part 9 the promise

Letty: He invited me to his place. Me: Who? Letty: Lethabo. Me: Oh. I actually did not know what to say. I was wondering what he's playing at. Why would he suddenly invite my sister over? What's happening between them? Letty: I need your help. Me: I don't know how I'm suppose to help. Letty: What does it mean? I mean sure we've been talking over the phone yes but now I don't know. Me: Did you tell him all that? She sat down next to me on the bed. Letty: No. I was just.. I didn't.. I couldn't. Me: Why not? Letty: I didn't react okay. He said he wanted us to spend more time together alone in private. I laughed. Really laughed. Letty: It's not funny. Me: You telling me you don't see what's going on? Letty: What? Me: He wants to sleep with you. Letty: That's crazy. She said brushing it off with a laugh. I couldn't believe my sister could be this stupid. I looked at her. Letty: No Lethabo is not like that. Me: He wants you to be alone with him. What do you think is going to happen? Letty: You know what? I'm out of here. Thanks for nothing. With that said she walked out. I didn't know what to say or do. I ended up falling asleep. It was Friday when I decided to meet up with Lethabo. I wasn't about to let my sister fall into his snare. I didn't go to school since I wasn't going to the ball. I was only meeting up with Leon tomorrow. I wore a black and white dungarees dress with a white tee inside and red Vans. I left my hair loose and wore a black leather cap. I took my phone and sling bag then left. I caught a taxi to town. We were meeting up at KFC. I bought myself a krusher in the meantime and waited for him. Lethabo: Krisi looking beautiful as always. He said sitting down opposite me. Me: You surely took your time. I said Looking at my wrist watch. He was five minutes late. Lethabo: Apologies Miss Jones. Me: This is not a date. Lethabo: It could be though. I'm so happy to see you though. Me: What's going on between you and my sister? Lethabo: She sent you to me? Me: You asked her to visit you. He smiled devilishly. Lethabo: You jealous? Me: Oh please. Don't flatter yourself. Lethabo: You do know she's 18 right? And according to the constitution of South Africa she's an adult. Me: That's not the point and you know it. Lethabo: She's actually the one who should be protecting you not the other way round. Me: Stay away from my sister Lethabo. Lethabo: Will that make you mine? I groaned in frustration and he chuckled. He was enjoying this. Me: Stop. Fucken stop with your games. Lethabo: Your sister wants me you don't. What do you expect me to do? Me: Leave her alone. Lethabo: And what will I gain from that? Me: What will you gain from stringing her along? Lethabo: Truth is you don't. What do you expect me to do? Me: Leave her alone. Lethabo: And what will I gain from that? Me: What will you gain from stringing her along? Lethabo: Truth is I kind of like her. Me: You do? Lethabo: I just want us to get to know each other. That's all. I looked at him straight in the eyes and saw he was being sincere. Me: What changed? Lethabo: My father. He said something about a dream he had. You know he's a seer. Me: Oh. Lethabo: She's the girl I'm suppose to marry. Me: I'm confused. Lethabo: I'm going to take over from my father and when that time comes I'll need a woman on my side. She is that. Me: So you never liked me? Lethabo: I love you but you don't want me so I'll take your sister. Me: Please don't hurt her. Lethabo: I won't. I was just joking. He was so serious now you'd swear someone just died. Me: Okay good. Lethabo: I can always make you my second wife. I laughed. Me: No thanks. I'm just 16. Lethabo: You perfect. Me: Does my sister know? Lethabo: She doesn't yet. Don't tell her. Me: I won't. Don't worry. Lethabo: Good. I rolled my eyes. He laughed. I was just looking at clothes at Legit when my phone rang. I answered on the second ring. Me: Hello? Leon: Where are you? Me: At the mall. Why? Leon: I'm coming to pick you up. Me: Now? Leon: Yes now. Me: I thought we were meeting tomorrow. Leon: It's too far and I miss you. I didn't go to school because you weren't there. I just wanna spend time with you. Me: Okay but please don't bring me back late. Leon: I won't. Where are you? Me: Legit. Leon: I'm coming. I hung up and continued just browsing through the clothes. He was here ten minutes later and we hugged. Leon: Ready to go? Me: Umm yeah. I was just looking. Leon: Why you buying in such a cheap shop anyway? Me: I'm not rich either. Can we just go? Leon: Okay baby. He kissed my cheek and we left. He opened the door for me and got in after me. His driver drove us to his house. Leon: Would you like anything to eat? Me: Umm no. Leon: Prepare us some snacks And bring them to my room. Maid: Okay sir. Leon: Come. He took my hand and we went to his room. I was so tired from climbing those stairs that I just threw myself on his bed. I bounced a little. He threw himself next to me and looked at me leaning on his elbow. Leon: Can I kiss you? Me: Do as you please. He brought his face closer to mine and we kissed. His hand went to my thigh brushing it as we passionately kissed. I stopped it when I felt his hand brushing my panty. Leon: What? Me: I can't... Do this. Leon: What? Me: I'm not ready. Leon: You not ready? Me: Yes. Leon: You a virgin? I nodded. He got up from the bed sat on his butt. Leon: Wow. Me: I'm sorry but it is what it is. Leon: I just wasn't expecting it. I've never been with a virgin before. Me: Does that mean we.. Together? Leon: Surely you don't think I'm just passing time. Me: Yes of course not. Leon: I like you and I wanna be your man. Me: I'd like that I said with a smile. Leon: Good. The Maid came with the tray of snacks put it on the table. Leon: Next time knock. We could have been fucking for all you know. Maid: I'm sorry sir. Leon: Just go. She rushed out. I took one chip. Me: You so rude. Leon: I'm actually a really nice guy. Me: Yeah right. Leon: Ask Jane. She knows. Me: She does. We laughed. We continued talking while eating the snacks.

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