part 6 the reason I hold on

FELICIA It was a Monday. I got up and prepared myself for school. It was the last week and I was probably going to stop going on Wednesday then wait for school's to reopen. Recess. I didn't know how to feel about It. I'd be glad since I won't be going to school but staying at home also meant having to face my sister each and every minute And having to deal with my mom's constant blubbering and shouting. I did my usual routine and when I was done took my bag and went to the kitchen. I was all dressed up. In my school uniform of course. Teboho: What's for breakfast? Me: Let me check. I checked the bin where we keep most of our cereal and there was nothing. Me: Shit. Teboho: It's fine. I'll eat at school. Me: Let's go buy bread. Teboho: With what money Ora? Tumi was still sleeping and mom had already left for work. Talking about mom you probably wonder what she does for a living. Well she's a babysitter for some family in the township. Me: We'll buy that R5 bread. Teboho: Okay The shop was just a few minutes away and good thing we had time on our hands. We went to buy the bread then got back home. The quality of the bread is not really pleasant but as long as my little brother gets to eat. I actually used the little lunch money I had for that We spread some butter and jam and ate with a cup of tea. I didn't want to think about how I'm gonna function the coming two days since I used my last cent but I'll just have to cross that bridge when I get there. We both then went on our different paths to school. I didn't want my little brother worrying about this. Sure it's sad my mother doesn't care but that doesn't mean I shouldn't. . BANDILE I think it dawned on me that my girlfriend had betrayed me when dad dropped me off at school. I could just use my car but I only have access to it after school and I actually don't have a problem with that. Dad: Please behave. You doing matric. Don't start trouble. Me: Don't worry dad I'll behave. Wandile: Yeah right. Me: Oh shut up I got out then waited for his car to disappear before going to the gang. Liteboho: Good you here. Me: What's going on? Zendae: It's Melanie Bruh I huffed in annoyance. Me: I don't want anything that has to do with that bitch. Craig: So it's true? Me: What is? Craig: You broke up with her? Me: Yes I did. Luvuyo: But you guys have been together since last year. Me: That's before I found out how much of a hoe she is. Zendae: She's begging for forgiveness. Craig: Takes a lot for a girl like her to put her pride aside and publicly apologize like that. Me: What do you mean publicly? Craig: She tagged you in a post. Me: I don't know when last I had my phone in my hands but I don't care. I need a smoke. Luvuyo: You not going to forgive her? Me: Not when it's family. He's five years older than me. Zendae: Can I talk to him in private? Zendae and I have been friends ever since I was 10. He knows me more than any of the guys here. They excused themselves and I knew he was about to preach. Zendae: This is about Candice right? Me: She flirted sexted and sent nudes to Romeo and even declared her undying love for him. And the fact that he's five years older than me just like Candice cheated with someone give years older makes things worse. He sighed. Zendae: I never imagined she'd do that to you. Me: Me too. I really thought she loved me. Zendae: She still does but Nah she's not good for you. Me: And you? Zendae: What about me? Me: Still with Kylie? Zendae: Well yeah but she can be quite a handful. Me: Can't believe you've been with the same girl for two months. Zendae: Says the guy with two girlfriends now. Me: Argh let's just go back. We shared a laugh then went back to school after smoking of course. It was during breaktime when Melanie came to me. I was with Zaza seeing that I broke up with Melanie I didn't have to hide her. Me: What do you want? Melanie: Can we talk? Me: I have nothing to say to you. Melanie: Then you'll just listen. Me: Can't you see I'm trying to have a moment with my girl? I squeezed her breast and she giggled. Melanie: Wow you replaced me so fast? Me: Oh no. She was always there. See a part of me knew you were gonna fuck me up cause that's how hoes like you are so I replaced you before I even thought of leaving you. The tears that fell down her cheeks didn't even shake me. She didn't reply but instead just ran off. Me: So where were we? Zaza: You were about to kiss me. Me: Oh right. I bit her lower lip first before kissing her deeply. So deep that she moaned in my mouth. We were in a deserted Part of school that I wondered how Melanie managed to even locate us. As much as it was deserted I wouldn't do anything more than kissing cause well I respected her that much. . FELICIA It was the beginning of April and second week of school holidays. I was at home on a Tuesday with Teboho who was still bathing. We were going to town to buy a few things. It had been a while since we both went out so this was going to be refreshing for us. Teboho: All done. Me: It's about time. Mom: Le tle le bowe bosigo ( Dare come late) Me: We won't I rolled my eyes. This is so unfair but again I can't complain. Tumi: If I wasn't tired I'd go with you guys. Thank God for that. Me: Bye. See y'all later. With that said I took my little brother's hand and we left We went to catch a taxi which dropped us right at the mall. I didn't have much money but I wanted this to be fun for the both of us. Our father had come yesterday And he gave me something so I thought why not spoil ourselves a little? We went first to Chicken Licken where we bought wings with chips and sat down eating. Teboho: This is nice. Me: It is. How I wish we could have more moments like this. Teboho: Me too hey. " Hi" Said a soft voice and I looked up. We were sitting in one of those couch like chairs thingy in Chicken Licken. Me: Umm hello. It was a white girl. Probably my age and she was holding a takeaway and a coke. She smiled. Girl: Can I join you? Me: Join.. Join us? Girl: Yes. I don't wanna eat alone I was surprised. Like really surprised. Why would she choose us? Girl: Unless you mind. Me: Umm not at all. Girl: Good. She sat down next to Teboho. Girl: I'm Boipelo but my family calls me Pink. Me: Wait what? She giggled. Pink: It's hard to believe since I'm so... Light but yes. Me: You have blonde hair and your eyes.. She giggled again. Pink: I know. My mom is black though my father's genes just dominated. Me: I'm Felicia and this is my little brother Teboho. Pink: I have a little brother too he's 10. Me: And you? Pink: I'm turning 14 this month. Me: I'm 14 and he's 9. Pink: Well then I guess we can be friends. Me: You wanna be friends with me? Pink: Why not? Me: I just.. You so beautiful and light and so flawless. Pink: And you not? Sure you dark but you don't know how much I wish I was dark. Being colored is not all that. Me: At Least you get to have long hair. We laughed. Pink: Oh yeah that's a bonus. Teboho: Does this mean you also my friend? Pink: Yep I am. I've actually just arrived from London. Me: That explains the accent. Pink: Hard to get rid of. I'll be doing Grade 9 at some school around here. Me: I'm also doing Grade 9. Pink: Then we a match made in heaven. I smiled. I felt good really at that point. She didn't stop talking. She was bubbly and I could actually be myself around her. I know we had just met but it felt like I had known her forever. I didn't even have to pretend to be someone else around her and she accepted us like we are. If It was my sister heck she would have long complained about my outfit. Well that's how I became friends with a white girl.

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