Zaza: Yes. My mind wasn't here. It was actually on Craig screwing my niece. I know Craig. We've been friends since Grade 9 so I know how he is. It's us we the Lunatic gang player is our middle name. Zaza: You seem distant. Me: Just thinking a lot. Zaza: About. Me: None of your business. Zaza: Ouch. Me: Don't catch feelings. Zaza: But Bandile I thought now that Melanie is no longer in the picture She said bringing her body closer to mine then played with strings of my hoodie Me: What? Zaza: We don't have to hide. Me: We not hiding Zaza: Then why can't I love you? Me: It was never about love Zaza: But I love you. Me: Stop being crazy. Zaza: I'm not being crazy I'm being genuine. Me: I don't have time for this. I removed her hands from me. Zaza: But Bandile I - Me: You'll call me when you've come back to your senses. I got In the shop bought a cigarette and smoked on my way back. Back to the house. Zaza was really bull shitting me now. . FELICIA Pink and I had been communicating over the phone. She's a very good friend and it's great having her in my corner. My sister was moody as ever. I think it's the pregnancy. I've heard of how it drives women insane the cravings the cravings hormones and all. It was Saturday and Pink was taking me out. She offered and we had also decided to join an aerobics team when schools open cause I wanted to tone my body. I didn't want to lose weight but I wanted some packs nyana and a flat stomach. I was picking an outfit after taking a bath. Good thing I had washed my uniform since schools were opening on the coming Monday. Mom and my little brother were at church so I was with Tumi. There was some women event there which I wasn't interested in. Tumi: You still here? Me: I'm looking for something to wear. Tumi: Should I help? Me: Nope. I'll manage. She sighed and sat down. She looked trouble. Me: You okay? Tumi: I'm fine just a bit stressed. Me: Oh why? Tumi: Nothing you would understand. Me: Try me. I took out a black leather legging with a denim long sleeve shirt. Tumi: It's baby daddy issues. Me: You don't have a baby yet. You not even showing. Tumi: I told you you wouldn't understand. I shrugged my shoulders. Me: You right. I mean what do I know about boys? I wore the clothes I had taken out and my sneakers. I combed my hair. I had unplaited the straight up. My Afro was growing. I sprayed some playgirl took my sling bag and phone then left. I was waiting outside our home for a taxi which didn't seem to come so I had to walk to the other street where taxis usually pass faster. It's actually to the townships. Pink called me just when I got on the taxi. Me: I'm coming. Pink: You'll find me at Chicken Licken I still don't understand why a white girl would just settle for a place so cheap but she's different. She's so humble. She doesn't look down on other people and for someone who's just coming back from London she's cool. The way she and I can talk without me feeling like I'm sort of inferior to her is just wonderful. Pink: Hey. We shared a hug. Me: Hi. Pink: You good? Me: Yeah I'm good Wena? Pink: I'm fabulous She was dressed pretty simple in a denim skirt and tucked in T-shirt with sandals. Good thing she had ordered some wings for us and we ate over a light chat. Pink: So I saw this guy. Me: Oh? Pink: Yeah. On my way here. Me: In your hood? Pink: Like I was on a taxi then we passed him and I just can't stop thinking about him. I chuckled. Pink: It's not funny. I think I'm in love. Me: You 13 what do you know about love? Pink: I'm turning 14. Besides it's not like I'm saying I'm gonna sleep with him. Me: Good that's better. Tell me how he looks like. Pink: He's black. Me: That's all? Pink: He looked so sexy smoking that cigarette with that Gee walk his dreadlocks tied up. Me: Sounds like a player. Pink: I need to find him Fells. Me: You can't possibly say it's love at first sight. Pink: That could be my Soulmate for all we know. I laughed yet she was so serious and drooling. Pink: I almost got out of that taxi and ran to him. His legs the brackets and they're hairy.. God She was seriously drooling and the faces she made just made me laugh. Me: At least wait until you turn 14. Pink: What difference would it make?. I'm in love. Me: Haibo. Pink: You just don't get it Felix. Me: You and your nicknames. She laughed. Pink: It's called creativity. Me: Felicia is alright Or Ora. Pink: I'll find you a nickname. If I can't Mom will help me. She's quite close with her mom unlike me. I wish I had at least an inch of the kind of relationship she has with her mother with mine. Me: You really something else. Pink: I know. Let's take some pictures. Me: The camera and I are not friends. Pink: Problem is you look down on yourself way too much. Me: Oh Pink. Pink: Really. You should stop pitying and belittling yourself it's not attractive. I chuckled. You'd swear she's the older one. Pink: Pictures Me: Your phone or mine? Pink: Yours. You'll send em to me. Me: Okay. I took out my phone and we took selfies. I was just doing what I usually see my sister doing when taking pictures and it was working. From there we went window shopping and even bought similar T-shirts then went to buy ice-cream and she bought me some snacks and then we parted ways. I actually had even more fun and I never really thought having a friend could be this good. She actually made me happy.

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