part 5 the reason I hold on

BANDILE Me: You can explain? Melanie: I'm sorry baby I really am. Me: Don't call me that. That's how you do me now? He's my nephew for heaven's sake? Romeo: Just to clarify something.. I'm five years older than him. Me: Let's just get out of here man. Melanie: Bandi please. Me: You've been sexting him telling him you love him and now you wanna explain? Romeo: By the way I have a girlfriend. We've been together for two years now. Me: How did she even get your number? Romeo: You know I'm big man. I get all these texts from girls declaring their love for me. I mean I know I'm hot and all but please girl no. Melanie: I didn't know you related. Me: You think it would have made things better? Romeo: And please stop sending me your nudes. Me: What? Romeo: She's been trying to seduce me I guess. You too young for me. You what 16? That's my little sister's age. Melanie: Bandile She said with tears filling her eyes. Me: It's over. All that was going on in my mind was who am I going to replace her with? Lindi and Zaza are better off as sidechicks. I'll just have to see. Anyway I left with Romeo after paying. We went to buy some booze smoke and food for the party then drove to his place. He was staying at his father's old place. He's hardly there but he claimed now he's back forever. Romeo: So tell me what did I miss? Me: Nothing I can think of. Well I'm captain of the rugby team at school. Romeo: You've always been a sportsman congrats. Me: Thanks. Romeo: You don't look like someone who just broke up with their girlfriend. I chuckled. Me: And how do I look? Romeo: Like you never cared. Me: I didn't love her anyway. Romeo: Ooh Candice. Me: Please don't mention her. Romeo: You not over her and it's been what.. 2 years? Me: I'm not over what she did not her. Melanie just proved that these girls ain't to be trusted. Romeo: These hoes ain't loyal man. Me: Says a guy who's been in a relationship for two years. Romeo: It's not all bed and roses you know. Me: Trust me I know. Commitment is just not my thing. Romeo: Oh you 17. I'm not surprised. Me: Oh fuck you He laughed. We put some of what we bought in my car and others in his car. He was driving a black TT. I drove behind him to his place where we found a couple of cars parked outside. I got out and so did he. Me: I thought the party was starting later. Romeo: This is just a preparty kinder thing. I nodded. We took everything inside the house music was pumping loudly. I didn't even think we'd find people here. Romeo: See they all here to welcome the boy home. Me: Who are these people? Romeo: My friends. He introduced me to some people they were mostly girls and some where with their niggers. Time went on more people came and I was actually having fun. I had switched my phone off after informing mom of my whereabouts. I didn't want Melanie calling me though I knew I was going to see her at school on Monday. It was getting late I was getting drunk and I had company. Romeo: Bandz I want you to meet someone. He was with a slim yellowbone lady who looked really beautiful. Me: She's.. Beautiful Romeo: And taken. This is my girl Boitumelo. Baby this is my.. Uncle Bandile. Boitumelo: Lovely meeting you. Me: Same here. Romeo: She's usually the life of the party but she's been pretty quiet ever since I fetched her. Me: Then you not doing something right. Romeo: What do you know anyway? Me: A lot. You'll be surprised. Romeo: Oh please. Baby you sure you don't want some wine? Boitumelo: I don't feel like drinking tonight. I'm hungry though. Romeo: But I bought you something on the way. Boitumelo: I'm still hungry. Romeo: Women. Me: Go feed the lady man. I said laughing at him. I went back home the following day with a massive hangover. I think I had drank way too much. Mom: You look like hell. Me: Morning mom. Dad: Boy you not 18 yet but you already coming home with a hangover. Me: Yazi my head is so heavy you not 18 yet but you already coming home with a hangover. Me: Yazi my head is so heavy I just wanna sleep. Mom: Kodwa Bandile why are you doing this to your father and I?. Me: But mom I told you where I am. Mom: I should call Khensani. Romeo is making you misbehave. Dad: It's Noluthando now. Me: I'm not a kid mom. Dad: As long as you still live here you a kid. Me: I'm tired. Mom: What example are you setting for your little brother? Me: Ain't you going to church? Please pray for me. I could do with some intervention from the Lord Almighty. Mom: Your child Andile. I didn't even listen to the end of it but went to my room. Getting there I threw myself on the bed and slept. I Needed the rest and there's nothing as good as sleeping in your own bed. . FELICIA Sunday means church and where I live it's compulsory. It doesn't matter whether you want to go or not you going to. Tumi was not back God knows where she went since she didn't say anything so it was me my mom and little brother. Mom: Finish up it's getting late. Good thing I had my hair done which meant no spending time trying to comb it. I was wearing a denim skirt with a black T-shirt and my all star. I took my bag which had my phone and Bible then we left. We were walking to church which is about 20 minutes away. Mom: Go buy some sweets. She gave me a R5 coin and held my bag for me then I ran to the shop where I bought the sweets and we got in at church. We weren't that late at least. The service.. Well I can't say much about it. It was boring. Yes boring. What's interesting in listening to a pastor who spends two hours talking about people and other churches instead of the scripture? Truth is I would have rather remained. Teboho: Church was boring today. Me: I wish I could have just remained home nje. Mom was behind while we went back home. Teboho is really the only person who genuinely has my back at home. As young as he was he'd stand up for me at some point and mom would accuse me of turning her against her son. He speaks his point always and unlike me he's not scared of mom. Me: You hungry? Teboho: You going to cook right? I love your food. You know Tumi can't cook. I laughed. He was right. Her food is horrible but when you hungry you eat anything. We found her sitting outside. We had gone with the key. I greeted then opened. Tumi: You guys should leave the key for me next time. I've been waiting for hours. Me: And you should inform us next time you sleeping out. Tumi: You not my mother Ora don't start with me. Me: I'm just saying. I went to change first into some old short and flops then went to get started on the pots with Teboho keeping me company. Teboho: I can't wait for schools to close. Me: You only doing Grade 4 and already Wa complainer? What's going to happen when you doing Grade 10 11 maybe? Teboho: I'll dropout. Me: You 9 what do you know about dropping out? Teboho: Cassper Nyovest did it. Me: He had a vision a dream. Wena what will you be chasing? He shrugged. Me: Exactly now stop being crazy. Teboho: Okay I can't wait to finish school. Me: Just make sure you pass. No madoda score. Tumi: Ke Skemp? Me: Oh you back. Tumi: I was just taking a bath. I dished up when I was done cooking mom was not back yet but I knew whenever she comes she'll be crying of hunger. They're probably gossiping about something back at church or someone. After eating I washed the dishes. Tumi: You on Instagram?. Me: Nope. Tumi: Facebook?. Me: Yep. Tumi: You need a life little sister. Me: Surely you didn't come back so you can control my life. Tumi: I'm just saying you need to loosen up. Me: I'm perfect the way I am. Tumi: You know when I was 14 I had- Me: Can I just study in peace? Teboho: Good idea. Tumi: What are you saying you rat? Me: He's your little brother. Tumi: Half-brother. Me: Same shit. Actually I couldn't believe she said that in front of Teboho. I mean I'm also her half-sister but I don't see the need to emphasize that. I mean she comes from wherever she was and what's to control everything and everyone. It's annoying. It's even worse because she's going to be here for the rest of the year. I can't wait for next year. New school. Maybe things would be better or so I hope.

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